Increase the number of remote desktop connections in windows 10

General, Windows 10 allows you to make only one Remote Desktop connection on a computer. However, with a few changes, more than one Remote Desktop connection can be established on a Windows system.

How many connections can be established via RDP?

Under normal circumstances, Windows 10 limits the number of users who can connect via a remote desktop connection. When another user tries to establish a connection, he receives the following error message:

To avoid this, you can increase the number of users.

How to increase the number of remote desktop connections

You have the option to allow more than two RDP sessions in Windows 10 by changing a setting in Group Policies.

Here are the steps you can take to increase or limit the number of remote desktop connections in Windows 10.

– Click on the Windows Start icon and type gpedit.msc and confirm the entry with the Enter key.

– Now the policy editor window for local groups will open.

– Navigate to the following entry:

On the right side of the editor you will see the following list:

– By double clicking on the option "Restrict the number of connections" a dialog opens. By default, its status is set as "Not configured" displayed.

– Select the radio button Enabled, to increase or decrease the number of remote desktop connections. This activates the counter menu of "Maximum allowed RD connections" in the Options section.

– Now increase or decrease the maximum number of connections allowed in the counter with the up or down arrow, depending on your requirements.

– Once the number is set, click OK, to apply the changes.

The following information is displayed on the right side of the help screen.

After that you will see that the status of "Limit the number of connections" in "Enabled" was changed.

Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.


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