Insert copyright sign © (c) in circle

The copyright sign (big "C" in a circle) is – unlike the characters "@" or "€" – not available on the keyboard. Nevertheless, the "©" can be created quite easily. In the following the different possibilities and use cases are shown.

Insert copyright character in Word

Word replaces several successively entered characters with another character, which is also true for the Copyright-C character. Just type the following and continue typing: "(c)" (without quotation marks). Then this is replaced by the desired ©.

About the character table

The Windows drawing table can be reached via the Start menu: there you will find the item "Accessories" under "All Programs" and in there the "System Tools". After starting the character table, you can simply click the symbol with the mouse and copy it with the button "Select" into the field "Character selection. This looks as follows:

The Copyright-C in the Windows character table

From there you can easily copy it to the clipboard and paste it to another place (another application) with [CTRL]+[V].

Keyboard shortcut for copyright characters

In the character table, the matching key combination is also displayed immediately, with which the copyright sign can also be entered: [Alt]+0169 (using the numeric keypad of the keyboard for the four digits to be entered one after the other).

Insert copyright sign in WordPress

WordPress special character button

The button for the special character overview can be found in the second line of the WordPress buttons at the top of the input field. After clicking on it, the special character table appears with which also the corresponding character can be inserted into the text:

WordPress special characters table

Under Mac OS X

In the Mac OS X operating system, the character can be created using the following key combination:

[Alt Gr]-[G]


Superscript copyright C

The copyright-C – unlike the " ® " or the "™" – is normally not superscript used. Therefore, this is also not provided in the usual fonts. It may be that someone in a graphics program (such as Adobe Illustrator) uses a normal © as a superscript character (z.B. at the end of a logo) are used, which, however, hardly makes sense in terms of content. Instead, the character for registered and unregistered trademarks would rather be used.

Nevertheless, since it happens more often, typographer and author Robert Bringhurst has commented on it in his book, The Elements of Typographic Style 1 :

copyright On poorly designed fonts, the copyright symbol sometimes appears as a superscript, but its rightful Place in typography is on the baseline: ©

And in German:

copyright In poorly designed fonts, the copyright symbol sometimes appears as superscript, but its rightful place in typography is the baseline: ©

Thus, the Copyright-C should not appear in superscript, but only on the baseline.

Legal consideration of the Copyright-©

Attorney Dr. Thomas Schwenke from Berlin has approached the topic from the legal side and considers, among other things, the question of whether the copyright notice is necessary at all. to the article "

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