Installing a car radio for do-it-yourselfers

Actually your car can do everything. It rides loose 160, is warm in winter, cold in summer, and dry when it rains. It will transport you and your loved ones safely through the world. But why does the radio signal always have to break off between Meppen and Lingen of all places?? And why didn’t they think of installing an AUX connection for music from a cell phone in 1999?? A new car radio can help and makes even older used cars a touch more modern and comfortable. How to install your new car radio, knows PKW.

Installing the car radio: Old one out ..

Attention: Before you install a new car radio on your own, the battery must be disconnected in EVERY CASE. Otherwise, the live cables pose a not inconsiderable risk of injury. In general, if you have a little patience and flair, you’re also more likely to succeed. If you have neither, better ask a friend or professional for help.

Even the first step requires a special tool. A special pin must be inserted into the holes provided for this purpose in the holder. It varies depending on the manufacturer to make thieves’ handiwork more difficult. If the tool is not included with your car stereo, you can ask at the auto repair shop of your least confidence. Often employees are willing to lend the simple metal pins for a few minutes. Then you can carefully pull out the old radio. Carefully disconnect the cables that connect the radio to the car, then you are ready to install the new car radio.

… new pure

Before you install your new car radio, make sure you have removed all the plastic covers from the back of the unit and that all the wires have the correct connectors. Normally this is the case from the factory, but in exceptions it may be necessary to swap some pins around. Here the manual of your vehicle and that of the new radio provides information. When you are sure all the wires are in the right place, connect the plugs to the new unit. Now push the cables and the radio halay into the slot, without fixing it in place. Reconnect the battery and test to make sure the new radio works properly. When everything is running, the battery is disconnected again and the radio is pushed all the way into the slot. A little caution is required here, because the cables can get caught inside the shaft. When that happens, the radio has to be pulled out again to neatly re-route the cables. If the device slides all the way into the slot without resistance, you can fix it in place according to the installation instructions and test it again. Congratulations, you have just installed your new car radio.

Installing a car radio without thieves removing it again!

It’s not always easy to install a new car radio. To make life as difficult as possible for thieves, many devices are secured with an anti-theft device, which is sometimes complicated to circumvent. For the same reason, it is not always easy to put one into operation. Often you need a code that tells the device in which car it is installed. The internet and manuals are your friend here too.

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