Introduction term paper: what is the introduction?

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The thesis introduction or introduction is a significant part of this written work. The introduction determines the topic, justifies the choice and shows why the topic is relevant to the research company. Since the majority of students who have to write an academic paper for the first time are afraid, we recommend them to read the following post to learn about one of the most important parts of this academic paper.

So, how to write the introduction to the paper ? In reality, this process is not very complicated. In this part of the academic paper main research question is mentioned as well as research goal or several research goals are presented. In addition, it is not uncommon to explain important concepts of the whole paper. Often, even a limit is needed in terms of the issues that can be mentioned in the text.

However, an order of writing can be different and depends on the type of the text. In most cases, an introductory draft is written at the beginning of the text. But it can be revised again at the end, if necessary.

The beginning of this academic paper is especially important when it comes to its structure. In introduction of the technical paper it can be explained what to expect in the further text and what you want to find in the work. There are some details that should be taken into account while writing the introduction of such work. In this post, we report on the most important of them.

  1. Introduction is one of the most important parts, which introduces the reader to the topic. That is why it should be presented at the beginning of your technical paper.
  2. The introduction is the first part of the written work and is located before its main part and conclusions.
  3. In this part, you name the topic and ask the main research question. Further you give an overview of contents of the main part of your work.
  4. The introduction of a professional paper includes from 5 to 10 % of the whole academic text.
  5. In the introduction of your paper, you should mention the following elements:
  • An introductory sentence;
  • the topic as well as the issue of your paper’s research and why it may be of interest to you and others;
  • the aim of your work.

Since the size of the introduction of a specialized work is 5-10% of the whole work, its length depends on the length of the whole work. For example, if your paper consists of 12 pages, the introduction does not need to be longer than one page.

The introductory sentence of your work grants you the opportunity to interest the reader at the beginning of your work. You can mention a contemporary development on your topic or create the personal reference by asking a specific question.

If you need an example for the introduction of the paper, you can easily find it on the Internet.

The structure for an introduction of the technical paper

Once you have an overview of your topic, you need to think about the structure of the text. Structuring is one of the most essential things you should consider if you want to write a term paper introduction.

Before writing an introduction, make sure you know what the whole paper will look like. Of course, the structure of different papers may differ from each other. But most of the papers consist of the following parts:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction. This is where you introduce your topic. In this part you explain what topic you have chosen and why you have chosen it. Then explain your approach, what topic you are going to start with, what conclusions you are going to draw and that you are going to write a summary at last.
  • Main body. In this part you answer the main questions of your paper. To do this, use literature and other sources that present different positions. Only in this way you will be able to draw conclusions later.
  • Conclusion. In the final part of your paper you draw the conclusions and answer the research question. In this section you can also show your own position. After the conclusions, you have created the content part. Further, you need to deal only with formal points.
  • Appendix. In this part you list the material that is needed to understand your work. This includes tables, graphs, photos. You need to number all the images and tables so that they can be easily found.
  • Bibliography. After that, you need to create the bibliography for your work. There you mention all the literary works you have used for your research.

Since in this article we focus mainly on term paper introduction, let us tell you about the peculiarities of this part of academic work. Also, let’s tell why the introduction is one of the most important parts of a paper as well as any other academic paper.

The specifics of the content of an introduction to the text

Introduction term paper sample must include the following information:

  • The subject of the work. The topic of the whole paper must be mentioned at the beginning of any paper introduction example. Within a few sentences you should describe the object of research in a few words. Note that you do not just mention the topic of the research alone. You should present at least a determination of the main topic especially in the introduction of the paper. We recommend you to make clear why the topic you have chosen deserves the reader’s attention.
  • The reason for choosing the topic. Further, you should state the reason for choosing the scientific topic of your paper. However, keep in mind the provisions that you have received from your teacher. Some teachers require this, while the others do not. It is recommended to ask your teacher about it in advance, before you will deal with Facharbeit introduction formulations. However, many teachers mention this in advance. In the case when the topic of the academic paper is given, you can omit this point. In case if you want to choose your topic independently, it would be better to explain why it was chosen.
  • Position of the research question. This is the most important part of the introduction to the paper, as well as the description of the topic . A question identifies the area of the chosen topic that you would like to explore in more detail. Setting the main question is not only an indispensable part of an academic paper, but also a helpful tool for the teacher as well as for the student or pupil. The position of the main question of a paper looks just like this for a term paper written by the university students.
  • Pace. This will determine the way you can move from posing the main question to answering it. For example, you can very briefly describe the specific chapters or parts of the paper and their content. It may also explain what scientific method was used or what was looked for during the literature review for the paper.

How long does the introduction of the subject paper need to be?

If you are writing introduction for technical paper , you would probably like to know how long this part of the academic paper must be. In general, the introduction is much shorter than the main body of the paper.

In most cases, the introduction of a paper must be 5-10 % of the whole volume of the academic work. Be aware, however, that the requirements may vary. Nevertheless, in most cases they are the same.

Also, do not forget that not only the introduction sample, but also other chapters of your work must meet the requirements, as they also apply to the main part and conclusions.

For example, the main body of a paper comprises about 80-85 % of the whole text. Conclusions occupy the same as the subject paper introduction and amount to about 5-10% of the whole text. There is one important rule concerning the size of an introduction. This part of the academic paper can be both not very short and not very long. Approximately 5-10 percent of the technical paper may be this. That is, it must be about one page. The same is true for the conclusions of the academic text.

It is important to present interest

There are some mistakes that often happen when writing an introduction. However, these mistakes can be easily avoided. Many people feel overwhelmed by the thought of writing a paper. You do not know what to start with, therefore look for the term paper sample to create introduction correctly. Regardless of the field and topic, the introduction will have the same function.

So, the tip is, to show already at the beginning of the work that you are interested in the selected topic. In the case when the topic of the work is current, it also becomes easy to study it and write about it. In addition, it is easier to read the text, as the work that is interesting for the author is also written better. As a result, you get a good grade for this academic text. If you want to find a qualitatively written sample of introduction for a technical paper, we recommend you to browse through our website. We have sample papers that you can use for free. In addition, many useful data on this topic are presented. Use it if you want to write a work independently! And if the topic of your work is predetermined by your teacher, try to find something interesting there, even if it seems to be boring.

Pay attention to the correct order!

In relation to the paper, other useful tips that you can follow to write a quality academic paper will also be helpful. Another important tip that can come to your aid is to write the introduction of the work only when the main part is already written. The majority of students do this incorrectly and as a result receive lower grades than they could get if they followed this tip. Even if this tip sounds a bit strange for some people, it is not and further we report why.

But how to write the main part if the introduction is not ready yet? It is necessary to know what you are going to write about next! In reality, this is not true.

Of course, before anything else, you need to think about what you are going to write your paper about. You could take some time with the creation of the beginning of the academic text. Why do you need it?

The reasons for this are quite clear. Above all, thanks to this strategy you can work docilely. When they decide at the end Write technical paper introduction , you can give yourself much more space for thoughts.

If you determine at the very beginning of the work what it should be about, as a result the work will be somewhat crowded. In addition, it is possible that the main question of your academic work changes a little in the course of the work process. Therefore, it would make sense to include the introduction as the last component when writing the paper.

If you are waiting for the results, you can clearly explain in the introduction how you have worked toward them. This will make the work look much more professional. And if you choose a contrary strategy and will write the introduction first, it may happen that you will correct it later. So this leads to additional time expenditure, which is absolutely unnecessary.

An introduction must be easy to read as well as demonstrate true interest. Nevertheless, if you will follow our tips, it is actually very simple. Anyone who needs extra help can order proofreading of academic paper to the assignment writer and get academic feedback. So, nothing bad can happen when you get the term paper ready for submission.

In conclusion it should be noted that writing the introduction of a technical paper can not be difficult, if you stick to all the requirements. We recommend that you write the introduction later. It is especially topical if the topic of the paper is complicated. First deal with the literature search, ask the main questions and immediately start writing the main chapter. And then you will be surprised how easy it is to write the introduction of the paper, after you have already analyzed the topic enough.

If you are not used to creating written academic works, can’t understand the writing process or even are afraid of presenting the work, contact experienced ghostwriter who can create this part of the work quickly and with quality. Since the introduction is at the beginning of the academic work, it makes a particularly important impression. For this reason, it is logical to commission this particularly important part of the academic paper.

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