Invitation to a child’s birthday party: 5 tips, 5 text templates& 10 craft ideas

Invitation to a child's birthday party: 5 tips, 5 text templates& 10 craft ideas

The first step to a successful children’s birthday party is the invitation. We have written text templates for different children’s birthdays for you, important tips and great craft ideas to make a child’s birthday invitation fast and easy.

We have five important tips for your child’s birthday invitation, five text templates for different birthdays and ten craft ideas for a personal invitation card. Here is something for everyone.

Children’s birthday invitation: 5 tips

Invitation to a child's birthday party: 5 tips, 5 text templates& 10 craft ideas

Invitation to the children’s birthday party

Below you’ll find tips on what to include in the invitation card, ideas for a theme for the child’s birthday, the right time to send it out, and other important information. If you follow these tips, nothing can go wrong and you will surely make your child happy for his birthday.

This belongs in the invitation card

To make sure you don’t forget anything when writing your invitation text, we’ve briefly compiled a list of everything that belongs in a children’s birthday invitation card. Depending on the type of children’s birthday party you are celebrating, you may not need some information. The most important ones are at the top of the list. It’s best to make a checklist that you can check off as you write the initial invitation text.

  1. Date (day, month, year)
  2. Time (beginning to end)
  3. Address (street, house number, postal code, city)
  4. A cell phone number for questions (Here the parents of the invited children can contact you if they don’t know what to give as a gift.)
  5. The theme of the party (should the children dress up appropriately or bring gifts that match the theme?)
  6. Details about gifts (Does your child have a special, big wish and you want to raise money for it?)
  7. Information about what you’re doing (for example, if you’re going to the movies or swimming pool, be sure to let parents know in detail).)

Say goodbye to perfectionism

Children do not know perfectionism. They have very different standards than adults. So if you really want to make your card perfect, you’re basically just doing it for the parents. Children will not notice if there is a little glue somewhere or the circle is not cut perfectly round.

Try to block out the inner voice in your head and realize that you alone are pleasing your child by making his or her invitation cards. Once you understand this and can lower your expectations of yourself, you’ll be able to do the same thing with your birthday party invitations Save a lot of time.

Make the invitation card crafting a family experience

Invitation to a child's birthday party: 5 tips, 5 text templates& 10 craft ideas

Make the crafting of the invitation cards for the children’s birthday as a family experience

Depending on how old your child is, you can ask them if they would like to make the invitation cards for their birthday with you. Maybe you can even sit down together as a family on a Sunday and make the invitations a great and creative experience.

Think about a few ideas together beforehand, so that you can get the right craft supplies for the weekend. Maybe print out some templates for the kids as well. Finally, write the text on the cards or print it out and stick it on the cards. Here you can find nice sayings about the family.

The right time to send

You should make the invitation to the children’s birthday best Send at least one month in advance, so that all parents can prepare for it and as many children as possible come. Either give the invitations to your child at school or send them by mail. A plain WhatsApp message is impersonal. Especially smaller children are happy when they can hold their own invitation in their hands.

Tip: also ask for cancellations on a specific date, so you still have enough time to plan and better calculate how much effort is needed for the celebration.

Choosing a theme: 30 ideas

Invitation to a child's birthday party: 5 tips, 5 text templates& 10 craft ideas

Choosing a theme for a child’s birthday party

Think in advance whether you want a theme for the children’s birthday party or not. If you have a lot of stress and prefer to use simple decorations, you should rather not give your child the idea of a motto. In the end, you will have to provide for everything that corresponds to this. Children’s birthday parties are also nice when they are simply colorful and cheerful.

However, if your child makes the request on his own or you feel like it yourself, a motto is a wonderful thing and the kids will love it. Motto birthdays are always something special and rain the imagination of the children at. In addition, you have a concrete reference point to which you can orient yourself in terms of invitation card design, decoration and fun program.

We have collected and compiled some ideas for motto birthday parties for you. Choose a few ideas that you like and suggest them to your child or let them choose something from this list themselves. Once a theme is decided, it’s time to prescribe the text and buy or make a corresponding card.

  1. Mermaids
  2. Princesses and fairies
  3. Unicorns
  4. Flamingos
  5. Llamas
  6. Horses and riding
  7. Ballerinas and dancers
  8. Jungle, animals of the jungle and tropical plants
  9. Forest, animals of the forest (autumnal decoration: leaves, branches, chestnuts, etc.).)
  10. Dinosaurs
  11. Zoo animals
  12. Your child’s favorite movie (such as "The Ice Queen", "Trolls", "Finding Nemo" or "I – simply incorrigible")
  13. Pokemon
  14. Superheroes (Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Co.).)
  15. Soccer (or any other sport)
  16. Karate
  17. Lego
  18. Cars and racers
  19. Pirates and sailors
  20. Knights, dragons and the Middle Ages
  21. Cowboys and Indians
  22. Astronauts, planets and outer space
  23. Circus and clowns
  24. Ghosts, monsters, witches, Halloween
  25. Robot
  26. Summer, beach and sea
  27. Autumn and appropriate forest animals (hedgehogs, deer, foxes, squirrels and co.)
  28. Winter and snow fairy tales
  29. Spring (flowers, butterflies, bees and Co.)
  30. Underwater world (fish, sharks, whales, octopuses and co.).)

The right text for a child’s birthday invitation: 5 templates

Invitation to a child's birthday party: 5 tips, 5 text templates& 10 craft ideas

The right text for the invitation cards

Writing a child-friendly, inviting and informative text is sometimes not so easy. The text should not be too long, but nothing important should be missing either. Especially with outings with the children, most parents prefer to get a lot of information about the course of the children’s birthday party. Otherwise they might get worried. Also, don’t take it personally if they call again to ask for details. Be understanding and explain who is supervising the children and how many supervisors there are.

The invitation text should always correspond to the age of the child. A ten year old boy will not be happy if his invitation is written in "baby language". This is not a problem with an invitation for a four year old.

Even if the information in the invitations is primarily addressed to the parents, it is the children who will be invited. For this reason you should always keep in mind that the text should please the children should, not the parents. Therefore, always write the invitation to the child’s birthday in the name of the child and not in the name of the family. It’s his special day and it’s his friends who are invited.

Text 1 – Classic invitation to a child’s birthday party

Dear Mila,

on 27. September 2019 I will be 8 years old. I would like to celebrate this with all my friends and invite you to do so.
We celebrate at my home at Musterstrabe 12, 12345 Musterstadt, Germany.

The birthday starts at 14:00 and ends at 18:00.
I am already looking forward to some fun games with you and of course to delicious cake, sausages and chips.

Please tell my mom by 20. September on this number: 0173 1234 123 if you can not come. Please feel free to contact us there,
if you have any other questions.

I look forward to seeing you!

Yours Esther

Text 2 – Invitation with a visit to the zoo

Dear Tilo,

I’d like to invite you to my bear zoo birthday party and I’d be very happy if you have time.

Occasion: My 8. Birthday on 15. August 2019.
Meeting place: At my home, Musterstrabe 23, 12345 Musterdorf.
Time: 13 to 18 o’clock

We will go to the zoo in Musterdorf with two cars. Both my parents will accompany us and enough food will be provided.

Your Paul

Text 3 – Princess birthday

Greetings Princess Annabell,

I hereby cordially invite you to my royal court to make a
fairytale ball to my 9. celebrate a birthday.

time& Location:
15:00 – 19:00, Musterstrabe 1, Musterhausen.

Princess dresses, coronets, glitter and magic wands are encouraged.

Gift ideas& Cancellations:
Are managed by my royal chambermaid,
reachable under this number: 0171 1234 567.

I am looking forward to you!

Yours elodie

Text 4 – Sleepover party

Dear Lisa,

I would like to invite you to my 10. Birthday cordially invite to a sleepover party. Only girls from our class whom you know will come. We will make pizza together and watch a nice movie.

Please bring a sleeping mat or air mattress, a sleeping bag or blanket, a pillow and whatever else you need to sleep on. Also important are pajamas and a toothbrush.

The party starts at 6:00pm and ends the next day after a delicious breakfast at 11:00am. Please let me know if you can’t come or if you have any questions: 0123 / 123456. You can find our address on the back.

I can’t wait and look forward to seeing you there.

Your Emma

Text 5 – Short and sweet

Hello Luke,

I celebrate my 7. Birthday and would be happy,
when you come on 12. April at 14:00 would come to my house.
Delicious cake, games and fun will be provided.

After that, your parents can pick you up at 17:00 again.
We live at Musterweg 12, 12345 Musterhausen.
please let me know if you can come.
I look forward to seeing you!


10 craft ideas for a personalized invitation to a child’s birthday party

Invitation to a child's birthday party: 5 tips, 5 text templates& 10 craft ideas

Craft ideas for the invitation card

For invitation cards there are many beautiful motifs that sometimes just won’t come to mind. Depending on how old your child is, he or she might already have Developed any hobbies or special interests that you can include in your child’s birthday party invitation. The better the invitation suits your child, the more he or she will be happy about it and you as a parent can really save money on handicrafts.

We’ve already collected some ideas for you and ranked them according to what your child might like and what invitation they might enjoy for their child’s birthday party. This will show you how you can put the idea into practice and start tinkering. All these invitations of course also work without a motto and can be sent for themselves. Below you’ll find ideas for little sweet tooths, nature and animal lovers, little explorers, young athletes and, of course, little princesses.

The donut invitation card

How about a round donut invitation card? Just cut out a big circle of white cardboard and cut out a small circle in the middle. So you have the perfect base for a donut and now you just have to make it on one side Paint with icing and sprinkles and write the text on the other side. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also use glitter, beads or cake decorations.

Candy invitation cards

Here you can simply change the shape of Candy, gummy bears or lollipops Cut out and design. Either just draw the colors and lines or use old lollipop, gummy bear and candy wrappers to stick on the invitations. So the invitation crackles beautifully and is even more interesting. Again, you can work with real candy and just stick it on the card (such as colorful sprinkles, love beads, cake decorations and so on).

The favorite animal

Ask your child for his or her favorite animal. Maybe even give him a few animals to choose from that you are good at drawing. When it has decided on an animal, you can Search the Internet for simplified motifs. The abstract Comic book style is usually the easiest. But there are also tutorials for specific animals to help you draw.

Once you’ve drawn your child’s favorite animal, it gets easier for you each time you do it. But be sure to choose a fairly simple motif, otherwise it can take a long time to finish all the invitations. Maybe you can even find a template to make online.

Invitation card in the shape of a flower

Choose a specific flower, cut it in shape and paint it. Especially in spring or summer flower cards are beautiful. If you want some variety and are motivated right now, you can also create a different flower for each child you invite. Another option is to use, the same flower over and over again as a stencil but always paint it differently. This way you save some more time and the invitations are still individual.

The rocket invitation card

If your kid is into outer space, astronauts, other planets or aliens, a rocket invitation card is probably just the ticket. For this, you can simply draw a simplified outline of a Rocket draw it on a piece of white, gray or silver cardboard, cut it out and use it as a stencil again and again.

Use cardboard to cut one or two light blue circles as Window, a red or orange one flame for the propulsion and maybe even two or three more Props in any color, on which the rocket can land.

Invitation with dinosaur motif

The outline of a dinosaur invitation for a child’s birthday party is a bit more complicated. However, there are also motifs here that are particularly easy to make. A Apatosaurus or "long neck" as it is called in "In a land before our time" is as a stencil the easiest to draw.

Simplified cartoon drawings are especially suitable here, which you can use as a guide. Sometimes it is enough to add an eye, a mouth and a few lines for the legs. Use colored cardboard, so that you don’t have to paint the dinosaur all over as well.

Ball or racket as invitation card

Invitation to a child's birthday party: 5 tips, 5 text templates& 10 craft ideas

Invitation cards with sports theme

If your child is particularly interested in a certain sport, you can also use that to make beautiful invitations for a child’s birthday party. For example, take the ball or bat of the particular sport: First cut out the shape and then paint him accordingly.

For the soccer, you can use white cardboard and complete the soccer pattern with a black pencil. For tennis, you can cut out a tennis ball from yellow cardboard, cut out the white lines from white paper and glue them on, or decide on the shape of the racket.

Be sure to think practically when crafting to save time. You can also make a card out of green cardboard, paint on the tennis racket and cut out a small yellow ball from cardboard and glue it on.

The princess invitation

With a princess invitation you have the choice between many different motifs. You could either use a princess dress, a crown or a castle made of cardboard cut out and use as a card. Another option is to choose a plain card with no special shape and paint on what you like.

As decoration are suitable here glitter, feathers, puschel, rhinestones or painted symbols that fit the princess theme. Make sure that the card is not too cluttered and you can still read the text well.

The unicorn card

For little girls unicorns are one of the most popular motifs. It’s all the nicer when you can please your little girl with such a special invitation for a child’s birthday party. There are many simple ways to create a unicorn head. As a rule, you only need two to three different colored cardboards, a pencil for preliminary drawing, scissors and glue.

The ‘fur’ of the unicorn is the first color and the largest area. Choose a light color here like white, beige, pink, light blue, light yellow or light purple. For the horn and mane you need more colors. Choose whether your unicorn should have a colorful rainbow mane or whether you stick to the simpler monochrome variant. This is followed by the horn. Sprinkle it with glitter or paint it with glitter pens to show it off well. Finally, draw the eye. If you need it to go extra easy, just paint it closed as if the unicorn is dreaming.

The balloon

The balloon is probably the easiest way to make your own invitation to a child’s birthday party. You just cut out a balloon shape from a colorful cardboard and write your text on it. Then you either take a thread and tie it around the wavy little end of your balloon, you glue a thread at the bottom or you cut a ‘thread’ out of cardboard and glue it at the bottom of the balloon.

You can cut out the balloon in any color you like, or you can add Design more individually, for example, with colorful stripes, dots, hearts, rhinestones or glitter. You can also write the name of the invited child on one side and the text on the other side. It is best to formulate the text beforehand, so that you can estimate how big your balloon must be.

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