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Whether it’s the proof photo for a score or a photo of the latest app. Whether you want to keep a nice conversation on your smartphone or document a mistake, there are many reasons why it pays to know how to take an Apple iPhone screenshot.

And that is even quite simple. Learn how to quickly and easily create a iPhone screenshot be able to create and process. We also tell you which useful additional apps will make your screenshot special. You may also be interested in how to take a screenshot with an Android device? Then be sure to read our guide article about the Android screenshot.

What is an Apple iPhone screenshot?

A screenshot is a photo of the current screen. Or even a snapshot or a screen shot. When you take a screenshot, you save the current screen content in its entirety, i.e. with everything you currently see on the screen and regardless of which apps or programs are currently open.

So a screenshot or screen shot is not a classic photo of the screen taken with an external camera. Although this is of course also possible. Screenshots can raise copyright issues, so arbitrary use is often not possible for licensing reasons.
The iPhone screenshot is based on the operating system iOS from Apple and can be created on all devices that are equipped with this operating system.

Create Apple iPhone screenshot

Taking an Apple iPhone screenshot is really child’s play and works the same on all devices equipped with the iOS operating system. So no matter if you are using an older model of Apple or a brand new iPhone – the key combination is always the same. And also with all iPads the key combination works, no matter if you want to create the screenshot in portrait or landscape mode.
To take the screenshot, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the page you want to save with a screenshot. Whether it is a menu view or an app, the current website or a game score is completely irrelevant.
  • Press and hold the home button below the display. Now briefly tap on the power button on the side or. on older devices at the top of the case. A short animation and a sound effect (camera noise) show that you have created the Apple iPhone screenshot.

Where is the Apple iPhone screenshot?

And now? Where is the screenshot now? How to find the screenshot you created iPhone Screenshot between all the folders again? It’s very simple. Because your device always saves the captured screenshot to the same location. Call the app "Photos", select "Albums" and then tap on "Recordings". Here you can find the screenshot as the newest image in the overview. In the meantime there is also the folder "Screenshots", where the screenshots are also saved. From both locations, you can send the shot as usual – via email or WhatsApp – or post it to Facebook and Twitter.

Additional apps for the Apple iPhone screenshot

Of course, there are useful apps that make the simple Apple iPhone screenshot to something special.
One of them is aNote, which costs 2.99 euros in the AppStore. This handy app offers many tools that are familiar from image editing programs: Freehand drawing, eraser or even shapes such as circles and rectangles. With these tools, screenshots can be edited afterwards and even annotated.
But there are also a number of free apps in the Apple app store that have similar functions and that you can use to edit a screenshot. There are the apps Screenshot Maker Pro, One Shot for Screenshots, Screenshot – Frame Maker or Screenshot Editor, just to name a few. With the help of these apps you can make nice gimmicks with your screenshots, like adding a shading or changing the background. But you can also do useful things like insert a text or send the screenshot directly via WhatsApp or Facebook.
But sometimes a simple screenshot is not enough, because you want to photograph more than just screen area. But there is also an app for this in the Apple AppStore. The free app Tailor can help. It combines several screenshots to one long image and recognizes the overlapping areas by itself. Although the app is free, it contains integrated advertising, which you can deactivate with an in-app purchase.

Do you need help taking a screenshot or choosing the right additional app? Then come to PC-SPEZIALIST. Our experts will be happy to advise and help you.

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