Jungle camp 2022: linda is out! Day 12 to read in the ticker log

Only six jungle stars are still fighting in the African RTL bush for the title of jungle king or jungle queen. Between Anouschka and Linda flew once again the sparks, Manuel and Eric, however, made a solid jungle test. What else the celebs are up to – the FOCUS online ticker log.

  • The 1 candidate:Anouschka Renzi (57, actress)
  • The 5 candidates:Harald Gloockler (56, designer&) style icon), Filip Pavlovic (27, Bachelorette contestant), Eric Stehfest (32, GZSZ star), Manuel Flickinger (33, Prince Charming contestant), Peter Althof (66, bodyguard legend)

Day 12 in the jungle camp – to read in the ticker protocol

The most important thing in a nutshell: Filip comes back to the camp from a successful jungle test and thus provides a diverse dinner. Between Anouschka and Linda it comes once again to drama, Anouschka shares out violently: "I will not be therapized here by an ill-bred brat!" Even during the first task, there continues to be friction between the residents. Then Eric and Manuel have to go into the jungle test. With spectacular jumps over a canyon, the two get four stars for the camp. And in the end, one person has to go again: This time it hits Linda.

23.56 o’clock: That was day 12 in the jungle, we say good night and see you tomorrow!

23.55 o’clock: Who must leave the jungle? It is Linda! Peter may still stay, from Linda we have to say goodbye.

Linda Nobat has to leave the jungle

23.54 o’clock: The show continues with Filip and Harald. Both can still hope for the title. Linda and Peter must first tremble. Anouschka may stay!

23.49 p.m: Let’s go with Eric. Is he allowed to stay in the jungle? Yes, he stays! Manuel can also be happy. After the successful jungle test both have earned it!

23.45:00: And we are back! Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich make their way into the camp.

The decision is coming: Who must leave the jungle?

23.37 o’clock: Now it is time for the decision. Ran to the phones for their favorite! After a short commercial, it goes on.

23.36: But Dr. Bob is impressed: "You go into camp as heroes." In the end, the two got four stars and can look forward to a delicious meal.

23.35 o’clock: Manuel is visibly crestfallen, but Eric is nevertheless proud: "Don’t worry about it. You jumped off!"

23.33 o’clock: The tension rises, Manuel starts to jump. But he misses the net, annoying!

23.32 o’clock: Now comes the final jump, which only one of the two can dare to make. First Eric wants to jump, but then he decides against it. He trusts that Manuel can make the six meter distance. There are three stars at stake. "You do it, this is your test", Eric is sure.

23.30 p.m: The distance is extended, the two must now overcome a whole four meters. Manuel is starting to enjoy it: "We can do that too, it’s fun!" Eric makes the submission and manages to hang on the net. And Manuel also follows suit. What a sight, the spectacular jumps over the abyss!

"Be proud of yourself man": After successful jungle test Manuel comes to tears

23.28 o’clock: Manuel takes the plunge and. moves to! Now it gets emotional, Eric is visibly proud: "You have overcome your fears! Very well done." Thus the two already have two stars together.

23.27 o’clock: A whole three meters it must overcome between the trampoline and the net. But tada, Eric gets caught in the net and gets the first star! "I believe I can fly", he shouts happily. Also Dr. Bob is thrilled: "Eric, well done. You flew like an eagle."

Manuel during the jungle test

23.26 o’clock: Manuel tries to stay positive, but you can see his fear: "Now we are already chained, now there is no turning back. Always forward, that has always been my motto." Eric is brave and makes the submission.

Thrill in the jungle test: Eric and Manuel plunge into the depths!

23.24 o’clock: The test has it in itself: Eric and Manuel must plunge into the breathtaking canyon. With the help of a trampoline, they are to try to land on a floating net high above the gorge and hold there for five seconds. The distance between trampoline and net determines the number of stars. If they can’t hold on, they say: Off into the depths!

23.22 o’clock: A permiere! Dr. Bob gets to host a test for the first time. Go Dr. Bob!

23.9 p.m: Time for the jungle test! Eric and Manuel have to "Stars on the edge 2.0" pose. Not for the faint of heart! This is the same jungle test that Linda and Harald were already supposed to do. But then the test was canceled because of the strong wind.

23.19 o’clock: That is clear: Eric and Manuel have to go into the jungle test! And both are top motivated.

23.6 p.m: For the jungle test must be chosen again. Which two residents are they sending off?

It is voted again in the jungle camp – who must go to the jungle test?

23.5 p.m: We are back again!

23.09 o’clock: Now follows a short interruption for the news. After that we are back in the jungle again!

23.08 o’clock: Tadaa! The treasure chest opens and there is loud cheering. What awaits the residents? Potato chips bags!

23.07 o’clock: Filip and Harald can lighten the mood a bit with the treasure chest. But one last question remains to be answered: What does the abbreviation BRD stand for?? Is it the Federal Republic of Germany or the biological replication difference?. Manuel and all the others are sure: "This is easy."

23.05: Quarrel between Peter, Linda and Peter. Linda is sure: "Who gives out, must also take in!" For them, Peter and Anouschka are just "little grandpas and grandmas who behave like little children."

23.03 hrs: Can the two teams come to an agreement? In fact! So the treasure chest can be carried into the camp.

23.00 o’clock: Anouschka says only: "If that were my daughter, I would slap her right and left. Okay, maybe not that, but give her a piece of your mind."

Anouschka on Linda: "If this were my daughter, I’d slap her left and right"

23.00 o’clock: Now the question is who is the most annoying. The topic probably holds enormous argument potential. Linda is definitely annoyed by Anouschka: "Don’t get on my ass!"

22.59 o’clock: Now Harald can be satisfied again, because he lands as the "biggest star" on court number 1! The order is quickly decided.

The jungle inhabitants have to classify each other

22.58 o’clock: We are back again! And the camp residents are still in the middle of the discussion about the allocation of places.

22.51: Now it’s time for the commercial break! After that, we can look forward to more drama around Anouschka and an exciting jungle exam.

22.48 o’clock: Filip and Harald have to guess in the time in which order the residents give the categories. "Who is the most authentic?", "Who is the biggest star?" and "Who sucks?" are the categories for which Harald and Filip also have to draw up a ranking list. After several failed attempts, it becomes clear: Gloockler is in last place. The star designer can’t understand that at all. "It would be better if the professionals create", he finds. "Don’t take it personally", advises Filip dryly.

22.47 o’clock: Peter knows right away: "Harald is the most authentic one." Linda is against it: "I find Filip. And I see myself in the front too." And Anouschka has a long line: "I don’t understand the game."

Jungle test with drama potential: "Authentic I see myself right at the top"

22.45: While the two set off in search of the treasure, the remaining residents have to create a star ranking in three different categories. There is a heated discussion about who will win the categories "Who is the most authentic??", "Who is the biggest star?" and "Who sucks?" best fulfilled. Things get more than chaotic in the process!

22.43:00: Good morning is now also for all the others! For Harald and Filip the day starts with a treasure hunt.

Bye, bye Tina! The actress leaves the jungle

22.40 o’clock: Now we say goodbye to Tina’s! She looks back with joy on her time in the jungle. Before she leaves, however, she only says "Bye, Eric": "I’ll let the others sleep now. Say hello to everyone and do me a favor: Rock the thing."

22.37 o’clock: And again there is stress between Anouschka, Linda and Tina. Who does the night watch and when?

22.34 o’clock: Tina must leave the camp! But even then Anouschka can not stay a little nicer.

"I will not be therapized here by an ill-bred brat!"

22.32 o’clock: Silence reigns among the other residents, Linda fires clapping behind: "Thank you, Anouschka. Pure madness. This is a real show!" But Anouschka knows how to defend herself: "Still better than yours!"

Drama between Anouschka and Linda

22.30:00: Anouschka fires back: "This is not a whim. I will not be therapized by an ill-bred brat here. Enough!" She seethes, can’t stay calm and babbles to herself: "I don’t need to deal with such bullshit. No one says thank you! Bite your asses if you’re ever nice to me? I can’t stand it anymore. I always have to keep my mouth shut. Why are you so fucking mendacious?"

Anouschka’s outburst: First she goes after Linda, then all the others

22.29:00: Ohoh, there is drama again between Anouschka and Linda? Anouschka wants to start the conversation aggressively. But Linda covers her ears, she has no more desire for the actress: "Anouschka, I don’t want to do this right now. Today you really go me on the sack with your moods."

22.27 p.m: Harald just thinks it’s ok, Filip’s evaluation of the luxury dinner is better: "Crocodile tastes good. Little mix of chicken and fish". That sounds great!

22.26 o’clock: Hooray! The dinner is secured. This puts the camp residents in a good mood. "I expect a Big Mac, cheeseburger without pickle and fries today", Filip wishes. Not a burger, but still delicious: yellow squash, sugar snap peas, cauliflower, blue cabbage, shelled peas, marula fruit and part of a crocodile tail await the residents.

22.24:00: Then a shower to Eric’s taste, he helps Filip out with a bucket: "I saw it as my duty to help him, because the fact that there is no shower is my fault", Eric explains himself. There was probably a bit of a guilty conscience?

Read the show in the minutes transcript as well as more jungle news here after.

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