Jungle camp 2022 – today, 22.3 p.m.: that’s candidate jasmin herren – portrait

Dschungelcamp 2022 : Jasmin Herren: This widow is likely to cause a stir in the jungle camp

Dschungelcamp 2022 - Today, 22.15 clock: That is candidate Jasmin Herren - Portrait

In South Africa, Jasmin Herren competes in her first reality format after the death of her husband Willi Herren. She is known for her flamboyant nature and is also likely to cause a stir in the jungle camp. What you should know about the IBES candidate.

By Klaudia Kendi-Prill

Jasmin Herren follows in the jungle camp 2022 in the footsteps of her late husband Willi Herren, who participated in the TV format in 2004. As a substitute candidate, the 43-year-old had little chance of entering the jungle camp. But then she moved up for reality starlet Christin Okpara (25) when inconsistencies arose with her vaccination status.

With their participation, not only the average age rises, but also the level of awareness of the Dschungelcamp residents.

Jasmin Herren: Childhood and youth

Jasmin Herren came as Jasmin Jenewein on the 24. Born in Dusseldorf on December 1978. The start in life was not easy for her, because her then 18-year-old mother gave her up for adoption after birth. As Jasmin Herren revealed in the talk show of Marco Schreyl, she then grew up with her grandparents.

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From an early age, she was enthusiastic about music, stood on stage at the age of four and learned to play the violin and piano at the age of five.

Jasmin Herren and music

At first, music remained only a hobby for her and she began training as a make-up artist. Only occasionally she appeared in discotheques as a singer. Her musical breakthrough came when she was brought on stage by Jurgen Drews in a large discotheque in Cologne in 2004. First appearances on Mallorca followed. With her then manager Udo Borges, she developed the project "first nude singer worldwide" under the stage name "Toy. The addition "naked" is the Dusseldorferin meanwhile loose. In 2008, under the stage name Haidie, she changed her image to that of a pop singer. With Gottlieb Wendehals she published under this name a new edition of the hit Polonase Blankenese. In 2010 she changed her stage name again to Jasmin Prinz and released the album "Vielleicht zum Mond" (Maybe to the moon).

Jasmin Herren on German television

In 2006, the Dusseldorf native took part in the show "Der Container Exklusiv", but left the format voluntarily after five weeks. In the same year she applied for "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" with the song "Big Big World" from Emilia, but was eliminated in the first round.

With her then-husband, hotel owner Marco Gulpen" she took part in TV shows like "Frauentausch" and in 2016 in "Goodbye Deutschland! The emigrants" part. She also ventured into television with her future husband Willi Herren. 2019 they occupied in the fourth season of "The Summer House of Stars" the fourth place. In the "Temptation Island VIP" fidelity experiment In 2020, they put their relationship to the test and left the show together.

Jasmin Herren in private: Relationships and turbulent marriage with Willi Herren

Jasmin and the party singer Willi Herren met in a discotheque on Mallorca. Before that she had other partners. After a brief relationship with event manager Michael Ammer in 2006, she married hotel owner Marco Gulpen in August 2009. In October 2016, the couple officially announced their separation.

Then she met Willi Herren. In the show "Das Sommerhaus der Stars – Kampf der Promipaare" in 2019, Willi told their love story: the singer had been his mistress for a long time, while he had still been married to the mother of his children. But the two could not do without each other and finally professed their love.

Dschungelcamp 2022 - Today, 22.15 clock: This is candidate Jasmin Herren - Portrait

For a long time, the two had an on-off relationship. Willis drug addiction, however, burdened Jasmin so much that she separated from him for the first time in 2008. In 2016, however, their love rekindled, and at the end of July 2018 they said yes to each other. However, the marriage did not last long. Shortly after the show "Das Sommerhaus der Stars – Kampf der Promipaare" in 2019, the couple separated again.

In 2020, the two got back together and took part in the dating reality show "Temptation Island – V.I.P." – the celebrity version of the RTL dating show "Temptation Island – Temptation in Paradise part to prove their love. But the happiness did not last long, in early March 2021, the Herrens announced the end of their marriage via Instagram. "Our marriage is over!", Jasmin Herren wrote in a post. Only a few weeks later, on 20. April, died the entertainer.

"Farewell! Love of my life. " wrote Jasmin Herren at the time on Instagram. In an RTL interview, the widow spoke about the reasons for the marriage breakup. Persons from Willi’s family had fought them regularly, reports Jasmin. It had hoped for more support from Willi, but it had not come. Willi had not "clearly and unequivocally" decided in favor of Jasmin and their marriage.

Jasmin Herren and the mud fight with stepdaughter Alessia

After her husband’s death, Herren engaged in a public mudslinging match with Willis’ daughter Alessia. So the widow and the daughter of the deceased quarreled, among other things, about the naming rights of the entertainer.

Like Express.de learned, an investigation was even underway against Alessia: "My client would very much like to comment on the lies and insinuations spread by Ms. Alessia Fazzi, but she will have to be patient with public statements for a little while longer due to the legal action that has been taken. Among other things, it is also about bodily harm, deprivation of liberty as well as death threats on the part of Alessia Fazzi over several years", According to the widow’s lawyer.

Were Jasmin and Willi Herren not separated at all before his death?

In an interview with the ProSieben magazine "Red," Jasmin Herren later claimed that the couple had not separated at all before Willi Herren’s death: "The truth about the separation – I’m afraid I have to drop a little bombshell here: Willi and I lied. We had no intention of parting."

One had considered only a new way and wanted to forge a common future plan. The two would have already looked around for a house or an apartment. A complete move to Mallorca had also been considered and was quite "probable", Herren explains further.

Does Jasmin Herren have children?

Jasmin Herren is the mother of an adult daughter, but she keeps her daughter out of the public eye.

Jasmin Herren in the jungle camp 2022

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"I’m no longer the person I used to be," the Dusseldorf native explained in an RTL interview before entering the 2022 jungle camp. "I went through a formal thriller and gained an insane amount of strength to it." For her, a new start had now begun and she wanted to show in her first TV show without her husband, "who Jasmin Herren, who I am". She promises to unpack "stories the world hasn’t even begun to dream of" around the campfire and hopes her fear of heights doesn’t get in the way of her jungle trials.

"I want to show who I am in the jungle. My goal is to simply step out of my husband’s shadow," Herren tells RTL. The Dschungelcamp is the first format, in which she participates alone, without her husband. "I’ve learned an incredible amount from my husband, including for the jungle – and I’m grateful to him for everything I was able to experience with him. I’ve learned that you can’t put up with everything and you have to tell people everything to their face and not talk behind their backs. That’s exactly what I’m going to stick to now," Jasmin Herren told the Bild newspaper.

In addition to Herren, among others, singer Lucas Cordalis , bird of paradise Harald Gloockler , actress Anouschka Renzi and Prince Charming participant Manuel Flickinger move into the jungle camp.

The 15. Season of "I am a star – get me out of here!" starts on 21. January at 9:30 p.m. on RTL and on RTL+.

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