Kebab skewer weight: how much do kebab skewers weigh? What was the world record?

Kebab skewer weight: how many kilograms do kebab skewers weigh? What was the world record?

Anyone who travels a lot in the big city knows them: The giant kebab animals from Cologne or Berlin, into which the kebab skewer from the village fits many times over.

This brings me to the interesting question: what is the actual weight of the average kebab skewer? And how hard can kebab skewers get to the max? Here you will find the answer. By the way, at the end I also present you the biggest kebab skewer in the world.

1. How much does a kebab skewer weigh, hanging in the typical kebab stand?

Kebab skewers in a typical kebab shop

Kebab shop owners are spoiled for choice in Germany. In total, there are about 400 producers of kebab skewers in this country. By the way, many of them also make skewers for private people – for example, for parties.

Since each kebab shop has an individual consumption of meat, the owners of such restaurants usually consult with the producers of kebab skewers. So you get your very own individual kebab skewer.

For example, many manufacturers produce in 5 kg increments. Here is everything between 5 and 120 kg. I got these numbers from the kebab producer’s website Polat kebab.

2. How many kebabs you can make from one kebab skewer?

You can assume that an average kebab contains around 200 to 250 grams of kebab meat. Accordingly, one kilogram of kebab skewer makes 4 to 5 servings.

This results, if I simply take the 200 grams as a basis, the following results:

  • 3 kg kebab skewer = 15 kebabs
  • 5 kg doner kebab spit = 25 doner kebabs
  • 20 kg kebab skewer = 100 kebabs
  • 40 kg kebab skewer = 200 kebabs
  • 60 kg kebab skewer = 300 kebabs
  • 120 kg kebab skewer = 600 kebabs

You see: There comes quickly a lot of kebabs together.

3. How much do doner kebab skewers weigh at home?

Kebab skewers for home weigh much less

Image source: Free Belarus/

Doner kebab skewers for home are of course much smaller. After all, you can not compare kebab grills for private people with real gastro grills either. They are naturally smaller and have a much less powerful engine installed.

Basically, you can say that with kebab skewers for home is already after 1 to 3 kg end. The small engines of the doner kebab grills simply can not do more. Therefore, if you want to get yourself a kebab grill, you should definitely pay attention to how powerful it is.

4. Record: The biggest kebab skewer in the world

The largest kebab skewer in the world was produced in Ankara (Turkey) in 2012. Here I just let the facts speak for themselves:

  • 1.198 kilograms in weight
  • 2.5 meters high
  • Made by 10 cooks
  • Needed the meat of 7 cows

You do not believe me? Convince yourself: Because there is a YouTube video of this huge hunk of meat. What I find particularly interesting: The Donergrill must have been manufactured also particularly for this cause.

4.1 The largest kebab skewer in Germany

Unfortunately, you can find no information on the Internet about which kebab stand has the largest kebab skewer in Germany. I assume strongly that this kebab skewer is in Berlin or in another big city.

Conclusion: Kebab skewer weight: How much do kebab skewers weigh?

As you can see, the weight of a kebab skewer can be very variable. While doner kebab skewers for home may only weigh 1 kg, some doner kebab producers even produce doner kebab skewers of up to 120 kg. Or else, you set a world record right away and reach an unbelievable 1.198 kg.

My name is Thomas and I have been an absolute kebab fan since my earliest youth. In order to provide like-minded people with information, I created this website. You have questions or want to criticize or give feedback? Then simply contact me via the contact form or via Pinterest.

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