Keep the engine running: regulations of the stvo to the misdemeanor

If you leave the engine running in your car, you are liable to a penalty

Is it allowed to leave the engine running? It is not allowed if it is not used directly.

Many drivers get used to it is in particular in winter on, your car to run at a standstill, so that the heating can warm up the interior of the car sufficiently. Others want the engine in this way let it warm up, because they believe that it is an more gently is. In reality an unnecessarily running engine however a administrative offence dar – or. to be precise, not the engine itself, but the action.

Not only the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) forbids to engage in such practices from Convenience to fall back. Also the appropriate for the place State Immission Control Act (LImSchG) can be applied here if you let the engine run unnecessarily. Which law is used and which Penalty You can find out what to expect below.

FAQ: Running the engine

The Highway Code (StVO) prohibits running the engine unnecessarily. This is the case if your convenience is the reason – for example, while you are scraping the windows clear.

No. In this case, the State Immission Control Act (LImSchG) applies, which prohibits the unnecessary operation of the engine.

Yes. As a rule, a fine of 80 euros follows if you leave the engine running.

Current catalog of fines on the subject of leaving the engine running

Unnecessarily causing noise or exhaust nuisance 80 €
In towns driven back and forth uselessly and thereby inconvenienced others 100 €

Running engine in the StVO and in the LImSchG

Is it allowed to leave the car running when it is stationary?

The StVO expresses itself in § 30 to Environmental protection and to the Sunday and holiday driving ban. In paragraph 1 are the regulations to the running engine stipulated, but the words chosen are open to interpretation:

When using vehicles, unnecessary noise and avoidable exhaust pollution are prohibited. In particular, it is prohibited to run vehicle engines unnecessarily and to close vehicle doors excessively loudly. Useless driving to and from is forbidden within built-up areas if others are inconvenienced by it.

When to unnecessary and avoidable is to let the engine run, that must be in the individual case to be determined. Car posers who want to drive their vehicle or. want to emphasize certain features and therefore drive back and forth uselessly, usually have to expect a fine. The regulation has in particular environmental character, which is the reason why it is necessary for the comfort and convenience of the driver proceeds. Nevertheless, in extreme cases it can be Exceptions come, bspw. if someone forced is, due to an emergency in case of heavy frost in the standing car to wait.

As unnecessary however, it is regularly considered to be unacceptable if the operating Engine not used directly becomes. This can be e.g. the case if drivers leave the Switch on car and to leave the engine running when scraping ice. According to this Interpretation of the StVO the Parking with the engine running also in this category. However, there are Exceptions from this rule bspw. for cabs in freezing temperatures. The truck engine when stationary to let run, is not forbidden, if you Fill up the brake system want. This is in fact generally unavoidable, because trucks have air brake systems.

Here it should be noted that not only the Exhaust gases can but the environmental protection character of the vehicle Noise furthermore the residents can disturb in your environment. Thus, if, as described above, for the filling of the braking systems, you can use the Running truck engine at night, a Misdemeanor If this was not possible during the day or if the car could not be moved to a place where it would not disturb sleeping residents, the table should be set up properly.

These regulations in accordance with the StVO mainly affect public roads and traffic areas. As a rule Police and/or the Ordnungsamt responsible. However, if you run the engine on your private property, the LImSchG attracted. For example. in the LImSchG Berlin in § 2 to the immission control obligations:

It is not permissible to operate engines that generate noise or exhaust gas unnecessarily on.

This, too, constitutes an administrative offence according to § 15 para. 2 LImSchG Bln dar.

Penalty for running the engine: What fine awaits me?

Should you leave the engine running and report because of said misdemeanor follows, you usually have to deal with at least one Fine calculate. The Catalog of fines for the environmental badge and environmental pollution provides for avoidable noise and exhaust gas nuisance caused by vehicles Fine of 80 euros in front of. Unnecessary driving around within a built-up area draws 100 euros if residents and the environment are inconvenienced by noise and exhaust fumes as a result.

Engine at a standstill: Harmful for the environment and for the engine itself

Scratching car windows while the engine is running can be treated as an administrative offense.

However, the penalty in such a case is not only the fine. The engine running harms not only to your wallet and the Environment, polluted by the exhaust gases emitted unnecessarily, but also your Vehicle. The Gasoline burns while idling not complete. Thus the circumstance, car and/or. Engine to leave running when stationary lead to a penalty for the motor vehicle as follows:

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