Learning to see aura – all you need to know about it

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The aura is in short the charisma of a person. Everyone perceives the aura of another person – quite unconsciously, quite subtly. When we are walking in the pedestrian zone, we automatically assess every person in our environment. One person seems likeable, the other reliable, one seems particularly competent, the other rather modest, etc. We can perceive these assessments in our gut feeling and the frightening thing is that we are usually right in doing so.

This automatic process in us is called cognition of human nature and has already been scientifically researched very well. But this alone is not yet an aura see. Some people claim that they can see this aura as a glimmer of light that surrounds the body. The lights shine in different colors and each color means something specific. This way aura seers can look much deeper and much more exactly into the charisma of a person.

What is the use of seeing the aura?

Aura seers can recognize knowledge about character traits, abilities and mental strengths of a person. In this process, the aura seer can often receive information that is unknown to the subject.

So you can read in the aura, whether perhaps any energetic blockages prevail, which bspw. contribute to a disease. With such an ability, one can help people out of depressions, difficult life situations or crises. This is in principle one of the most widespread applications of an aura seer. They act as a live coach by looking at a person’s aura, analyzing it and finding out in which levels it reveals weaknesses.

In total, each person has 7 of these different levels of consciousness. They are also called chakras and can be perceived in the aura as different colors.

Aura colors and their meaning

  • Red reflects the physical level, which stands for physical health.
  • Orange describes the emotional level, sexual health and also appreciation of one’s own life.
  • The personal level shines in the yellow Light and stands for the inner will, courage and self-confidence.
  • Green is the social level, in which the relations to his fellow men or also love relations are regulated.
  • Light blue shows the linguistic level, in which also our beliefs and cultural conditioning are anchored.
  • Indigo stands for the mental level, where our thoughts originate and the way we use our mind.
  • The spiritual level radiates in the violet to white Light. This level represents freedom and detachment.

Every person has different strengths in each of these 7 chakras. In the end, this is what makes up our own attitude and individual character. This information can be read from the aura and get an accurate picture of a person. Even if most people can not perceive this glimmer of color around the body, they perceive it very subtly and extrasensory.

Whoever learns to see the aura can detect possible energetic blockages of his fellow human beings, or even of himself, and thus work on restoring the inner balance. If one chakra is particularly underdeveloped, the other chakras suffer just as much and the person becomes ill, unbalanced and without energy.

In this chakra test you can find out if one of your chakras is blocked. This system comes from the chakra teachings and is an incredibly powerful concept that you can use to awaken the greatest potential in your life. This is called the unfolding of consciousness.

  • how to create your life according to your wishes,
  • Build physical and mental health and resilience,
  • find access to your intuitive abilities, so that you can fully utilize the power of your mind and access hidden powers of your subconscious mind.
  • How to build the best relationships of your life, i.e. how to become really happy with your life partner.
  • And most importantly, how to find out who you really are, what your personal mission in life is, or how to find the meaning of your life.

Learning to see aura

Is this possible or is this laid in the cradle of a person?? Theoretically, every person would be able to do this, but it takes a lot of practice. In general, some people are especially gifted and learn it faster, others not so. Of course, it is important that one does not stand in one’s own way with one’s inner critic and thus closes one’s own access to this ability.

Our mind is capable of developing incredible abilities. blind people can develop new visual abilities with the help of hearing glasses. Autistic people are able to play a piece of music they have heard without mistakes. The abilities of a "normal" person are often only revealed under hypnosis.

Our mind blocks us and those who are able to overcome it can become almost supernatural. Aura seers are simply able to interpret their mirror neurons very precisely and make them visible. You do not see it with your physical eyes, but with the inner eye. This inner perception arises in the third eye and is the vision to intuition.

With a simple exercise you can see something like an aura yourself within one minute. It is based on an optical illusion, but it can definitely be used to train aura vision until it is no longer an optical illusion, but becomes a real intuitive perception. Here you can find the detailed instructions: Learn to see your aura (1-min self-test).

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Improve your own aura

If you want to make your own aura brighter, stronger and more sympathetic, you should work on yourself. Besides the chakra work, these 10 tips can also be helpful to immediately improve your own charisma.

  • Love yourself
  • Pay attention to your appearance
  • Feel good and comfortable in every situation in life
  • Try not to be perfect
  • See the positive in every life situation
  • Do not show off to other people
  • Always dress well and appropriately
  • Do not boast about your profession
  • Do not try to please others, but yourself

You can find even more information about these tips in the article: 10 tips for an attractive aura. There you can also do a self-test to find out how strong your aura currently is.

Conclusion: What is there to see the aura??

Learning to see aura can be explained and some people are capable of incredible abilities. By seeing aura we can learn more about ourselves and our fellow human beings. We can receive information about what lies hidden in our minds and thus improve our lives or the lives of those around us. Aura seers can even help other people to remove blockages or heal illnesses.

Who wants to learn to see aura can do this with certain exercises. However, it requires a lot of practice, overcoming the critical mind and maybe some talent as well.

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