Letter of application: structure, content, attachments and co. – all information

Cover letter to attachments – How to make your application a success

If an applicant wants to stand out from the crowd, they must be convincing with their cover letter

If an applicant wants to stand out from the crowd, he or she must be convincing with his or her cover letter

T he bad news at the beginning: personnel managers have little time and often only read crosswise. When they pick up the cover letter, they need to know something about the applicant that the resume doesn’t offer them. Otherwise they will put the text away immediately.

The cover letter should therefore scarcely be – and yet strong content. "While the resume is all about facts and figures, the cover letter can convey an emotional message," says career consultant Maja Skubella.

She recommends writing the cover letter in several steps: Arguments collect – why do you want to work at the company? What motivates one? From this personal story be written with a common thread.

A boring Opening sentence is the following: "I hereby apply". The introduction should make you want to read on.

The End is also relevant. Applicants should stay true to their stance that they are a good candidate for the job until the last sentence. Too submissive formulations such as "I would be very pleased if you would invite me" are therefore inappropriate. There are better alternatives.

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When formulating the cover letter, it is advisable to have a clear structure

Formulations in job applications

Unsolicited applications should highlight competencies

If you apply without a job being advertised, you have to promote yourself all the more. Already the subject of a speculative application is important. "If you send the application by e-mail, the line should make you curious," says application coach Jurgen Hesse. "Application office clerk" is too sober there. Better to name a concrete problem you want to solve or write what makes you interesting for the company.

Since there is no job profile, you should describe your skills in such a way that they fit several jobs or departments. For example, by focusing primarily on his competences focused, explains career consultant Skubella.

Letter of application: Structure, content, attachments and co. - All information

Many advisors recommend to first to call the company. Then you can refer to the phone call in the application. Those who do, however, should really have questions. "I find it inappropriate when they are standard questions that can also be answered with a glance at the website," says, for example, Jana Reineke, head of HR marketing at coffee roaster Melitta.

Some companies take no unsolicited applications and write this also explicitly on their website. In such cases, you should refrain from doing so, otherwise you will appear ill-informed.

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recruitment - businessman set

These attachments belong in the application

Like the cover letter, the attachments are also an argument for the applicant. With it you can prove what you have claimed about yourself. Important are above all certificates and attestations of jobs, degrees, further education and special knowledge.

A List of attachments in the cover letter is no longer necessary for both paper and online applications.

In both cases you should focus on some documents limit. Many companies make specifications, up to which file size they accept applications.

Is the company still in touch? Online applications have changed the recruiting process

Ghosting in professional life

To make the right choice, you can ask yourself: With which attachments do I show that I am qualified for the advertised position? suitable am? Which attachments are still Current?

However, this does not mean that you have to limit yourself to the standard cover letter. "Attachments are only looked at by recruiters for applicants who are already shortlisted," says career consultant Skubella. That is, here you can make a difference again.

At Online applications you should summarize the attachments, usually one file is used for all attachments. The recommended format is PDF. One clear designation helps recruiters to see what they have in front of them, for example resume_PeterMuller.

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