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Here you can find out how to deregister your car correctly, what documents you need for this and what deregistration costs.

  • Which documents do I need?
  • How and where to deregister?
  • What does it cost?
  • When should I deregister?

Deregistering a car – what documents?

For deregistration of the vehicle these documents are important:

  • Vehicle registration document and vehicle title (registration certificate 1 and registration certificate part 2)
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Valid HU report
  • Identity card or passport with confirmation of registration from the residents’ registration office
  • In case of scrapping the proof of the vehicle recycler

Hire a representative

You can also assign a representative (individual or company) to deregister your car.

Where and how to deregister a car?

On site:

If you want to deregister your car, you can do this yourself at any vehicle registration office.


It is now also possible to deregister a car online throughout Germany – but only for vehicles registered for the first time from 2015 onwards.

The following conditions must be met:

  • You have an ID card with activated online ID function
  • You have an appropriate reader and the ID card app
  • License plate and registration certificate part 1 with security code

Online deregistration of vehicles takes place via the website of the responsible registration office at the owner’s place of residence.

What does deregistration cost me?

Deregistering a car will cost you around 8 Euro.

If a certificate of destruction has to be presented (in the case of scrapping), there is an additional charge of around 6 euros.

When should I deregister my car?

It is worthwhile to deregister the car – for example after a sale – to the exact day.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Motor vehicle insurance coverage continues until the last day of use.
  2. Excessively paid vehicle tax and premiums in the car insurance are refunded to the day.

The registration authority automatically informs your vehicle insurer about the deregistration.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to briefly inform the car insurance company itself by e-mail about the date of deregistration of your car.

Answers to your questions

I don’t have all the documents – now what??

Case 1: Registration certificate part 2 is still with the lender

Check with the relevant vehicle registration authority in advance to see how it is handled there. This is not regulated uniformly.

Case 2: Papers or license plates are missing

It is possible in principle to deregister the vehicle without the vehicle registration certificate or license plate number. However, you must declare in lieu of an oath that you have lost the vehicle registration document and the plates.

When can I deregister my car?

If the car remains in your possession, but is not to be driven for a longer period of time, you can have the car temporarily immobilized. During this time you do not pay vehicle taxes. In the motor vehicle insurance becomes for 18 months to the rest insurance.

A temporary car decommissioning is possible for a maximum of seven years. After this time the operating license of the car expires.

Am I still allowed to drive the car after deregistration??

Yes! The insurance for the car ends only at the end of the day on which the car is deregistered. Thus, the motor vehicle insurance coverage still runs for the entire day of deregistration until 23.59 pm more. To do this, the license plates that have been removed must be (re)mounted on the vehicle.

You can keep the cancelled license plates after deregistration (you bought them). You may be able to use them again when you register a new car.

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