Lose weight by jogging

The myth fat burning lose weight by running

Running is the most effective way to control weight, respectively. to lose weight successfully. Because running and jogging burn a considerable amount of calories in a very short time. That means: You lose weight.

Run slowly, lose weight faster?

There are experts, who still claim that the best results in terms of fat burning can be achieved by running slowly or with walking. If you look at research results superficially, there is actually a lot to be said for an extremely slow training pace. One study found that 90 percent of the calories burned by runners who exercised at only 50 percent of their maximum heart rate (HR) were fat calories. If the pace was increased to 75 percent of the HRmax, the proportion of fat in the calories burned was only 60 percent.

How many calories are burned while running?

However, this result is put into perspective when you consider that a more intense workout burns far more calories overall. Running at 50 percent of your HRmax burns only seven calories per minute, while running at 75 percent of your HRmax burns 14 calories, twice as many. If you include these values, you get 8.4 fat calories burned per minute (60 percent multiplied by 14) for forced exercise versus 6.3 fat calories (90 percent times 7) for casual endurance running.

You can only achieve weight loss by burning more calories than you consume, for example by jogging (calorie balance). When losing weight, running training plays the role of a metabolism booster. Running helps to make the body use the nutrients better, the rest is excreted faster. You will notice that you visit the toilet more often than before; your body will signal to you: I don’t need as much as you are feeding me.

Here is an example of how many calories are burned during which type of exercise or how many calories are burned during which type of exercise. at what pace are consumed:

  • A runner weighing 75 kilos who jogs for half an hour at a kilometer average of 6:20 minutes consumes 385 calories.
  • If the same athlete rides a bike leisurely for 30 minutes, he burns 231 calories.
  • During half an hour of relaxed swimming it consumes 308 calories.
  • During quiet walking (approx. 5 km/h) 135 calories are converted.

Jogging is therefore ideal for losing weight.

How to get started running

What are the benefits of walking if you want to lose weight, you now know. And the good thing is: starting to run is not that hard at all. You can find a beginner’s plan that gently guides you from walking to running here:

We’ve also created a workout plan specifically for losing weight. You can buy the plan including important training instructions here as a PDF print version:

Other training plans new

  • 12 weeks of running and strength training
  • 5 training sessions per week
  • for advanced beginners
  • Technique, strength and stretching exercises
  • Delicious and healthy recipes

With efficient training and smart nutrition, you can lose excess kilos in a sustainable and healthy way, get fitter and feel fresher all round. With this training plan you can lose 5 kilograms in just 12 weeks as an advanced beginner runner. The plan combines running sessions with balancing strength exercises. In addition, we give you nutrition tips and suggest a few good recipes – so you can effectively improve your figure and fitness in three months.

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