Make angel

Make angel

Cute angels, which are easy to tinker and which even children can easily make themselves.
Beautiful craft ideas for children at home, kindergarten or school.

Angels are fascinating creatures, especially for children.
Especially during Advent and Christmas they are a popular decoration.
Whether hung in the room, on the window, as a table decoration or as a Christmas tree ornament.
Angels fit simply to each Christmas decoration.
Meanwhile, angels are also very popular during the year in the form of guardian angels.
They are decorated as such, as keychains or sitting in the car they are supposed to protect us and the guardian angels are a popular gift for children and adults.

You can buy them in many variations and from different material.

However, it’s nicer to make an angel yourself and then decorate it or give it as a gift.

So you can make an angel..

And this is how they are made..

Angel from a filter bag

(see photo above)

This is something special: an angel made from a filter bag.

So the filter bag angel is made..


a coffee filter bag made of natural paper
brown corrugated cardboard
skin colored photo cardboard
Thin felt tip pens or fineliners
Ribbons or lace
Natural bast
wire, woolen thread or yarn

Crafting instructions:

Transfer the templates (see below) for the wings onto brown corrugated cardboard.
Draw the template for the head on skin-colored photo cardboard.

Cut out the parts.
Now paint the face on the head with thin felt-tip pens or fineliners. The cheeks or. you can paint the red cheeks of the angel with rouge (make-up).

Now take the filter bag and glue the head on top.
Then glue the wings to the filter bag angel dress from behind.
The dress is still embellished with ribbons or lace by gluing them on the bottom edge of the filter bag and in the middle of it.
Now cut pieces of natural bast of the same length for the angel hair and tie them together with a wire, a piece of woolen thread or yarn.
Now glue the hair to the top of the head.
Now the beautiful angel is ready.
If you want to hang it up, you need a thread to hang it up on the top of the head.

Have fun with the sweet angel.

Angel with clay pot

Angel with clay pot

Another craft tip for an angel made from a clay pot can be found here:
angel with clay pot

Folding an angel

A folded angel to decorate and hang up.


white paper (e.B. printer paper)
white thread
a sewing needle
a styrofoam ball
Angel hair

Craft Instructions:

You will need a piece of white paper (z.B. Printer paper) measuring 21 cm x 30 cm and another piece of white paper measuring 14.5 cm x 21 cm.
Cut both pieces of paper to size.
Fold now first the larger paper from the short side like a fan with approx. 1.5 cm wide fan folds.
Fold the smaller paper into a fan as well.
Take the larger fan and tie it in the middle to a loop.
Glue it together on the lower side in the middle. How to make the skirt of the angel dress.
The smaller piece of paper folded into a fan is also gathered into a loop.
This piece results in the sleeves or. Wings of the angel dress.
Glue the sleeve piece to the skirt piece.
Wrap a white thread around the middle of the dress and thread the end of this thread into a sewing needle.
Pierce the needle through a styrofoam ball so that the angel gets a head.
The end of the thread comes out of the top of the angel’s head again.
This way the angel gets a suspension right away.
Knot the two ends of the thread together.
Finally, glue angel hair on the top of the angel’s head and the pretty folded angel is finished.

Several of these folded angels also make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments.

Rocher angel tinker

Rocher angel

A particularly nice gift idea is this sweet Ferrero Rocher angel.
It is also a real eye-catcher as a table decoration in the Advent season or for Christmas.
And this is how easy the chocolate angels are made…


a Ferrero Rocher ball
a cotton ball
pink or. skin color paint
Gold foil or silver foil
Stainless steel spirals (to clean the cooking pot)

Crafting instructions:

First, of course, you need a Ferrero Rocher ball.
In addition, paint a cotton ball pink or. skin color as the head for the little angel.
Let them dry well.
Paint the angel’s face with pencils.
Cut out small wings from gold foil or silver foil and tape them to the back of the angel.

Finally, you glue the angel hair from stainless steel spirals, which are usually used to clean the cooking pots, on.

The cute angel is ready.

Make a wooden angel

Beautiful angels, which are made from logs.
The detailed handicraft instruction finds you under: Wooden angel

Make angel

Rattles tinker

Craft your own musical instrument for a change. And this is how the rattles are made… Make rattles Material: two empty yogurt cups of the same size grains of rice.

Making a dragon

A colorful kite made of paper, which is easy to craft. Dragons are always very popular with children in autumn.

Make angel

Make a cowboy

Great cowboys to make for kids. They live in the Wild West and ride their horses. They also catch wild horses.

Make angel

spider fingerprint

Create crawling spiders with fingerprints. Some people are afraid of them. Others find them totally fascinating. Some even hold them.

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Making clowns

How to make your own funny clowns. A nice handicraft instruction.

Make clown heads

Colorful clown heads as carnival decoration. A great craft idea for kids. Ran.

Clowns from yogurt.

Funny clowns made from yogurt cups – a great idea for crafting.

Clown breads

Funny clown breads suitable for carnival, children’s birthday or children’s party.

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