Make up wrinkles: 6 tips for younger skin

Remove wrinkles and look firmer, fresher and younger in an instant? No problem! When the skin on your face starts to wrinkle, it’s time to reach into your makeup bag of tricks. How you can easily make up over wrinkles to make your complexion look evenly toned and fresh, we tell you here.

Wrinkles under the eyes, on the forehead, around the mouth and then also a wrinkled neck: aging is no fun, at least visually. Many women are really annoyed about the wrinkles and furrows, which become deeper and deeper over the years. Especially in the face, where everyone can see them, wrinkles are really annoying. Fortunately, you can do some magic with make-up and make yourself look a few years younger.

Make up wrinkles& conceal: These tips help

The number one rule for getting rid of wrinkles: never apply too much makeup. See Foundation and Co. If your makeup looks like it was applied with a spatula, the wrinkles may be gone, but your face will look mask-like and plastered over. A natural look can be achieved with the following tips.

1. Do not forget the right care before applying makeup!

Before you apply make-up, moisturize your skin to plump up small wrinkles from the inside. An anti-wrinkle cream with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and lipids is the best choice, as it provides a short-term firming effect. To create an even base, or painting surface, for your anti-wrinkle makeup.

2. Apply a light, liquid foundation with a matte effect

Now it’s time for the foundation of your make-up. It’s best to apply a light, liquid foundation that gives your complexion a matte finish. This is how you can avoid powder, which quickly makes the face look mask-like and tends to settle into wrinkles over time.

Extra tip against wrinkles: Choose a foundation with light-refracting particles that also reflect light from wrinkle shadows and mimetic pigments that move with the facial expression, i.e. do not settle in the wrinkles.

Beauty favorite: This foundation is wowing EVERYONE right now!

Beauty favorite: This foundation inspires ALL right now!

3. Conceal dark under-eye shadows and small wrinkles with concealer

To get a youthful glow, reach for concealer now and dab it on the creases around your dark circles and over your dark circles if you see noticeable dark spots. Caution, also here applies: Do not overdo it! The skin should still look natural.

4. Define the lip contour with a nude-colored lip liner

Why? Because lip wrinkles make the lips appear to run outwards, so there is no longer a clear demarcation between the lips and the surrounding skin. With a lip liner that exactly matches your skin color, you can define the lip shape again from the outside. Finish with a light gloss on the mouth and you’re done! If you’re bothered by wrinkles, here’s how to remove them from your lips.

5. Emphasize the eyes, but not too dark!

Bright eyes distract from the most annoying expression lines. So go ahead and apply mascara and eye shadow in a shade that is slightly darker than your skin color. Soft brown tones are best for eye make-up, instead of the classic black. This might look too harsh.

This makeup technique will make your eyes look instantly bigger!

6. Finally, apply a touch of blush

Removing wrinkles also means cleverly distracting with a fresh complexion. A soft blush tone on the cheeks will keep you fresh and youthful. Attention, do not paint any pink apple cheeks, but really only ensure a soft pink tone.

Here are more tips for makeup that makes you look younger:

Anti-aging: These make-up tricks will make you look younger

Anti-aging: These make-up tricks will make you look younger

Video: 7 tips for wrinkle-free skin

It’s all well and good to simply make up the wrinkles with a little make-up. It is even better, however, to ensure at an early stage that wrinkles do not appear in the first place or at least don’t get out of hand. The 7 tips in this video will help you keep your skin as fresh and youthful as possible- especially tip #7 we should finally take to heart!

Make-up for wrinkles is not witchcraft, but something that you can easily do with a little practice. Just stick to the first rule, don’t overdo it with the make-up. So use neither too intense colors nor too much of the product. Then making up for wrinkles with the first, small wrinkles and mature skin is really no longer a problem!

Image sources: iStock/evgenyatamanenko, iStock/Dexailo, iStock/furtaev

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