Make your own invitation cards

Since communication is primarily by telephone, SMS or e-mail is running, invitation cards have become rarer. Usually it must be a very special occasion such as a wedding, a baptism, an important anniversary or a round birthday, if still proper invitation cards are sent out. Such invitation cards not only inform the invited guests about when and where the celebration will take place, but are often kept as a nice souvenir of the event.

The surprise is all the greater therefore, if the host also invites to a supposedly less big or solemn event by means of beautiful and original invitation cards, for example, to a housewarming party, to a cozy coffee drink or to a lavish Sunday breakfast.

Thereby he shows his guests namely, that he is actually looking forward to them and has already thought about it in advance. We especially appreciate self-made invitation cards, because they are something very special that cannot be bought in any stationery store. If you want to make your own invitation cards, you need only a few materials and a good idea. If this is available, even less experienced hobbyists can make beautiful invitation cards in no time at all. An idea for do-it-yourself invitation cards, which can be implemented quickly and easily, but in the result leads to very decorative invitation cards, is presented below.

Make your own invitation cards – the materials you need

These invitation cards are not made as ordinary folding cards, but have the form of a motif that fits the occasion. Depending on the occasion, a champagne glass, a beer mug, a wine bottle, a soup pot, a coffee cup, or a plate with food can be used as motifs for adults. For a birthday, the year could also be chosen as a motif, for a Christmas party a fir tree or a candle and for a housewarming party a house would be suitable. For a children’s party, motifs such as an ice cream sundae, a teddy bear, a car or a princess crown are suitable.

For the invitation cards, you first need a suitable motif. Especially food and drinks can be found in advertising brochures and cookbooks, glasses, cups and other household items in turn in catalogs of furniture stores. In addition, however, can also be searched on the Internet for a suitable image. If you are good at drawing, you can of course design the motif yourself. The motif is then copied or printed out in a suitable size and in the required number. As further materials for the invitation cards craft cardboard, glue and scissors are needed.

Make your own invitation cards – this is how it’s done

The crafting of the invitation cards is done in three steps:

1.) First, cut the cardboard as the basis of the cards in the required size and folded once in the middle. 2.) Now the motif of the invitation card is glued onto the folded card made of craft cardboard. The motif must be positioned so that it is flush with the folded edge of the card. Whether the invitation card is later opened upwards or sideways is irrelevant.

Make your own invitation cards 3.) Now cut the card to size by tracing the contours of the motif with scissors. Inside the card is then written the dates of the celebration and thus the invitation card is already finished. If you like, you can of course decorate the invitation card even further. If the motif is, for example, a coffee cup, a few coffee beans can be glued on, for a tea cup, a tea bag can serve as a smart decoration and for a cocktail, a paper umbrella would be suitable.

And here is another idea for a DIY invitation card.

Topic: Make your own invitation cards

Make your own invitations with a poem – the materials you need:

  • Craft cardboard in a color of your choice
  • Wrapping paper, matching the color of the craft cardboard
  • White cardboard
  • Adhesive or double-sided tape
  • Scissors and ruler

Make your own invitations with a poem – this is how it works:

In this idea, the invitations are composed of three layers. The bottom layer is the colored cardboard, the wrapping paper is glued to it and the top layer is the poem. The wrapping paper makes the cards look more colorful and lively, and also creates a nice contrast to the poem as the actual main element.

Make your own invitations with poem 1.) First, the poem is written or printed on white cardboard and cut to size. Instead of cardboard, you can also use normal paper, but it should be thick enough so that the wrapping paper underneath does not show through later on. Next, the wrapping paper is cut to size. The blanks are made a little larger all around than the white cardboard. Afterwards, the colored cardboard is cut to size, which is slightly larger than the wrapping paper. 2.) If all individual parts are prepared, the invitations can also be assembled already. First the wrapping paper is glued in the middle of the colored cardboard and then the white cardboard with the poem is also glued in the middle of the wrapping paper. For gluing can be used normal glue for paper. However, double-sided tape is even better, because this ensures that the cardboard and paper do not curl.

If you prefer to make a folded card as an invitation and then write the poem as text in the card, you might find a suitable idea for the design here. On the page original birthday poems you will find many more free examples.

Topic: Make your own invitations with poem

Make your own invitations with a joke – The materials you need:

  • Cardboard
  • Wrapping paper
  • double-sided tape or glue
  • Ruler and scissors

Make your own invitations with a joke – This is how it’s done:

1.) First, the cardboard is cut to card size and folded once to a folding card. In this example, the invitation cards are made in landscape format and the back part of the card is slightly longer than the front part. Of course, the format can also be designed differently. 2.) The wrapping paper is now glued to the front part of the card. The wrapping paper makes the invitation look more decorative and the joke looks better later on. To glue the wrapping paper on, you can use normal glue. It’s even easier with double-sided tape, which also prevents the paper and the cardboard from curling later. Neat edges are created when the wrapping paper is cut a little larger, glued to the card with an overhang and the protruding edge is then cut off from the reverse side. 3.) The joke is now also written or printed on craft cardboard. Then the cardboard is cut accordingly and glued in the middle of the front of the card. If you want the sign with the joke to stand out from the surface of the card, you can glue a small piece of cardboard or foam rubber underneath it as an intermediate layer.

Invitations themselves make with joke 4.) Now only the inside of the card with the data to the celebration must be provided and thus the first homemade invitation is also already ready.

Theme: Invitations to make yourself with joke

Make your own wedding invitation cards – that’s what you need:

  • Clay cardboard or blank cards in light pink
  • Clay cardboard in white
  • Wrapping paper or fabric, discreetly patterned and matching the color of the cards
  • Wedding motifs to stick in silver
  • double-sided adhesive tape or glue for paper
  • scissors, ruler and pencil
  • possibly foam rubber in white

Make your own wedding invitation cards – this is how it works:

1.) First, make the folding cards that will form the basis of the invitation cards. To do this, cut the pink clay cardboard so that it is twice the size of the desired card format. Then the cardboard is folded in the middle. Who would like to save this step, but can also fall back on blank cards from the trade. 2.) So that the invitation cards do not look quite so boring, the front is now pasted with two triangles. The triangles can be made of wrapping paper or even fabric. If fabric is used, it should be cut with pinking shears or the edges should be folded inward before gluing, so that the edges do not fray later unsightly. By the way, double-sided adhesive tape is best for sticking, because it prevents the cardboard from curling.

Make your own wedding invitation cards 3.) Now continue with the white clay cardboard. On these are written or printed on the one hand the two names of the bride and groom and on the other hand the lettering "invitation. Then the labeled clay cardboard is cut into rectangles and these signs are glued to the card. If you want to make the signs raised, you can first glue the signs on rectangles of foam rubber, which then serves as an intermediate layer. 4.) Finally, a decorative wedding motif is glued to the center of the card. These can be, for example, wedding bells, rings, doves, hearts or a wedding cake. Such motifs are ready to buy as stickers. Alternatively, you can also use a motif made of felt or a scattering of wood, moreover, the motif can of course also be tinkered with yourself. 5.) Now only the text must be written or inserted into the invitation cards and so the homemade wedding invitations are ready.

Many useful tips and hints for writing the invitation text can be found here.

Theme: Make your own wedding invitation cards

The materials needed for fun DIY invitation cards:

  • Craft cardboard or blank folding cards in a color of your choice
  • Craft cardboard in white
  • Scissors, ruler and pen
  • Adhesive or double-sided tape

This is how the invitation cards are made

1.) First, make the element that will later stand up when the card is opened. To do this, draw a rectangle by hand or by computer, in which the text of the invitation is written, i.e. where, when and why the celebration will take place. On the upper edge of the rectangle, letters are then arranged to form the lettering "Invitation. It looks nicer if the letters are slightly offset and later the contours are cut out. However, if many invitation cards have to be made, the letters can also be arranged in such a way that a rectangle with straight edges can be cut out later on. The finished element is now printed on white craft cardboard. 2.) Next, roughly cut out the elements and glue them on a second white craft cardboard. The lower cardboard must be longer than the element, especially at the bottom edge, because this edge will be needed later for gluing. Now cut out the glued element exactly, including the gluing edge

Make your own funny invitation cards 3.) Now fold the cut out element once in the middle. The element is folded in such a way that the writing faces the front and the back lies inside. Starting from the folded edge, cut a triangle into the glued edge and then fold the glued edge backwards. 4.) Now the invitation card is almost finished. The last step is to glue the element into the card. As a card can be used an empty folding card or the card is cut out of colored craft cardboard, which is folded once. Now the adhesive edge on the bottom side is provided with glue or double-sided adhesive tape. Then the element is placed on the card so that the kick edge of the element exactly matches the fold edge of the card. The position of the element must be determined so that the element is not visible when the card is closed. If the card is folded, the element is placed inside, if the card is opened, the element stands up.

Theme: Invitation cards to make yourself funny

Make your own wedding invitation – the materials:

  • Craft cardboard in a light, subtle color
  • Cake lace, round
  • Scissors and ruler
  • Glue for paper

Make your own wedding invitation – this is how it’s done:

1.) First, the cardboard is cut in the desired card size and folded once in the middle. If you want to do it quickly, you can of course also use blank cards. 2.) Now add a rounding to the front of the card. For the rounding, by the way, the cake top can serve as a template.

Make wedding invitation yourself 3.) Next, the cake lace is glued to the front of the card. The cake lace is positioned so that the lace part starts at the curve of the front of the card. From the back, cut off the protruding paper of the cake lace at the three straight edges. 4.) Now cut out two hearts from the same cardboard that is used for the card. These hearts are arranged as a decorative element on the card and then in the hearts are written the names of the bride and groom. If you like, you can also make the hearts out of felt or buy them ready-made as scatter pieces or stickers. If the hearts are to be raised, they can be glued down with 3D adhesive pads instead of glue. 5.) Now you only have to write the invitation text on the card and the homemade wedding invitations are ready.

And here are a few other ideas for DIY wedding invitations.

Theme: Make your own wedding invitation

Wedding invitations DIY with poem – the materials needed:

So that the poem is the focus, the invitation cards themselves are kept quite simple. This will require:

  • Clay cardboard in a color of your choice
  • Paper as an insert for the cards
  • Wedding motifs to stick on, for example rings, doves or hearts
  • Ribbon or cord, matching color
  • scissors, ruler and pencil

Make your own wedding invitations with a poem – this is how to do it:

Make your own wedding invitations with poem 3.) Next, make the inserts for the cards. To do this, cut the paper so that it is slightly smaller than the cards, and also folded together. The poem is now printed on the front of the insert, the right inside of the insert is inscribed with the invitation text. 4.) Now the inserts are placed in the cards. Then a piece of ribbon or cord is cut, placed in the crease in the cards and tied on the outer sides to a small bow. Thus, the two parts are fixed, while the ribbon also serves as decoration. Below the windows, a decorative wedding element is now finally glued on and with that the homemade wedding invitations are also already finished.

Theme: make your own wedding invitations with poem

These materials are needed for the fun DIY wedding cards:

  • white photo cardboard or solid craft cardboard
  • colored paper for the envelopes
  • Ribbon, cord or string
  • paper on which the message is written
  • black pen or eyes to glue on
  • Scissors, pencil, hole punch and glue or tape

How to make the wedding cards:

1.) First make the dove out of the white cardboard. For this purpose, a dove is drawn freehand or with the help of a template on the photo cardboard and cut out. If you are making several wedding cards, you can of course first make a template in the shape of the dove, which is then transferred in the required number on the photo cardboard. 2.) The cut out dove now gets its eyes. These can be painted with a black pen, but who wants, you can also stick funny googly eyes. In addition, the beak is provided with a hole through which the string will later be threaded.

Wedding cards to make yourself funny 3.) Next, the small envelope is made. For this purpose, a rectangle is drawn on the colored paper, which is as large as the desired envelope. A second rectangle of the same size is then placed on the right edge, and a smaller rectangle is drawn on the left edge as a flap. Now draw in two narrow strips of glue. Then the outline can be cut out, folded and glued together. If you don’t want to make the envelope yourself, you can of course also use a ready-made, small envelope. 4.) Now the envelope is perforated in the upper area and then filled. If the card is used as an invitation, the invitation text is placed as a message in the envelope, for a greeting card accordingly the congratulations. Provided that money is given away, this can of course also be put into the envelope. 5.) Finally, a piece of ribbon, cord or string is cut, threaded through the beak of the dove and the hole in the envelope and knotted.

And here is another idea for an original DIY wedding card.

Theme: DIY wedding cards funny

Making birth cards yourself – the materials needed:

  • Clay cardboard, white or cream
  • Clay cardboard, light blue or pink
  • Foam rubber, white
  • Finger paint, light blue or pink
  • Adhesive, double-sided tape or photo corners
  • Scissors and ruler
  • Photos of the baby

Making your own birth cards – here’s how:

Make your own birth cards

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