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10 Hacks for more money - Improve your financial freedom



1.Never get into debt!

2.The right saving system

3.Rethink your rituals

Saving money:

4.Cheap and healthy food


6.To the gamers

    – If you like games like Zelda, check it out! It’s completely free and offers several characters with their own stories and countless quests, just hit monsters and play for hours – The game was already cool in the Java version on the old keypad cell phone! Turnbased Strategy in the new version with a huge pile of free maps! Playable As Story, alone or with up to 4 people! – Ok, I’m just a fan of turn based strategy! This game has such cute graphics and can actually just keep me busy for hours without getting bored!

7.Just do it yourself!

10 Hacks for more money - Build your own desk

I wanted to have a desk and after searching the internet for a long time and not coming to a cheap, satisfactory solution, I was thinking. Then I went to the basement and got 2 big vegetable boxes (those green folding boxes used in supermarkets, don’t ask me now why I have something like that in the basement!) and a large, coated wooden board. Now I have a (albeit not very stylish, but functional) desk – for free.

10 hacks for more money - make your own clothes

My taste in clothes also changes every now and then and I like to take my old band shirts and make new tank tops out of them!

Make money:

8.side job on the internet

  • Blog
  • Writing eBooks
  • YouTube
  • Podcasting
  • selling your own photos
  • Graphic design
  • Designing T-shirts
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Offer your own small courses
  • Selling homemade things

9.Clean out and turn into cash

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • ReBuy, Medimops etc. -> WhoPaysMore.en
  • social media
  • Flea Market
  • Second hand stores


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Hi Ronja,
there are again cool tips. Some I use myself (4, 5 and 7). And I have some more tips for saving:

I steal from myself!

Yes, every 2-Euro-piece goes into my pirate money box – over the year I get a lot of pocket money for my vacations. And the cashiers at the boat docks, ice cream vendors and other attractions think it’s great that I provide them so nicely with unexpected change.

There’s a cool relatively new app called Savedroid. You can set rules to save automatically (as long as there is enough in your account). For example, when you are in a place, or when your soccer team wins, or you have taken a certain number of steps, or used an app for a certain amount of time. With this I am saving for our Scotland vacation this year.

Magic greetings

these are really very ingenious ideas! I imagine it’s funny how you check in at the airport with 5kg of 2 Euro coins, but I’m sure it can be arranged somehow! &

I also find the automated "random savings" very interesting!

Thanks for the ideas!

Love greetings,

To tip 1 Putting money away as it comes I have been doing for many years with 5 euro notes. Whenever I get one (change), I put it away. You can also control this by already paying so you get a 5 out of it.

The bottom line is that I have been able to pay for shorter vacations because of it. It’s nice when you see how it develops.

this is a really cool idea! Thanks for this!
And good luck furthermore! &

I find your tips simply class and the best tip is that with the coffee every day. The extrapolated one comes on a beautiful Summchen.

There are so many things where you like to spend money and then ask whether this was necessary. Why did I spend 5 Euro now?. Why do I spend money on the gym when I can run in the forest?.

It’s the everyday items where you throw money around quickly and then in the end it’s not enough

True, most of the money is spent on relatively mundane things (besides fixed costs, of course)!
So maybe it’s better to look for the (cheap) adventure in the real world more often than to let daily spending become a habit!


Great article with very good tips. Often you do not even notice what you actually spend your money on. It is important to deal with it once in detail. Only then can you see what you can change yourself.

thank you very much and you are totally right! &

Love greetings,

Two simple hacks I have for you:

1. Go only with shopping list your weekly or monthly shopping done. One runs so unconsciously past the alleged bargains and the things, which one does not need actually at all. That saves with each purchase correctly much money and it is missing nevertheless at nothing.

2. Write down your expenses. If you keep a book you know what you spend and actually consider if it’s worth it z. B. worth subscribing to a daily newspaper when you heard the same news the day before on radio and television or. has seen. You can find the regional part i. d. Rule on free online portals of newspapers. If necessary you could afford the one newspaper you absolutely need then without further ado and has really saved a lot of money. Of course, this also applies to many other examples. You have to be aware of the issue first. And at the latest with consideration of the annual costs one comes very fast to decisions.

thank you, these are really good tips!
Personally I would recommend to simply not consume any news at all. &
But of course, everyone can keep it as he wants!
It’s definitely a good example of things you can get for free too.

Love greetings,

In which world do these bloggers actually live.
Away from the computer and back to real life!

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