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An own website can be created for many different topics. Maybe you want to present your hobby or you are looking for like-minded people for a project. If you are a part-time operator or if you work as a freelancer, you have the possibility to create a homepage and to present your work. But also coming to terms with a loss or the desire to discuss a certain topic are reasons to create a Create a website.

The usefulness of a website depends on its structure, design and optimization. If you want to reach many people with your website, it is important that it is found by search engines. A logical design, compact information and a structure that allows your visitors to quickly find what they are looking for are other important criteria for a homepage.

Even if you don’t have any previous knowledge, but just want to realize an idea, there are several possibilities for creating the homepage. The success of your site depends on the chosen theme, but also on the design and other factors such as the domain name and accessibility from computers and mobile devices.

Choose a suitable domain name

If you plan to create a website, it is important that it has a path that the user can enter or through which it can be found. To realize this, you choose a name. The user enters this into a search engine and he can call up your page. The name is called domain name. Ideally, it should be closely related to the theme of your site. Since there are already millions of domains on the Internet, you are limited in your choice. You can only choose a domain name that has not yet been assigned.

The contents, which should be on your homepage, are stored on a server in the Internet. From there they are available for everyone who is interested. For this you need web space, which you link to your domain name. You can book appropriate packages with the providers Strato, 1&1 or with one of the numerous smaller providers. In this context, however, it is important to know that smaller providers are not quite as reliable, because they merge or discontinue their service more frequently.

Choose a homepage template& Manage with Content Management System

The design of a homepage succeeds with a so-called homepage construction kit or with a content management system. While the homepage construction kit is well suited for static pages, a content management system offers more extensive possibilities.

Where can I find suitable templates?

Templates you get either from the webspace provider or as a theme that you can download from the Internet. Providers like Strato or 1&1 integrate a homepage construction kit in their offer. This allows you to configure the pages with just a few clicks.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system is based on a database. This is stored on your webspace. It consists of a frontend and a backend. your users see the frontend, the backend is used to edit the pages. You take care of updating the pages on the Internet, which is very convenient. The design of the CMS is very flexible. You can include blogs, webshops or discussion forums.

How do I proceed?

Decide on a design, create menus with a few clicks and fill them with content. You do not need any programming skills when using a homepage builder or a CMS.

Create website with WordPress

WordPress is a CMS that works on the basis of a blog. You can create dynamic web pages with the system. Since it is an open source system, you use the tool for free. The design is done like a CMS via the backend. You can make all changes from any device connected to the Internet. Instructions for use can be found free of charge on the net.

Webspace for your own homepage

When choosing a provider, make sure that it is a reputable one that has been active on the market for a while. So you do not have to fear that the provider suddenly stops its service and your work is lost. It is also important that the web space is sufficient for your homepage design. With large providers such as Strato or 1&1 you can add web space if required.

Design your own website& publish

Designing a website is easy. You still need good ideas. Think about a coherent menu structure. Then build one or more pages for each menu item. Add pictures, text or graphics. If you use programs for a homepage builder or a CMS, work with templates that you fill with content easily and quickly. you can’t go wrong as all functions are self-explanatory. As for the design, try your hand at different variants. At any time you have the possibility to preview your page, which will look like the user will see it later on.

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