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Cologne’s this site has developed a new church game for its eleventh birthday: The Episcopal Church Memo offers fun while playing, plus information about Germany’s most famous churches. Online and in a glossy gift box.

The this site memo works like the familiar deck of cards. Pairs of cards are placed face down on a table, and players must reveal equal pairs. The Episcopal Church memo has 29 pairs of cards showing the Catholic Episcopal churches of Germany’s dioceses. Often it is a cathedral, sometimes a minster, sometimes a cathedral. For the first time, all Episcopal churches are combined in one game. The attached flyer also provides useful and interesting information about the individual churches.

"It’s a fun way to learn about church and culture, z.B. who the patron saint of the church is, when the church was built or what special sights there are," Cologne Cathedral’s provost, Dr. Norbert Feldhoff.
–For this site, the Bishop’s Church Memo is already the second creative parlor game of its own: last year, the station had published a Bishop’s Quartet for its 10th anniversary. our site went on the air for the first time at Pentecost 2000 and since then has been reporting around the clock on current topics from the church and society.

Both card games can also be played online at as well as in the online store at (the memo game for 15,-€, the bishop quartet for 4,90€).

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