Of light and how to use it

Of light and how to use it

CLEAN II industry is the perfect lighting solution in the food industry, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical production and all other clean rooms [Image: Zumtobel Lighting GmbH]

Of light and how to use it

The MPO+ technology of CLEAN II supreme refracts light in a defined way, directs it to where it is needed and ensures architecture flooded with light while providing optimum glare control [Image: Zumtobel Lighting GmbH]

Of light and how to use it

The space-saving light engine of the CLEAN II supreme permits a reduced luminaire height. The toughened protective glass provides an easy-to-clean and chemical-resistant cover [Image: Zumtobel Lighting GmbH]

Of light and how to use it

With its ultra-resistant and restrained form, it focuses on the essentials: Pure light. Also assisted by tunableWhite technology for perfect white light quality. Formally, CLEAN II gives light the optimal framework. The second generation continues the DNA of the CLEAN luminaire family, which has long been part of Zumtobel’s portfolio, with the highest technological standards.

With its slim design, it fits seamlessly into any spatial condition and requirement. Especially in laboratories, hospitals and industrial productions the lifelines of technical equipment run in the ceiling and the available installation space must be used efficiently. In practice, the reduced luminaire height makes installation and maintenance easier. For the planners it means more freedom in conception. And with all components interlocking smoothly and positively throughout, the design is a response to strict hygiene regulations.

CLEAN II supreme: Actively controllable lighting for medical work areas

In medical institutions such as laboratories, operating rooms and hospitals, the light has to adapt to many specific user requirements. In surgical procedures, for example, the surgical field needs to be illuminated with broadband white light, while in the wards or in intensive care, a dynamically controlled light color between cold and warm can actively support the patients’ biorhythms.

Thanks to the integration of tunableWhite technology, CLEAN II supreme responds optimally to all environments. Light colors and luminous intensities of the LEDs are controlled by precisely calibrated drivers that ensure constant lumen output at any light temperature and intensity. Double asymmetric light distribution allows white light to be switched to the secondary light colors blue or green: Asymmetry in light distribution prevents direct glare, eye strain and is an optimal solution for precise and trouble-free work situations in otherwise darkened rooms.

In the clean room: form follows function
The technical design of CLEAN II supreme takes into account planning, assembly and maintenance under special operating conditions. A click system allows new luminaires to be installed efficiently. At the same time, it allows the quick replacement of drivers and illuminants. Foamed seals to the front and back protect against dust, water and steam. Optional rear access in the CLEAN II supreme ST version is tailored for use in cleanrooms and can be used to perform maintenance without entering the room.

The light engine with side lighting technology can also be removed and replaced here. The front side consists of an optical film, a micropyramidal optic and the bright white glass cover. The high-temperature treated toughened safety glass with three times higher breaking strength is non-porous, dirt-repellent and antistatic. Germs and bacteria have no chance to establish themselves in this way. Both the glass and the powder-coated steel housing are easy to clean and resistant even when aggressive cleaning agents are used.

Precise light from every angle

What makes CLEAN II supreme particularly special is its MPO+ technology. It sits between the glass and the film and directs the light precisely while reducing glare at the same time. Their secret lies in the micropyramidal optics, which homogeneously break up the LED light via a diffuser layer, distribute it pleasantly and ensure high luminous efficacy. The patented optics balance diffuse and directional light and provide brilliant room illumination. For a highly precise light result without contrast overlays that optimally supports medical staff in their demanding tasks.

CLEAN II industry: Hygienic design for industrial cleanrooms
The recessed and surface-mounted luminaires in the industrial line use a cover made of acrylic glass instead of hardened mineral glass. PMMA is formed into its final shape in a thermal process, which also allows for angled surfaces and undercuts. The cover is designed with such high precision that it forms an impermeable bond with the steel housing. The result is resistant to protection class IP 65. CLEAN II industry is protected against dust, water and steam and is resistant to chemical and alkaline solutions. On the aesthetic-functional side, the PMMA cover ensures excellent optical light distribution and high-quality LEDs based on a ceramic chip provide excellent thermal management.

Where hygiene and freedom from dust are part of the everyday standard and high demands are made on the resistance of room furnishings, the industry series responds to all conditions. In various designs, as a square or rectangular panel, ceiling-integrated, surface-mounted or top-mounted, it fits into any architectural environment – as a perfect lighting solution in the food industry, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical production and all other clean rooms.

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