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Many of us spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer or smartphone – whether for private or professional use, shopping online or doing research. Even with these online activities, there are now ways to protect our environment. You can for example Rainforest to be used or to counteract deforestation.

In the past, we have reported on CleanEnergy-Project about ideas for gifts that simultaneously contribute to wildlife and environmental protection – such as with bee sponsorships or honey from the local beekeeper. Today we present 3 ways to make a small contribution to environmental protection when shopping and surfing online:

Online shopping protects the rainforest

On [1] the user finds discount codes for online shopping and contributes to saving the rainforest by using a voucher. This works by donating 30% of the commission received by the store to the Tropical Forest Foundation [2]. This finances valuable rainforest reforestation and conservation projects.

The site will mainly feature stores with a strong environmental focus. In addition, the user receives interesting tips on what he can do himself to protect our environment and how he can store as sustainably as possible.

Searches for more trees

Another way to contribute to reforestation and protect the environment while surfing online is Ecosia [3] – a "green" search engine that aims to plant as many trees as possible. Unlike other providers, where the user can choose one of many charitable projects, here a single project is specifically selected and exclusively supported over a certain period of time. From 2010 to 2014, support was given to "The Nature Conservancy," which was committed to reforestation in the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil. Currently the donations go to the reforestation of the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania. Three million trees are to be planted there within the next nine months.

80 percent of the profit revenue from the advertisements placed goes to the project at hand. According to the company’s own statement, 50,000 to 80,000 US dollars per month can be donated in this way, and so far 10.287.591 trees are planted.

Cozy sustainability

For more than 15 years, the Opal sweater and sock wool brand [4] has been supporting the "Rettet den Regenwald e" (Save the Rainforest) association with the new rainforest collections that appear annually in its online store.V.".

During this period, support for the preservation of the rainforest raised the considerable sum of 230 in total.000 EUR can be donated. To prevent further deforestation, the donated money is used for the purchase of rainforest areas. These areas are then placed under protection and thus remain as a habitat.

The entire production, including distribution and marketing of the wool is located in one place in the small town of Hechingen in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

If you have other exciting online initiatives and shopping tips, we look forward to your favorites.

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