Play of colors as an expression of a colorful attitude to life

Play of colors as an expression of a colorful attitude to life

Anke Heinemann will soon be exhibiting in the WAZ rooms. The motto of her show is "Life is colorful". Photos:Barbara Zabka

Wattenscheid. Anke Heinemann exhibits her works in the WAZ "Kulturoffensive" under the motto "Life is Colorful. From birdhouses to large-format paintings.

She is colorful, loves and lives colors. And that’s how their pictures are: gaudy, striking, colorful. Anke Heinemann (52) presents her work in the WAZ culture offensive under the motto "Life is colorful." The show is from 24. May (opening date) until 2. June on display at the WAZ, Huller Strabe 7. A short as well as entertaining exhibition.

Manager, doer

Anke Heinemann, the manager and creator of Alba-Concerts, who successfully brings the "Rock Classic Allstars" to the open-air stage every year, dedicates part of her free time to painting, to creativity. On a 2010 vacation, "I saw colorful, painted birdhouses. Around 150 euros should be the cost. Quite a sum. I thought the cottages were nice, but I said to myself: I can do that too."

I paint everything

No sooner said than done. She got herself wooden blanks and pots of paint. And off we went. Sheep made of plaster were added. She found more and more fun with the brush. "I paint everything I can get my hands on. Flower pots or animal figures. I make ugly ducks beautiful."

A symphony of colors

At some point it occurred to her to get a canvas. "I wanted to create colorful on a large area." So she took up canvas, easel and acrylic paint. Gaudy, sometimes garish pictures in formats of 120 by 80 centimeters give expression to joie de vivre. She describes her style as "abstract". Your credo: "Realistic motifs are constricting. Abstract painting is like a symphony of colors, shapes and materials."


Anke Heinemann is self-taught, has worked out the handling of the brush itself. She has no models, paints "as and what I feel like". To bring additional structure to the canvas, she resorts to other materials, uses sand or nets. Well, "the North Sea is my thing. But also sheet music I have already incorporated."

The exhibition "Life is colorful" will open on Wednesday, 24. May (the day before Ascension Day) at 6 p.m. in the WAZ Kulturffensive. Admission is free, everyone is welcome.

The show is open on Friday, 26. May, 17 to 19.30 o’clock and also on Friday, 2. June, 17 to 19.30 o’clock.

Compensation for everyday life

"Painting is calming," she says. "In my studio there is nothing but classical music and colors."

And: "I paint when I feel like it, often also as a balance to the restless everyday life." Now, with her agency Alba-Concerts, she looks after 56 musicians internationally, booking and coordinating performances.

For Anke Heinemann, being artistically creative also means trying things out, developing herself further.

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