Professional career in the resume – the complete guide including professional tips

Work history information is the most important information in any professional resume to give prospective employers a detailed overview of your professional experience, professional skills, and education.

Together with the cover letter, your resume must arouse interest and curiosity in the very first phase of the application process.

Because long before you are invited to a personal interview, your application documents already decide whether you are a suitable candidate for the further phases of the applicant selection process.

How to arouse interest in your professional career, you will learn right below in this blog article.


Use one of our professional resume templates to save time and avoid the common mistakes.

Anton tabular resume, front page and following page

Our resume templates meet the latest requirements and trends and can be edited and modified with MS-Word without any restrictions.

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For the 1. Impression there is no 2. Opportunity.

Definition of "professional career

At "professional career" The term "professional biography" also refers to a person’s professional development, professional activities, professional experience, professional career and professional path or career.

In officialese, the somewhat outdated term "employment biography" is sometimes used instead of "professional career".

All of these different terms refer to the section of the resume for which we use the term "professional history" in this article.

The professional career is the most important information in the resume

Together with the personal details and the hard and soft skills (abilities and characteristics), the professional career is one of the absolutely obligatory details that must not be missing from any professional resume.

The resume is for the employer or. Recruiter of greatest interest and decisive, whether an application is already eliminated in the first phase or is ranked among the interesting candidates.

At the same time, the compilation of all information requires a lot of work. The details of the most recent position in the resume should be adjusted for each application, according to the requirements listed in the job ad are.

Good formulations decide

Especially when it comes to the details of the two most recent or most recent. recent positions in your professional career, poorly chosen wording can ruin all chances of being invited for an interview destroy!

Some examples are shown below.

Arouse interest with your resume

For high chances of success, it’s essential to be aware of the both recent positions Present yourself as a particularly interesting and ideally suited candidate.

All further back or. older job positions are highly probable for your new job not decisive and should therefore not be given in too much detail.

Otherwise, the impression appears that you often get bogged down in unimportant trivia and lose focus for what is important.

IMPORTANT: Avoid time pressure

Take for the optimal suitable formulations absolutely the time you need.

Do not allow yourself to be tempted by external circumstances or stress to write a resume that shows that it was created under high time pressure.

Sometimes the applicant is intentionally required to deliver the CV as soon as possible.
Often this is first test to determine, which results under time pressure and for sufficient be considered good.

Tabular resume structure

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the tabular resume has gained acceptance. Therefore, this format is expected by companies for all applications.

Pro tip: Use a professional resume template for both

Professional resume templates are created according to the most current specifications and modern design.

Due to the optimized layout, your resume will stand out at first glance visually from your competitors.

You will find numerous other advantages listed with our professional resume templates.

Modern, up-to-date resume templates show a two-column layout to increase the density of information per page.

This makes it possible to list both your professional career and highest education on the very first resume page.

All resume templates that you can download from our website have been designed and optimized according to these current design specifications.

Free templates cost all opportunities

On the Internet you can find numerous free resume templates.

They often meet not the current targets and are usually obsolete.

In addition, free templates are also not worth a penny, because they cost your opportunities. Very likely a large portion apply of your competitors With a free template. Use your resume to positively distinguish yourself from your competitors at the very first glance.

arrangement of the professional career

Start with your professional career with the most current, recent position and perform the enumeration descending to the oldest position.
Through the so-called reverse chronological order the reader can find all current information at a glance already on the first page of your resume.

Note: Also use the same procedure for the information on education, further training, etc. Also in reverse chronological order.

Correctly list all time periods

Do not use calendar days for the time span, as this would make you look like a fussy and petty person. Unless this characteristic fits their job description, such as Controllers, Quality Managers, or Accountants. ;-)

The optimal formatting of career positions

Include each position in your career history in the following format:

Illustration: Arrangement of professional resume excerpt from the resume template "Anton"

  • Start by listing your duties and responsibilities and describe your activities and areas of application.
  • Use bullet points for easier reading – as shown below.
  • For the two most recent positions, it makes sense to include substantially more information to be listed as the longer ago positions.

Format professional history

Figure: Excerpt of professional career from resume template "Anton"

Match the Information of their professional experience in each case specific requirements the future position on.

This is how you arouse interest

Think about what tasks you will expect in the new job and try to match them with your match your past activities.

Describe the successes you have been able to achieve personally or as part of a team

Use targets from your employee target agreement or targets set by your superiors for your team or for the whole company.

It is essential that you clearly present your strengths and assertiveness in the enumeration:

"I have achieved goal Y in time X by doing Z."

A few examples of how to phrase achievements:

  • Together with my colleagues we were able to reach the target of the annual Increase sales reach 15% and 2x in a row even 20% overfulfill.
  • After only 14 months, I have already succeeded in improving customer satisfaction from a grade of 3.2 to a grade of 1.6 to improve.
  • Through my analysis and subsequent improvement of the back-office workflow, I was able to reduce the processing time per business case by 25 percent reduce.
  • Due to my conscientious final inspection, the scrap of inferior goods could be strongly reduced become.

Remember: Every company is looking for motivated employees who can achieve goals and meet expectations!

Your implementation strength and your successes are exactly the information that arouses the most interest

It’s almost certain that in the interview you’ll respond to your achieved goals Be addressed if you have included them in your resume. Achieved goals are always interesting and at the same time raise the question of how they were achieved.

Some examples of "achieved goals."

Really no matter what industries you have worked in: You have with certainty at any Job some tasks..

  • faster
  • efficient
  • cheaper
  • introduced
  • implemented
  • taken over

or replaced and …

  • reduced
  • expanded
  • expands
  • enlarged
  • optimized

You must not in management have been active – all examples given are in all job descriptions possible!

Think about. Probably for each of your past jobs you can corresponding successes formulate.

By stating your successes, you distinguish yourself significantly from your competitors

Shorten long past items

Start your career with the most current position and continue in descending order to the oldest position. For positions dating back a long time, the following information is sufficient without further job description:

Example of shortened entry of professional career

Justification: It is with certainty for the next job not relevant, which activities you want to do before Many years have exercised.

Tip: By shortening, you preserve the completeness of your information, spare the reader too many irrelevant details.

Courage to fill the gap

Gapless resumes only exist nowadays very rarely.
Therefore, gaps are no longer a flaw or a disadvantage as they were in the past.
In addition, the search for personnel not only takes longer and longer for companies, but it can also take a few months for applicants to find a new, suitable position.
This can also be one or the other explain gap.

If you have "intentional" gaps, such as a sabbatical, planned time off or parental leave, etc., then add an appropriate entry or. a clear indication in your professional career.

For each gap, think about from which Reason it has arisen.
Memorize the rationale in case you are asked about it in the interview.

The professional career is the basic structure
for all your applications

Of course, you must include the details of the two most recent positions for every single application according to the job requirements adjust or. customize, to your particular skills and professional experience to the future requirements highlight.

Your professional resume, along with your cover letter, is the ticket to the interview or. Job interview.

Even if you see your strength in the personal interview, in the early phase of the application your cover letter is your only chance to present yourself as an optimal candidate. Take advantage of this opportunity over your competitors.

Always tailor your professional resume and cover letter to the requirements of each job posting to generate interest in your skills and experience.

Good luck with your applications!

Guide to the online job interview. With all details on preparation and procedure.

7 steps to the perfect cover letter. The complete guide to your successful cover letter.


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