Rainforest knowledge: did you know?

The rainforest is also called the green lungs of our planet denotes. Here we would like to briefly introduce you to what the rainforest actually is, why it needs to be protected and how you can actively contribute to it.

What is rainforest?

Many people think of the classic green exotic forests in South America. But there are rainforests in many other areas of the world as well. Because actually the term simply refers to Forests where precipitation occurs relatively regularly. This is how rainforests exist z.B. even in North America, Turkey or Georgia. Forests that lie along the equator are called tropical forests. These can be located both in humid and warm areas. So what we immediately associate with the term rainforest is titled tropical rainforest in the literature. The largest of them, in terms of area, is located in the region of the Amazon basin in South America. Other forests can also be found in the Congo Basin in Central Africa and on many Indonesian islands.

Why save rainforests?

The areas of tropical Rainforests are becoming smaller and smaller. In the period from 2000 to 2012, the green oasis shrank annually approx. by 9 million hectares and the trend is unfortunately increasing. This is happening in part because the trees are being cleared to provide more agricultural land for the production of palm oil, cocoa, paper and more. The Rainforest offers not only the The basis of life for an enormous variety of plants and animals, but is also the Home to some peoples. In addition, the many trees in the forests store a large amount of CO2 and convert it into vital oxygen. Thus, they provide a important service in the fight against global warming and contribute significantly to keeping the earth’s climate in balance. In an unstable and damaged ecosystem, viruses and other infectious diseases can spread very quickly and uncontrollably. In the worst case, diseases are transmitted to humans and fatal pandemics are triggered, as Covid-19 currently shows.

What can I do against the destruction of the rainforest?

One way to save the rainforest is z.B. the Support from organizations like OroVerde, who want to ensure the preservation of the rainforest with various donation projects. With the Use of our coupons you can support this goal without additional effort. For we give 30% of our commission, The money we receive from your purchase is donated to OroVerde and their rainforest protection projects. You can also read more about how this works in detail here.


Of course there are still many further possibilities to do something to protect the climate, our environment and also the rainforest:

  • Use paper bags several times and preferably use only recycled paper
  • Avoid plastic as much as possible
  • Avoid unnecessary car trips or use public transportation instead
  • Buy fair trade products or. best regional and seasonal
  • Cultivates a conscientious use of energy resources, such as electricity and gas

We have put together some more tips for a more environmentally conscious life around the topic of shopping for you here. For even more information about the rainforest, you can also check out the site of OroVerde – the tropical forest foundation we support.

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