Registering as unemployed: tips on what to do now

Have you recently become unemployed? Or if you are threatened with the loss of your job? If you have lost your job, you will be shocked at first. Nevertheless, you should react quickly now and register for unemployment immediately. You are taking the first important step toward receiving benefits such as unemployment compensation and overcoming unemployment. Tips on how to register as unemployed, apply for unemployment benefits, what deadlines you need to observe and how to proceed in your job search..

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Why should I register as unemployed?

If an employment relationship is terminated, the income is lost. For many people this is a threat to their existence. By registering as unemployed, you secure your livelihood and financial entitlements from the state. The pays unemployment assistance in the form of unemployment benefit (ALG 1). For single households without children, this is 60 percent of the last salary; for employees with children, 67 percent.

Definition: What does "unemployed" mean??

Registering as unemployed means that you are temporarily unemployed. So you don’t have a job, even though you could (and want to) work. A distinction must be made between "unemployed" and "seeking work":

  • Unemployed
    If you register as unemployed, you have already lost your job and are out of work. You have "unemployed" status if the notice period has expired, you have received notice from your employer without notice, or you have given notice yourself without notice.
  • Jobseeker
    Employees who register with the employment agency as job seekers are still in an employment relationship. However, you will foreseeably lose the job – because you have been dismissed or a fixed-term employment contract ends and is not extended.

In the second case, the employment agency will support you especially in your job search. ALG 1 is not yet at stake. Still have an income.

Entitlement to unemployment benefits

Anyone who has been employed within the past two years and has paid into the unemployment insurance scheme for at least 12 months is entitled to unemployment benefit (ALG 1). take into account interruptions due to maternity leave, parental leave, short-time work or voluntary service.

If you have quit your job yourself, If you are unemployed, you can be suspended from work for up to 12 months. Because you have caused the unemployment yourself, you will not receive unemployment benefit during this period. This ultimately serves as a deterrent.

Applying for unemployment benefit: How do I register as unemployed??

In order to secure your entitlement to benefits and to avoid delays in payment of ALG I or ALG II, you should register as a jobseeker or unemployed immediately after receiving notice of termination. So on the same day.

If your fixed-term employment contract expires regularly, register as a jobseeker three months before the end of your contract.

If you want to register as unemployed, you have three options:

  • Register as unemployed in person
    You make an appointment at the Job Center and appear in person at the Employment Agency.
  • Registering as unemployed by telephone
    You call the employment agency. Telephone contact is possible free of charge under the nationwide telephone number: 0800 4 55 55 00.
  • Register unemployed online
    You fill out an application for unemployment benefits online. In order to register as unemployed online, you must first register. How this works, you can find out on the website of the Employment Agency.

During the corona crisis, you may prefer to file for unemployment by phone or online. This must be done no later than the first day of unemployment. You can use the search mask on the main page to find the relevant employment agency.

What do I have to take into account when applying?

To ensure that unemployment benefits are paid on time and you don’t have to wait a few more weeks, you must meet two requirements:

  • Observe deadlines
    The employment agency can only help you if you immediately register as a jobseeker. "Immediately" means: as soon as you learn of an impending termination of employment. If the dismissal comes as a surprise, you must report within three days. At the latest, however, you must apply for unemployment benefits on the first day without employment.
  • Submit documents
    In order to receive unemployment benefits, you must fill out the application for this either online or on site. You will need the following documents for this:
  • Identity card or passport with confirmation of registration, residence permit, work permit / employment contract
  • Proof of previous benefit payments (housing allowance, ALG 1 + 2, maintenance allowance)
  • Certificate of receipt of sickness benefit

Always keep in touch with the employment agency while you are receiving benefits. If, for example, a move falls within this period, you should immediately notify your new address in writing. Forwarding orders are not always reliable. If an invitation to a personal interview is then sent to the old address and does not reach you, you will again be threatened with a block on unemployment benefits.

How much unemployment benefit do unemployed persons receive?

Unemployment benefits are based on your last income and usually amount to 60 percent of your net salary (so-called "unemployment benefit"). "Leistungsentgelt"). Who has children, comes on approximately 67 per cent – dependent on the respective tax class. If you have received a severance payment, you must expect deductions from the benefit entitlement. Your own assets, on the other hand, are not counted toward unemployment benefits.

Since it is a wage replacement benefit, it is not about securing your previous standard of living. Rather it concerns only the financing of a humane existence on minimum level. Unemployed people who have difficulties financing rent and food despite unemployment benefits can top up with ALG II (vulgo: "Hartz 4").

How long do you receive unemployment benefits?

How long you will receive unemployment benefits depends on two factors: age and length of employment subject to compulsory insurance in the past five years.

Regardless of age, the unemployed are entitled to six months of benefits, If they have been employed for at least 12 months in the past five years prior to becoming unemployed and subject to insurance requirements. If you have only worked in a mini-job, you are not entitled to unemployment benefits, as 450-euro jobs are not subject to compulsory insurance.

The maximum entitlement increases with the number of months in an employment relationship subject to compulsory insurance coverage. Who wants to receive the 50. Anyone who has not yet reached the age of 65 will receive unemployment benefits for a maximum of 12 months. 58-year-olds can receive unemployment benefits for up to two years if they have previously been employed for 48 months.

Special regulation during Corona

The above regulations are temporarily supplemented by the social protection package 1 and 2. According to the report, there is a one-time extension of unemployment benefits for anyone whose claim expires between 1. May and the 31. December 2020 would end. Those who are unemployed and affected by the scheme automatically receive an extension of unemployment benefits without having to register again with the employment agency.

A shortened qualifying period is also new: Those who have been employed for as little as six months become entitled to three months of unemployment benefits. At eight months, the maximum entitlement is four months of ALG. Those who have worked for ten months subject to compulsory insurance receive five months unemployment benefit.

How to avoid becoming unemployed?

Most employees can’t help being unemployed. Downsizing, restructuring, economic crises cost jobs. However, this is often preceded by warning signs that you can recognize and should react to appropriately. For example, like this:

  • Continuing Education
    Invest in yourself on an ongoing basis – for example, in further training courses. This not only increases your market value, but also maintains your basic employability. Set aside up to ten percent of your annual income – as a nest egg for a rainy day.
  • Self-employment
    Another option is to become self-employed. Self-employed people cannot be dismissed. But first, find out exactly what the opportunities and risks are and develop a viable business model.

Personal responsibility& Commitment against the unemployment lottery

The most important thing to do when you become unemployed: Never remain passive! Do not rely solely on help from the state. Personal responsibility and commitment are your strongest weapons against unemployment. Ask yourself the following questions to get back on your professional feet:

  • Am I flexible and mobile?
  • Do I have current expertise in my industry?
  • How insecure is my current job??
  • Do I want to continue doing my job today??
  • Or is it time for a professional reorientation??
  • Is what I can do interesting for other industries as well?
  • What are my strengths – professional, methodical, personal?
  • What market value would I like to have? What do I have to do for this?
  • What is my major professional goal??
  • What do I have to do to achieve this goal??

If you regularly examine your situation, you will get a sense of whether your current job is the right one – or whether a change of job is a better alternative. In any case you are (mentally) prepared. Such people are never caught unprepared when their boss gives notice and they become unemployed. They may even never become unemployed – because they take action beforehand.

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