Rejection on job application: 7 patterns how to politely reject employees

Rejection on job application: 7 patterns how to politely reject employees

The shortlist has been made and the advertised position is already as good as filled? Then comes the part that no HR department likes to do: politely informing rejected applicants about how to cancel interviews that have already been arranged, for example. In this guidebook you will find 7 samples how to write the rejection letter to a job application and are able to go to the bottom. You will also find information for the opposite case: What is the situation, When the employee declines with thanks?

No matter how big a company is: in theory, it should be Provide feedback for each individual application. Because a rejection is still better than no response at all. Not least with regard to employer branding, it definitely matters whether and how you write the application rejection.

Below we have compiled various templates on how you can politely formulate the rejection of a job application. All samples are to be understood as suggestions; the more individualized you make the rejection letter, the better for the Candidate Experience. At the same time, of course, applicants know that not every company has time to formulate an individual rejection letter. Don’at make it harder than it needs to be – but definitely don’at make it too easy either.

1. Basic template for the polite rejection of a job application

In the first sample, we assume that you have already determined on the basis of the application documents: This person does not fit into the company. In such a case, the rejection could look like this.

Dear Mr. … / Dear Ms. ..,

thank you for your application as [job] and your interest in our company.

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that we have received a lot of applications and cannot include you in the shortlist.

Please do not take our rejection as a devaluation of your skills. In the application process, small details are often decisive for the decision.

With your consent, however, we would like to include you in our Talent Pool and inform you if further positions become available. Please follow this link: [Link to the consent form for the talent pool]

In the meantime, we wish you every success in your future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

Recruiting Readiness Check

How good are we at getting the right candidate(s) in time for the right job??

You must of course not be asked for every rejection talent pool refer. After all, only applications with real potential should end up there.

However, as soon as you would like to include someone in this pool, you must send a Obtain consent, since this is personal data acts. With the right HR software, the talent pool can be managed without much effort.

2. Rejection of a speculative application

A promising application is on the table, but there is no vacancy: in this case, too, it’s time for a polite refusal. Refer to the talent pool, if it is appropriate!

Dear Mr… / Dear Ms..,

Thank you for your interest in our company and your application documents, which we have reviewed with great interest.

Unfortunately, there is currently no vacancy in our company that fits your profile.

However, as your qualifications are very promising, we would like to include you in our talent pool for future positions. If you agree and would like to receive notifications, please follow this link: [Link to the declaration of consent for the Talent Pool]

In the meantime, we wish you every success for the future.


3. Rejection letter in English

In the event that you need to reject a candidate in English, you can use this template as a guide:

thank you for your interest in our company and for sending us your job application.

After reviewing the many applications we received for this vacancy, we regret to inform you that we cannot consider you as a candidate. Although you are highly qualified, another candidate’s profile was even better suited to what we are currently looking for.

Nevertheless, we wish you success for your future career.


4. Rejection after a trial period

Trial work is a tried and tested method of becoming test whether company and applicant are really compatible. In the best case, both sides immediately realize that the chemistry is right. However, it can also happen that the opposite quickly turns out to be the case.

Ideally, you as the company say not by mail, but by phone call. It is a sign of respect, after all the potential candidate:in has put in some effort. If you are cancelling by message, you can use a Wording like this an:

Dear Mr… / Dear Ms..,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our company better during a trial period.

Unfortunately, after extensive consultation, we have come to the conclusion that we would like to continue to search for the ideal candidate for the vacant position.

We are sorry that we are unable to give you a positive response. Thank you for your efforts and good luck for your further journey!

Yours sincerely,

5. Rejection of the application for a training position

Particularly in the case of a rejection letter for an internship, is A sure instinct is required. For the personnel department it is nothing more than a quick e-mail – but for a young person it may be a shattered dream.

Dear Mr.. / Dear Ms.,

Thank you for your application documents. We are very pleased that you have applied for an apprenticeship at [Company] and would like to start your career with us.

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that we cannot offer you an apprenticeship at this time. [Here if necessary. add a reason: other candidates with even more potential o. a.] Please do not take our rejection as a devaluation of your skills.

We wish you every success for your future career!

Yours sincerely,

6. Rejection after the interview

Just like the trial, the interview is a crucial point in the application process. But this decision is not always positive, and the greater the disappointment on the part of the applicant is then possible. In the rejection letter, indicate that you are seeking the appreciate your effort:

Dear Mr… / Dear Ms..

Thank you for taking the time for a personal interview as part of your application. It was a pleasure to meet you and you left an extremely positive impression.

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that after careful consideration we have decided in favor of another applicant.

We are sorry that it did not work out – we wish you all the best for your further career.

With kind regards,

7. Cancellation of application for an internship

Interns are often smiled at – a mistake, because not infrequently they present themselves as unused talent pool out. So pay as much attention to internship rejections as you would for a permanent position. You never know: You might just turn down a talent of tomorrow and lose the chance that this person will apply again in the future!

Dear Mr… / Dear Ms..,

Thank you for your application – we are pleased that you are interested in an internship at [Company] interest.

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that we cannot offer you an internship at this time. Please do not take our rejection as a devaluation of your skills.

We are sure that you have a lot to offer and would be pleased to include you in our talent pool. If you would like to, please follow this link: [Link to the consent form for the Talent Pool]

We wish you good luck for your further way.

With kind regards,

Writing appreciative rejection letters: How to formulate job application rejection letters

The fact is: the rejection of an application reflects the corporate culture to a certain extent. The Bewerber:innen will remain in the memory, whether you have received a rejection and if so, how it is written.

Here are some recommendations on how to make the text of the application rejection polite, friendly and appreciative:

  • Pay attention to the personal salutation and the correct spelling of names. So much time must be – "Dear Applicant" shows complete disinterest.
  • Adapt the style. A manager with 10 years of professional experience expects different wording in the rejection letter than a school graduate who is just looking for an apprenticeship.
  • Do not spare praise. One application particularly impressed you? Speak it out calmly! An appreciative rejection is easier to digest.
  • Compose your message from meaningful text modules, Instead of using a rigid template. Phrases like "keep in evidence" or "the application doesn’t fit the profile" are a starting point, but not across the board the best solution.
  • Give a reason that makes sense, if possible – more on this in the following!

The rejection reason: do’s and don’ts when you reject an application

The question of why, is a delicate subject. Many companies refrain from giving a reason for the cancellation and want to do not take a risk against the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) to violate. This law states that no one shall be discriminated against on the basis of age, origin, sex, etc. may be rejected. (Attention, also the job advertisement must correspond to the AGG!)

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