Repeat abitur – what to consider?

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The most important facts about repeating the Abitur

  • Eligibility for admission to studies
  • Second-chance Abitur
  • flexible distance learning
  • Intermediate school leaving certificate required

Failure to pass the Abitur? Repeat the exam? If you have not passed the Abitur examination, you can repeat it within a certain period of time, but often you have to repeat the last two school semesters for it. You can also catch up on your Abitur with many educational institutions and in distance learning.

The Abitur is the highest school-leaving qualification in Germany and opens the way to university. If you fail the Abitur exam at the first attempt, you can repeat the Abitur exam once. In this case, however, not only the Abitur examination itself, but also the last school year of the qualification phase must be repeated. At evening schools or correspondence schools, the Abitur can be obtained by second-chance education.

Repeating the Abitur on the first educational path

Anyone who has failed the Abitur can take a second attempt start. To do this, students in Hesse must spend the last two school semesters of the qualification phase, i.e., depending on the federal state, the 12. or 13. School year, repeat. Under certain circumstances, in individual subjects also a Re-examination possible.

Make up the Abitur or repeat the Abitur?

to repeat the baccalaureate means, following a failed baccalaureate examination, to participate directly in the next examination opportunity. This is usually offered one year later and requires the repetition of the two school semesters prior to the examination.

Make up the Abitur This means that you can catch up on your school-leaving examinations regardless of this period. Qualified preparation for the external examination must be demonstrated before this can be taken.

Abitur on the second educational pathway

A second way is to catch up the Abitur on the second educational path catch up. With many offerers there are occupation-accompanying courses. In addition to courses at adult education centers, correspondence schools or evening schools, students can also prepare for the Abitur examination themselves. In all cases, you submit a so-called External baccalaureate examination or External examination from. This means that one is not prepared for the final examination at a regular school, but as an external Abitur candidate and then takes part in a state Abitur examination. The requirements for this vary from state to state.

Repeat Abitur at night school, VSH or educational college

Depending on the federal state and the provider, there are different specifications for the Abitur at adult education centers, educational colleges or evening classes. For example, course participants must already have a secondary school diploma.

The Abitur (university entrance qualification) opens up numerous career prospects on the labor market. Many high school graduates lay an important foundation stone for their professional career by catching up on their high school diploma. It offers the opportunity to pursue higher professional and private goals.

flexible way of catching up on the Abitur by distance learning

A Distance learning is very flexible and can be adapted to professional and family needs. Many courses are individually tailored to the previous education of the participants. Depending on the previous knowledge can be chosen from a range of tailor-made courses and thus, if necessary. the time until the baccalaureate shortened become. This is why, for example, students who have completed their secondary schooling (Realschulabschluss) may choose a different course than students who, for example, have completed their upper secondary schooling (gymnasiale Oberstufe) after the 11. or 12. have dropped out of the first class with the advanced technical college entrance qualification.

Even those who, for example abroad has gone to school, but now the German Abitur students who wish to repeat the Abitur can opt for an individual course at a distance learning school.

Such courses provide excellent preparation for the state baccalaureate postgraduate examination. Distance learning schools make it possible for anyone interested in taking the Abitur to do so regardless of where they live, as the lessons are mainly held online. distance learning schools refer to the respective examination guidelines of the federal state in which they are located.

The distance-learning qualification acquired University entrance qualification is a full Abitur, that is completely equivalent to the Abitur acquired at Gymnasien and is equally valid nationwide. The degree is recognized by the state and entitles the holder to study at a university.

Can I challenge the Abitur?

In some cases, it is due to unfair treatment by teachers that a student can failed the Abitur is. In this case, it is possible to call in a specialized lawyer and challenge the Abitur. An expert then examines whether it makes sense to challenge the Abitur.

In this case, the missing points in the exam can be claimed subsequently. Also an immediate Repeating the exam is conceivable. If the high school graduate has justified doubts about his or her high school diploma result, he or she should contact a lawyer promptly after failing the exam and give specific reasons for the challenge. This can be, for example, incorrect behavior on the part of the examiners or inadmissible examination material.

What must be repeated if the Abitur is not passed?

If the Abitur has not been passed, not only the exams themselves, but also the last two semesters of school have to be repeated. The university entrance qualification ultimately includes the Overall qualification. The high school graduate, or. the Abitur student, must be passed in all the chosen Examination subjects Repeat the subject matter again and prepare for the examination.

"Maximum retention period" when repeating the Abitur

An important rule when repeating the Abitur concerns the so-called Maximum length of stay. The Abitur may only be repeated within a certain period of time (maximum length of stay). This rule applies to a school attendance at the same time and in some federal states also with the Change of school type. It is important to register for the baccalaureate examination within the specified deadlines and to meet the admission requirements. After this period the Abitur can be made up for.

Repeating the baccalaureate – a brief summary of the essentials

For the Admission to the Abitur examination an intermediate school leaving certificate is a prerequisite. However, there are different requirements depending on the federal state. It is very practical to take the Abitur via a correspondence course to make up for. Here, high school graduates can organize their time and learning material very flexibly and learn individually online. The baccalaureate, which is prepared for in a distance learning course, is equivalent to the baccalaureate at grammar schools and in principle entitles the holder to study at a university.

correspondence schools usually offer several courses to prepare for the Abitur. These differ by the previous knowledge of the participant. At the sgd you can choose between several course variants, if you want to catch up the Abitur.

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