Riga, vilnius and london in winter

Be enchanted by the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe!

Of course, Dortmund has the most beautiful Christmas market in the world, but other European cities also attract visitors with gingerbread, mulled wine and twinkling lights – sometimes contemplative-traditional, sometimes festive-opulent. Be captivated by the Christmas markets of Europe, their delicious aroma and festive ambience.

Contemplative tradition and modern charm

Riga enchants visitors with the charm of its lively Art Nouveau architecture – At Christmas time, this jewel of a city dresses up even prettier. In the Latvian capital, Christmas is celebrated with tradition and heart and soul. The Riga Christmas Market attracts with cozy flair to a stroll from City Hall Square with the famous Blackhead House to Cathedral Square in the heart of the historic center.

Browsing the stalls with the tempting smell of roasted almonds and all kinds of delicacies, you’ll find yourself traditional handicrafts from warm socks and lovingly crafted wooden toys to amber ornaments and original gifts. Try not only delicious pierogi, but also the pierogi served with currant juice "black balsam", a traditional Latvian liqueur made from herbs, flowers and berries.

Riga is considered Christmas tree capital, because here already since the 16. Century Christmas trees decorated. In addition to an imposing large Christmas tree in the center, thanks to illuminated Christmas tree exhibition numerous modern, artistically designed Christmas trees the city.

Also the small market in the middle of restored wooden houses in the hip Kalnciems quarter is worth a detour. Round out a Christmas trip to Riga with a visit to one of many classic concerts and Santa Claus.

If you’ve always wanted to visit Riga, you should take the Christmas season as an opportunity to do so.

Opening hours: 30.11.2019 – 07.01.2020

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A Christmas synthesis of the arts

Similarly charming is the Lithuanian capital Vilnius with its many baroque churches. Above the lovingly decorated old town, which is a UNESCO cultural heritage site, Christmas magic is in the air. The highlight is the 25 meter high and opulently illuminated Christmas tree on the Cathedral Square, surrounded by neat white stalls. The 3D Christmas fairy tale, projected onto the white cathedral and thus brought to life, delight not only children.

On the town hall square you can expect heated igloos with all kinds of arts and crafts, on the skating rink glide across Lukiškių Square at the end of the festively decorated Gediminas Avenue. In innovative Vilnius, the electricity for the decorative garlands on SaviCiaus Street is generated from coffee grounds. A romantic ride in the Christmas train takes you to the markets of the city. Not infrequently, snow rounds out the Winter fairy tale in Vilnius from.

There is also a young alternative market with electronic music at the train station (Saint Station) and an design market at Vincas Kudirka Square (12. – 17. December 2019), where craftsmen and designers from Vilnius offer their creations.

In addition to handmade souvenirs such as amber jewelry, here you can enjoy Christmas delicaciesHow about hot mushroom soup in a loaf of bread, sweet apple cheese made from pressed apples with cinnamon and sugar, Lithuanian tree cake Šakotis, traditional Lithuanian Christmas cookies made from yeast dough and poppy seeds, or Kisielius, a jelly-like drink made from sweet and sour cranberries.

With a bit of luck, you can already find the Christmas illuminated television tower (326 m) spy.

Opening hours: 30.11.2019 – 01.07.2020

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Christmas magic of superlatives

Turbulent it goes in the Winter Wonderland to: Hyde Park in central London is transformed into a uniquely colorful Christmas city. Here the feast of love is cheerfully celebrated – a spectacle with attractions for young and old alike! Santa Land invites children to visit the Santa Claus a, magical Ice and circus shows provide for Kurzweil, Huttengaudi and Oktoberfest mood inspire in the Bavarian Village, fast-paced rides on Rollercoaster and carousels provide thrills. The extravagant Ice cream bar entices with cool cocktails, while Scandinavian tipis provide warm shelter. The physical well-being is not only provided with fish and chips or fried sausages. Of course, there is also a classic Christmas market with stalls and mulled wine – and the Britain’s largest skating rink. Towering above it all as the highlight is the iconic 70 meters high Ferris wheel with spectacular view over park and skyline.

London has even more to offer. Even away from the Winter Wonderland, the capital impresses at winter time: Extravagant decorations make Christmas shopping a real experience here. From the great shopping streets like Oxford Street to the impressively decorated market halls of Covent Garden – everywhere it shines, glitters and sparkles.

A whimsical tradition is the Santa Con, where people make a humid pilgrimage through the city dressed up as Santa Claus. The Santa Run is the sportier equivalent. If you don’t want to walk, enjoy the atmosphere on a tour with the Double-decker bus through the city dressed up for Christmas, admiring the festive lights and doing some sightseeing at the same time.

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