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You just want to attract women and need tips and tricks that work? I want to show you a method that should make you approach more women without fear, be more attractive to women, and just generally get more women in your life.

Addressing a woman – tips& Tricks

The trick I’m about to show you comes straight from the marketing forge of big business, and I’ve found that it applies quite wonderfully to women – especially if you’re afraid of failure.

Watch out: I’m deliberately going out on a limb now to make you realize how valuable this irreverent response technique is if you implement them from now on.

When I say "marketing", it might scare you off and you might think that you have to talk someone into something he or she doesn’t want. Real selling works differently, though, and you don’t have to bend or pull someone’s table to do it…

Selling is actually quite harmless and nothing more than good presentation skills. So you’re already selling when you’re at a job interview and even when you’re asking a good friend for a favor.

Tip: How to get the women YOU want.

hypnotically beguiling

There’s a way you can use extremely simple steps get to the women YOU want – as a girlfriend by your side or as an insatiable playmate in your bed.

The cult author Benjamin Lindner now covers his revolutionary approach to attract beautiful women naturally. The knowledge is pure gold and you can implement it TODAY, no matter how you look or how good you are with women.

When you want something from someone, you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and ideally you present yourself in such a way that they give you what you wanted in good conscience in the first place. There is no reason to be afraid (see how to overcome complexes&) small talk learns).

A salesperson is NOT about giving the other person something they absolutely need, but what gives them emotional satisfaction. But how does that earn you women?

Schauen wir mal auf den Ist-Zustand…

Angst vor dem Frauen Ansprechen besiegen

Nehmen wir mal an, du erblickst irgendwo in einem Cafe, in ´nem Kaufhaus oder von mir aus auch auf dem Bahnhof eine hubsche Frau, die es dir sofort angetan hat. You’re practically on the verge of addressing, yet something is holding you back.

Mir ging es fruher so – und ich weib, dab es den meisten Jungs da drauben genauso geht – dab ich tierische Angst hatte und einen groben Verkaufsfehler machte…

I was hesitating and looking for reasons why she might reject me:

  • Am I too ugly,
  • am I too thin or too fat,
  • hat sie vielleicht nen Freund,
  • konnte sie sich belastigt fuhlen?

All these questions are pure self-sabotage from a psychological point of view. They lead to the fact that one decides not to approach the woman at all and to let this grandiose chance simply pass by.

It’s the same when you’re on a first date with a woman and you’re wondering how you’re going to get her to spend the night with you that same day. Du suchst dann nach Grunden, warum sie nein sagen, dich vielleicht komplett verstoben konnte und du anschliebend wie ein Trottel da stehst.

Remember: Die Grunde, die du verzweifelt suchst, warum eine Frau dich ablehnen konnte, sind also nur Ausreden, um genau das nicht zu tun, was du am liebsten tun wurdest und auch tun solltest.

  • Was soll man beim Ansprechen sagen

Einfach Frauen ansprechen: Psycho Tipp

What is the mindset of a good salesman and how does it help him to approach women more easily?? You may know that I once worked as a sales representative in the B2B area of a car rental company. So I did aquise for corporate clients, as it was called.

I also regularly came to enjoy courses there, which of course were all about selling and marketing. Bei einem dieser Lehrgange erfuhr ich genau den Trick, den ich dir hier naher bringen will und der dir 21,70% mehr Frauen einbringen kann.

That 21.7%, in fact, was the rate of increase in contract closings after I applied the technique to my job and later found out that it applies just as well to social life and specifically in relation to women.

einfach frau ansprechen

Psychology – use THIS response technique!

The course focused on the potential buyer – in our case, that’s the beautiful woman you’ve just discovered and want to target. The coach told us that we should have a lot of information about the buyer, but that there is one piece of information that stands out above the rest.

In principle, there is ONLY ONE elementary thing – according to the coach – that the salesman has to figure out. What do you think this thing is?

Okay, ich sag´s dir: Ist zu 100% secured, dab der Kaufer NICHT interessiert ist?

Merkst du schon, was das fur dich machen kann? When you ask yourself this question, instead of looking for something that might keep the buyer from buying, here’s what happens:

  • You become more courageous,
  • you become more offensive,
  • one becomes more relaxed and
  • you appear more convinced of your product – which in our case is yourself, resp. die schonen Emotionen, die eine Frau mit dir in Verbindung bringt.

Es verschwinden also die ganzen Grunde und Ausreden, die du dir in deinem Kopf konstruierst, warum die Frau theoretisch NICHT auf dich abfahren konnte. Your fear disappears into thin air (see tips against nervousness)!

There is no reason NOT to approach women

You see a great woman and can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t go over to her on the spot, say your name and ask for her name. You can’t find a reason because there isn’t one.

But better yet..

Das Ganze wirkt auch noch nach, wenn du die Frau schon angesprochen hast und die Frau reagiert nach deinem Empfinden erstmal etwas komisch oder anders als du es dir vorgestellt hast…

  • Vielleicht mustert sie dich,
  • maybe she is shy,
  • vielleicht wirkt sie arrogant,
  • maybe she’s upset about something you say
  • or maybe she tells you that she has no time right now…

If you now continue to ask yourself the question whether it is really 100% certain that she is not interested in you, you will almost always be able to answer this question in the negative.

This will make you come across as a lot more confident. And as soon as you appear confident, the woman will find you attractive – period!

  • No matter how you look,
  • no matter what mood she is in
  • and no matter if she really has no time at the moment.

My friend, you better try it today!

Go out and go to a place where women hang out,

Be aware that there is no reason for fear or shyness,

Simply approach the women according to this pattern. DO IT!

Seriously, the result will most likely blow your mind.

I hope you realize the huge leverage of this approach method and recommend you make it your top rules for dealing with women from today onwards.

In my case, as I said, this had an immediate effect in my job and the same thing happened in my dealings with women, although I did not calculate the percentage increase of the degrees there.

So, just try it yourself and you will know what I mean.

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Simply approaching women: 1 Crazy trick 1

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