Self-love – how to learn to love your body and yourself


Self-love – how to learn to love your body and yourself

It is important that we learn to love ourselves, because in the end you are the only person who will be with you all your life. How can others love you if you can’t do it yourself??

No one in the world is perfect, so it’s okay if you have flaws, but you should be able to admit them and know how to deal with them. Every person has his weaknesses, but also strengths.

We want to help you learn to love your body and yourself and you can read more about it in this blog post.

Tip 1: Look at yourself in the mirror!

Now don’t pay attention to the parts of your body that you don’t like about yourself. Find something you like about yourself, or maybe something that others might like about you. Is it your beautiful hair? Or your legs? But maybe also your belly? Or your clear eyes? There must be at least one thing that is great about you. Actually it’s much more, but you’ll find that out too. Often it’s the things we don’t like about ourselves that make us special and that others love about us.

Now look yourself in the eye and say "I love you!". How does that affect you? Is it hard for you? Do you find it ridiculous? Or does it come easily to your lips? If you have enough self-love, then this step will be easy for you. You will be able to say it without feeling ridiculous or weird about it. To improve this, from now on, every time you look in a mirror, you should say to yourself "I love you"!" say. You don’t have to do this in public or in front of other people, because this is all about you.

Tip 2: What are your strengths?

Find out what you enjoy doing and what you think you are good at. It does not matter what others think, because it is your opinion that counts. Is it a sport that you are particularly good at?? Or are you very creative? Are you good at singing or dancing? Maybe you are also good at math or physics? What was your favorite subject at school? Maybe this will help you out a bit. What do you like to do in your free time?

Even if you "just" like to hang out with friends, maybe it says something about your social streak. If you can’t really think of anything, then you can ask friends or family what your strengths are, because they will surely think of something. If that doesn’t satisfy you, try something new. Take classes that are offered or go to events you’ve never been to before.

Step 3: Wake up properly!

In the morning most people find it hard to get up. Who likes to work? It’s way too early. The weather is not so nice right now and you don’t know what to wear yet. You somehow don’t have any clothes to wear today. Everything looks funny on you. This is not true, because it is only your negative thoughts in the morning.

Maybe you should try to wake up differently. When you open your eyes in the morning, leave your phone alone for a few minutes and focus on yourself. Now try to think positive thoughts. Tell yourself you’re looking forward to the day. What exactly are you looking forward to? Only positive thoughts count here. Even if it’s just your lunch break at work. Now ask yourself what you are grateful for. You’re bound to think of one or two things, if not, you can focus on the things you take for granted, like the water you have available every day or the job that provides you with your money every month.

Do this exercise every morning, because this way you start the day positively, so you leave the negative thoughts outside and your day will feel much better at the same time. When negative thoughts cross your path during the day, remember the words from the morning. Think about what you’re thankful for and that it’s all happening for a reason.

Step 4: Think positively!

With negative thoughts you attract negative things at the same time. But it works the other way around as well, because with positive thoughts you also attract positivity. The people around you will also feel this positive energy, which is why you will infect them with it. Therefore, it is also important that you have positive people in your environment, because they will also rub off their positive aura on you. However, if your aura is negative, the same thing will happen.

Here you should try to change their minds with your positive energy so that they feel better too. In general, you should banish negative thoughts, because as soon as you have bad thoughts, you should tell yourself stop. This is very important, because you yourself can decide what you think. The more often you think positive thoughts, the better your life and self-love will develop. You will realize it soon enough.

Step 5: Treat yourself!

You are so valuable and special, which is why you should treat yourself now and then. It doesn’t have to be something material, it can also be some time for yourself, because that should never be forgotten. Take time to take care of yourself only. What do you want right now??

Maybe you want to eat some chocolate, then allow yourself to do so. Of course, it should not become a habit, but something special, like a reward. Maybe you just want to read a book in peace, then take the time to do so. Or have you been wishing for those beautiful shoes from the little boutique for a long time? Then do something for it, save up the money and reward yourself for it!

It is important that you value yourself and treat yourself to something special little surprises do, because you deserve it!

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