Set the table properly – tutorial

Today there is no recipe for you. I would like to set the table with you professionally correctly. As a trained hotel manageress, I personally always make sure that the table is perfectly set at home when visitors are present. This is really relative simple and guaranteed to score you points! With a few simple tips you conjure up A table like in a restaurant.

As soon as you have several courses such as soup or salad, main course and dessert, it becomes complicated for many not only with the choice of cutlery at the table. That is why I would like to explain to you how to use the cutlery correctly.

To consider before setting the table

  1. One clean and ironed tablecloth Use. On a beautiful tabletop, a runner or sets can also look very good.
  2. Flowers and candles create a beautiful ambience.
  3. Fold the napkins nicely.
  4. Check cutlery for cleanliness, if necessary. clean and polish. I find it really disgusting when there is dried food on it.
  5. Glasses also check for cleanliness and polish with a clean and dry tea towel.

A table set with love is a sign of good hospitality.

Using the cutlery correctly

  1. Soup spoon: depending on when the soup is served, this is used and placed. If the soup is served first, it goes on the very outside.
  2. Tableware: it becomes z.B. used for salads, carpaccio or fish. It can also be exchanged, if available, for a fish knife and fork. Here it is the second course, after the soup.
  3. Main course cutlery.
  4. Dessert cutlery: The fork is only needed if there are firmer desserts that cannot be eaten with a spoon alone. Z.B. Apple pie.

Very easy to remember: it is always eaten from the outside to the inside.

Setting the table correctly

  • Lay the tablecloth evenly on the table. (There are a few things to keep in mind here, but I don’t think you really need to do that in private!)
  • Use the folded napkins. Keep the opposite napkins and the napkins next to each other each on a line. The shape should face the door where guests will enter.
  • Distribute the cutlery evenly. Attention, here we lay from the inside to the outside! Keep the distances between the cutlery the same. The minimum width of the place setting can be determined by stopping the main course plate. To avoid fingerprints on the polished cutlery, keep the cutlery in a napkin or tea towel.
  • The distance from the cutlery to the table is about a thumb’s width.
  • Keep the cutlery on a line: to the edge of the table and to the opposite side to the next cutlery.
  • The largest glass (usually red wine glass) is placed vertically to the main course knife and horizontally to the dessert cutlery. Beside it in the 45° angle downward shifted the white wine glass.
  • Align vase and candles on the center line of the table.
  • Place chairs evenly.

Depending on how many courses there are and what food is served, the number and type of cutlery that needs to be set will of course also vary. If there is no soup or salad, then of course no soup spoon or salad servers are required.

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