Shaving legs: 10 tips and tricks for smooth legs

Shaving legs tips for a smooth and well-groomed skin

Shave legs: This is how it works without razor pimples and red spots

1. Step: moisten legs warmly

Before you start shaving, you should always remember this, moisten the areas to be shaved with lukewarm water. This opens the pores and creates the best conditions to catch as many hairs as possible with the razor.

2. Step: The handle to the shaving gel / foam

After moistening you wear a caring shaving gel or foam to be able to glide more gently with the blades over the hairs. Be sure to take care of the razor Do not press on the skin to be shaved, to avoid unnecessary cuts, etc. to avoid.

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Shaving legs: 10 tips and tricks for smooth legs

3. Step: Shaving oil

Whether you want to shave your legs dry or wet, four to five drops of a special shaving oil care your skin meanwhile extensively and let the blades glide more beautifully over your skin.

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4. Step: The direction is important

Always shave your legs against the direction of hair growth, i.e. from the bottom upwards – and NEVER the other way round. When it comes to the bikini line, it’s much more comfortable to shave with the direction of hair growth rather than against it. Under the armpits you can usually let off steam, because here it usually works best crosswise.

5. Step: Regularly change the blades

You’ve been using the current blade of your razor for a relatively long time now? Do not forget to change them! With blunt razor blades, you will hurt yourself faster and not achieve pleasing shaving results. Depending on how often you shave your legs, you should Replace the blades at least once a month. Disposable razors are – as the name suggests – changed after a single use.

And speaking of blades: The more blades your wet razor has, the closer your shave will be! Recommended are at least three or more blades per wet razor – ideally with an additional moisture glide strip, so skin irritations are prevented.

6. Step: Problems with shaving pimples?

Razor pimples and red spots are always annoying and unsightly to look at after shaving your legs. Should you always after wet shaving, try it with of a dry shave with an electric razor . This shaves sensitive body parts usually again more gently.

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7. Step: Exfoliation

Before shaving your legs, use a gentle exfoliating scrub, because it has the same effect as moistening your legs with warm water before shaving – it opens pores and prevents ingrown hairs, as dead skin cells are removed from the skin surface.

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Shaving legs: 10 tips and tricks for smooth legs

8. Step: Clean razor blades

You always clean your razor blade only after the complete shave? Then you should start at the latest now to write them to be rinsed under hot water after each shaving stroke. Otherwise, the shaved hairs will clog the blade, causing unsightly shaving results.

9. Step: Cold water

You want to avoid irritated skin after shaving? Wash your legs with cold water after shaving, because this ensures that the skin pores close more quickly and thus prevents irritation.

10. Step: Avoid the sun

If you have shaved your legs avoid direct sunlight immediately before and after shaving, because this can cause unnecessary shaving pimples and irritated skin.

And if shaving pimples do occur, the following will help:

No matter how careful you are when shaving, it can always happen that razor pimples and red spots appear. If this is the case with you, then you do not need to worry, because usually they heal by themselves without treatment. If the unsightly pimples and redness still bother you, you can do the following:

  • Put a warm towel for a few minutes on the affected area. This will soothe the shaving pimple and the ingrown hairs can come through the skin better.
  • Do not suffer from razor pimples after shaving your legs but Shaving burn, helps your skin above all Moisture. Through a moisturizing care the reddened pimples at best do not even begin to itch.
  • In the case of razor burn, the following also applies: Cooling with a lotion containing aloe vera or a cold cloth to soothe irritated skin.
  • Should be inflame the razor pimples or reddened areas, treatment by a dermatologist is advisable.
  • You have used during the shaving cut? Cool the affected area with Ice cubes or stop the bleeding with a styptic pencil .

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When and how often is best to shave the legs?

While most incorporate shaving their legs into their beauty routine in the morning, experts found that evening is the best time for a shave is. Why? At night the legs swell with pleasure times by the warmth in the bed, whereby in the morning afterwards the small hairs rather still hide themselves and they are to be shortened so clearly more difficult with the shave.

How often you pick up the razor depends, among other things, entirely on what type of hair you are, what color your leg hair is, how much hair growth you have, and how much desire you have for regularity – there is no standard rule for this. In addition to genetics, the different regions of the body also play an important role in hair growth. Armpit hair, for example, tends to grow much faster than leg hair.

In general, it is advisable to every two to three days shave the legs if you want to achieve particularly smooth skin. If you are not bothered by stubble, shaving is also sufficient three to five days. And if you don’t want to shave your legs at all, that’s perfectly fine too.

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Now you should not shave:

You should avoid shaving your legs at all costs if the areas to be shaved have Open wounds, pain, skin rash or even Razor burn present.

This way your legs will stay smooth longer

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want smooth skin for a long time after shaving? Some of the above steps will help you get smooth legs for a longer period of time. The peeling before shaving for example. This is because the skin is freed from dead skin cells, so that the blade can glide more densely over the skin and catch even the smallest hair. Before shaving, however, warm water also helps, to open the pores and thus perfectly prepare the legs for shaving. Natural oils such as coconut and macadamia oil are gladly used instead of shaving foam, gel and Co. used, because they care for the skin during shaving, but also make it nice and supple for a long time – even long after shaving. The best thing: the oils also provide optimal care after shaving.

New razor blades, which are always used only from the bottom up during shaving, also provide beautiful, smooth legs.

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Which care is used after shaving?

After you shave your legs, all you need to do is pat your skin dry. Then a moisturizing (after-shave) lotion or body oil (preferably alcohol-free) apply directly to moisturize, cool, regenerate and soothe your skin. Applying Baby powder is also recommended after shaving, because it usually prevents itching. So you offer your skin another protection to avoid razor pimples or razor burn altogether after the beauty routine.

Also avoiding tight pants after shaving your legs is very helpful, because so the skin is not unnecessarily irritated. Therefore, be sure to give your skin at least 15 minutes to fully recover after shaving.

In general, far from shaving your legs, you should remember to moisturize your To care for legs with body milk, so that they do not dry out and possibly start to itch.

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What helps against itchy, shaved legs?

If the legs start to itch after shaving, is there often a razor burn as a cause behind it, which becomes visible through irritation, redness and itching. But it can also happen that the skin begins to itch afterwards, because the care after shaving was not extensive enough or was even missing. Itching after shaving is not uncommon in any case. Also dry skin, blunt razor blades or an intolerance to shaving products can cause itchy legs after shaving.

  • As long as your skin itches after shaving, you should apply to the affected areas do not shave again. Only when the itching has completely subsided is shaving again recommended.
  • The skin should now be treated with an antibacterial after-shave balm disinfected and soothed.
  • Fenistil cream can also be applied to the itchy skin to relieve itching.
  • If your skin is very itchy Polidocanol a helpful remedy that superficially numbs the skin and relieves itching. Alternatively help creams containing cortisone , have an anti-inflammatory effect and reduce itching.
  • Creams with Aloe Vera soothe and cool the skin, counteract inflammation and curb itching.

Popular home remedies include:

  • compresses with diluted apple cider vinegar: To a liter of water add a tablespoon of diluted apple cider vinegar, which relieves itching. Also, compresses with yogurt or cottage cheese are very welcome, they also help you fight itching. When the curd or yogurt has dried on the affected area, you can simply wash it off again.
  • Juniper berry oil : rub your legs with the oil twice a day after shaving, the skin calms down and the itching disappears.
  • St. John’s wort oil and evening primrose oilare popular mainly because they have a skin-soothing effect.

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