Sickness benefit/unemployment benefit?

Hello friends, I have a question regarding the sickness benefit and unemployment benefit.

My father 25.03.59 born so soon 63 years old had before ca. I have had a heart attack for 3 years and have not worked since then, but his employment contract is still in effect.

My father has finished his sickness benefit and was then forwarded to unemployment benefit, but since he has been forwarded to unemployment benefit, he also receives the sick note from his family doctor, which he then also sends to the employment office.

Pension was requested but without success was rejected.

His family doctor says he will write him sick until retirement.

My question would be a right to unemployment benefits has one also only certain time and according to calculation of my father it should expire in August.

What will happen from August then where will he get money from because according to his family doctor he is not allowed to work.

With kind regards

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Sickness benefit/unemployment benefit?

You only get money from the employment office as long as you are employable and able to work.

But your father is not.

If he gets no pension, because rejected, and the unemployment benefit is stopped, then probably Hartz4 is announced.

I would concentrate on the fact that one proceeds against the refusal of the incapacity pension.

If necessary with the help of a lawyer.

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The application for continued payment of the reduced earning capacity pension was rejected; appeal is pending. Until September 2014 I received sick pay, then unemployment benefit 1, then came the reduced earning capacity pension. Am I now entitled to sick pay again? The three years are over now – but does this also apply if I don’t start my job in the meantime?!?

I have been on sick leave for 2 months and my illness will probably continue for another 3 months. I am currently receiving sick pay and my employer wants to schedule a termination agreement with me (is also in my mind). The conditions in the termination agreement are 4 months from August full pay and in September vacation pay. During this time I would also receive sick pay. In principle, my employer pays this only because I quit the job in agreement with him (so it is not a severance pay. ). Does this affect my sick pay? So claim, reduction, repayment etc.? My health insurance company said NO, but I don’t trust the answer.

Thank you in advance for answers!

Last year my health insurance company terminated my employment after 1,5 years (31.12.15) but continued to be sick As a result, I applied for unemployment benefit 1.

In February I have resumed my work. Now I am sick again for 6 weeks my salary continuation I have received. But the health insurance says I have no right to sick pay because it is a secondary illness and 3 years are not over.

My question I have now again right to unemployment benefit 1 because of my inability to work? Am still in employment. Will continue to be sick as I am on 31.10.16 was operated ??

My wife and I are both in tax class 4. Now she has surprisingly lost her job or. Was released at the end of July 2017 with full pay. After they then yes from 01.August unemployment benefits (calculated from your last net of tax class 4), it would make sense for me from this time to change to tax class 3. Is this possible without any problems or could the employment office not play along here??

Hi, I am just about to prepare my tax return for 2011 (my first ever) and I am a bit overwhelmed as my situation last year was not straightforward. In the months of Jan and Feb I did an internship (income tax card class 6) and at the same time had a side job (income tax card class 1). Then my internship became a permanent job and I had the income tax cards exchanged, because I did not want to give up the side job, because the permanent job was initially limited to half a year. Unfortunately, I already became so ill at the end of April that I received sick pay from June to August. My side job was in the time "still" . My contract expired at the end of August and I have worked from Sep to Dec only in my part time job, as again on income tax card class 1.

Since I worked on two income tax cards, I have to make a tax return, right?? Do I get the income tax back? Have earned net no more than 7200€ in the six months of permanent employment.

Not easy to explain but I’ll give it a try.

I had a fixed-term employment contract that expired on 31 December.08.2019 has expired. With tax class 1

Since I had the whole month of August off due to overtime and vacation, on 21.08.19 Started to work again through a rental company, more or less as a 2nd job through tax class 6.

Now I should continue to work, but would on 30.08.19 sick, sick note however only on 02.09.19, when my fixed-term contract had already ended.

Now the health insurance calculates me the sick pay but on the basis of the leihjobs, which has run under tax class 6, which brings me losses of 1300 euros a month, should get due to the earned from job 1 and job 2 about 2300 euros sick pay.

Überwiesen were me but only 1022 euros.

Does not have to be counted back 12 months or at least 3 months in that case?

I am really in despair here, because I get enormous problems because I have certain fixed costs.

Hello, The following question has been bothering me for a few days now.. My husband and I have been married for over five years. I was working full time until the end of 2014. Since then I am a housewife and mother. Now one thing led to another: My husband lost his job because the company had no "orders" had more.

He gets unemployment benefits, I am aware of that. Only it becomes nevertheless difficult to pay rent etc from it. Of course I am eager to find a job right now! However, this is unfortunately not overnight and the fear of not being able to pay the rent at the end of the month remains. Can someone explain to me what we are entitled to in this situation??

Hello! I am 19 years old and for psychological reasons I can no longer live with my mother. My father is separated from her and has a too small apartment for both of us. I already tried to get unemployment benefit 2 but for that I first need a certificate to move out which I can’t get without a statement or a certificate (your statement with the living) of the treating therapist. I called them today and was told that the therapist is outpatient. She is not allowed to confirm such things or to issue a certificate. My advisor at the office told me that this would be the only possibility, but how do I do it now?? Where could I get such a certificate?? Can I go to my family doctor or do I need my own therapist?? My mother receives unemployment benefit 2 and my father already pays me alimony.

I need urgent help and I know no longer further.

Hello, I am a freelance online copywriter. that means I don’t have a boss, but clients that I choose myself, issue them invoices and pay VAT. I have been on sick leave for several months and, because I am a member of the social insurance fund for artists, I receive sick pay from my statutory health insurance fund. I am regularly at my family doctor, who writes me through my chronic, incurable disease, sick again and again. now he said I should not crawl away and distract myself against the strong pain. he is right when he says it would do me good to write texts again – but without stress and pressure (both increase my pain – that’s why I can’t work anymore). I was surprised when he said that you could "on a fee basis" working despite sick pay. to the extent that it distracts me, but without pressure to be able to earn a sum to survive. we are talking about maybe 100 or 200 euro per month. knows jmd with it, how that looks legally? on my sick certificate I always have to tick that I have neither "salary nor wages" receive. is "honorarbasis" something else? and if so, what is the best way to do that??

I have the following problem and have received many different statements about it.

I had my employment, u.a. because of threatening insolvency and a few other things, the end of November 2019 to the end of February 2020 terminated.

I then had a vacation in December and I managed to hurt my shoulder right there. I went through the vacation and then Christmas came and the shoulder got worse/painful. End of December I was then at the doctor and was sick leave.

In February I have then received sick pay to date.

Now it behaves with the shoulder in such a way that I still have pain and problems with it. However, these can probably continue for a long time and therefore it is questionable at this time whether an operation would bring more benefit than harm. I would continue to do KG and exercises and wait for the further course of development.

In the meantime I have also moved and the new doctor said that he would not continue to write me sick in this case, because I would be – to some extent – capable of work and this is now a case for the employment office. In that case I could do something with "light activities" do.

Therefore, I would then register as unemployed from the end of next week and then get unemployment benefits for the time being. (depending on whether still the Sperre because of own termination takes effect)

Now my actual questions. What should I do now if my shoulder does not get better or even gets worse again and I would be on sick leave again before I can do z.B. I have found a new job? (Is also not so easy at Corona time). Who pays then what? And what would happen if I had an operation and was then again on long-term sick leave??

Somehow I’m afraid to hang in the air and I don’t have a clear idea of who is responsible for what and what I have to pay attention to? Can you help me with this?

Hello. My father has received sick pay until 2 (almost 3) months ago. Now he should get unemployment benefit 1 or so. The application has been running for almost 3 months!! Since then we have no money. We have to borrow money to have anything to eat at all! 2months electricity and heating are in arrears, once rent + debts (y) We get so many reminders because of the amt! They always just send mail that what is missing. When he calls, they say everything there, application is being processed. Then mail comes again that what is missing. They can’t be serious or?! We are soon sitting on the street! Besides him and me (18), my little sister (15) lives here.

What can be done? Can they do that? What about all the bills, or reminders, for which we can actually NOTHING?

Please answer quickly

My wife has been employed by Lufthansa AG since the beginning of 1999. After the birth of our first child in July 2005, she took parental leave. After the birth of our second child, the corresponding parental leave ended on 27.02.2010. After that she took another year of sog. Family time, a special offer from Lufthansa AG to care for or look after family members. Your re-entry to the 28.02.2011 was fixed for a long time. Since 28.02.2011 she became a member of the same health insurance.

In February 2011 my wife fell ill. Since the re-entry fell on a Monday and she wanted to give her employer the opportunity to cancel training appointments and hotel bookings in time, she left already on the 22nd of December.02.2011 to the doctor and let himself be written sick unfit for work. Her employer paid her salary up to 10 % without any problems.04.2011 and moreover a sick pay allowance up to and including 2011. 28.08.2011. Likewise, a certificate of earnings was forwarded to their health insurance company for the purpose of applying for sick pay. A request on her part was made immediately.

Despite several inquiries came with letter of 08.07.2011 following rejection with reference to §44 para.2 sentence1 no.1 Social Code5 (SGB V): "Unfortunately, there is no entitlement to sick pay, since the inability to work from 22.02.2011 during the family insurance, so a membership without sick pay entitlement exists. Our appeal of 19.07.2011 was forwarded to a contradiction committee, until today without result. Any correspondence from us is received with the remark "received and kept on file" answered. It should be noted that her employer has been asked by the health insurance company to reclaim the payment for the first six weeks. But was rejected by the employer.

What is going wrong here, how to do.

Hello to all! In January this year I had an appointment with a doctor. The invoice was sent only in April and since then no other letter. Yesterday I found the bill and transferred it immediately. In the invoice it says "Transfer within 3 weeks".

I now have some doubts because I got the bill 3 months later and only now was paid. I have not received a reminder or a payment reminder. It means that everything is OK? Or what would you do in my position? Should I call the family doctor? Or where can I see if I am a debtor?

After a long illness, my employment was terminated at the end of the year and the remaining vacation of the last two years was compensated with 8000€. The vacation compensation was paid in full (below the exemption limit). This year I received about 20000€ sickness benefit, otherwise there was no other income.

If I enter the values in Steuerfuchs, it results in an additional payment of 1000-1100€. According to sources on the Internet, the vacation compensation would be eligible for the quintuple regulation. However, I can’t find a concrete example that shows what you have to enter in which place of the tax return. I have read something about annex N, but I can’t find it in Steuerfuchs. Does that z.B. with ELSTER?

The year is not even over, but it would be important to know in what way I can dispose of the good 1000€.

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