Signs of the beginning of labor – 6 clear signals!

During some Signs the birth days before announce the birth, others are Signs that the birth is about to start, quite acute and your baby will soon be on its way. Some of these typical physical changes know surely everyone or heard already once in the birth preparation course of it! You often hear that your water suddenly breaks or that you go into labor.

The good thing is that the vast majority of changes that indicate that the birth is about to begin do not have to make you anxious at all! Only a few signals indicate that you should really go to the clinic soon.

But in general: If you feel insecure and worried, or if your baby suddenly moves so little that you would rather have a check-up, you should still go. But this concerns then less the Signs that the birth is about to start, but is simply a general precaution.

Which Signs the upcoming birth I have summarized here how you should announce your baby’s arrival and what signals your body is giving you.

Soon to be born signs

Signs birth days before:

1. The mucus plug breaks!

There is always confusion about whether you need to go to the hospital when the mucus plug comes loose. No, you usually do not have to. Although this event takes place shortly before the birth, it is quite possible that it will take a few more days after the mucus plug is released.

2. Your belly is descending!

While in the last weeks and months there was less and less room in your stomach, you might have had heartburn and problems with breathing, you will now suddenly notice that this condition is changing! At the end of pregnancy, the baby slowly moves into the pelvis to assume the correct position for the imminent birth. So, if your belly is lowering, this is a sure sign that your baby is moving downward. This can happen a few weeks before birth and does not mean that it will start within the next two or three days! So you have to be patient a little longer.

3. Your baby moves less!

This is also quite normal. Your baby will soon be on its way out and is now gathering strength. In addition, there is hardly any room left in the uterus for wild kicking. And this is another reason why your baby will be calmer. However, if you are worried or if your baby is moving less as a result of a certain event (for example, if you have had a fall), do not hesitate to have it checked. No one is angry with an expectant mother for going to the hospital for a check-up, just to be on the safe side.

4. The digestion is going crazy!

A few days before the birth, your stool may become increasingly thin. A full intestine makes the way out naturally narrower. Consequently, your body is trying to get rid of excess baggage to "clear the way".

Signs of impending birth – coming soon!

1. Water breaks – and now?

It doesn’t happen that often that a birth starts with the rupture of the membranes – only about 15% of the births start this way. The most important thing to know is whether your baby’s head is already firmly in the pelvis when the bubble bursts! If this is not the case, you should be transported quickly and lying down to the nearest hospital, so that the umbilical cord cannot be pinched. The color and smell of the leaking amniotic fluid also tells you whether you should go. If the leaking amniotic fluid is greenish, you need to hurry, because it indicates that your baby has already passed the first stool – the puerperal fluid. This in turn can mean that he is not doing so well. Therefore, in this case, you should go directly to the hospital. The normal case, however, is that the amniotic fluid is clear and inconspicuous and the baby is already firmly seated in the pelvis. In this case, you can assume that it will probably start soon. To be on the safe side, check with your midwife or clinic to see if you should go ahead and feed or if you should still wait.

2. Labor!

That this signs the upcoming birth you know for sure, because there is hardly a clearer one. You can recognize real contractions, i.e. those that accompany childbirth, as follows: If you lie down in the warm bathtub or change your position, the contractions will not subside. Contractions occur regularly and become stronger. The interval between contractions is getting shorter and shorter. If your contractions come at regular intervals of less than 10 minutes, you should contact your midwife or the hospital and leave if necessary. Here you will find some more tips on how to breathe in labor!


This very nice and informative video gives you again a great summary of the possible harbingers. The most important Soon to be born signs are well explained and summarized here.

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How exactly at the end of your own pregnancy the birth will start, you will see of course. Not all the signals described here will take place beforehand at your birth, because that the Soon to be born signs How changes in the baby’s activity or even a rupture of the membranes is not necessarily true for every woman.

Whenever you are unsure, ask your midwife, the clinic or your doctor or. your doctor.

You will also get a lot of good and valuable information about the beginning of the birth in the birth preparation course. We have provided you with an overview of suitable courses in the big online childbirth preparation course comparison compiled.

In addition, we have written another article for you, in which you can find out how You can speed up the birth process if you have passed the ET.

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