Simple windsor node: how to bind

The "Simple Windsor" is a classic tie knot and the simple version of the real (double) Windsor knot – it is also called the small Windsor. It lives up to its name, because it is easy and fast to bind and still looks elegant. That’s why it is very popular in the business world.

As a standard knot, it is an all-rounder and harmonizes with almost any shirt collar. Ideally, the Simple Windsor can be combined with a button-down collar, TAB collar, or Kent collar, since it is relatively slim.

The Simple Windsor Knot is suitable for almost any tie shape, but it is preferred for ties that are wider or made of stiff fabrics. But also narrower ties get a nice look with this tying technique.

Hint: The Simple Windsor node is not symmetric. If you prefer a really nice, symmetrical knot – especially recommended for a shirt with a wide shark collar – you should choose the Double Windsor or the American ("Shelby").

How to bind the Simple Windsor correctly.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions:

1. First put up the shirt collar.

2. Put the tie around your shoulder so that the wide end of the tie, which is on the left side of your chest, is slightly longer than the narrow end.

3. Cross the long side to the right over the short side. Fix this point from above with the index and middle fingers of the left hand, while the thumb presses against it from below.

4. Take the longer side under the cross to the left and pull it up through the neck loop.

5. Then run the wide end from the right side along behind the knot to the front, thus going around the knot once. Hold the knot with your fingers so that it does not warp.

6. Then pull the wide end on the right side again from below through the neck loop upwards.

7. Push the wide end of the tie through the resulting loop from top to bottom.

8. Now gently pull on the shorter, narrow end of the tie, pushing the knot upwards as you do so. Please make sure that the top shirt button is closed.

9. Finally, align the "Simple Windsor Knot" so that it forms a symmetrical triangle shape.

10. Finally, attach the shorter, narrow end to the back of the tie by means of the retaining loop.

It did not work perfectly yet? Do not worry. Then just watch the video with our vivid demonstration:

The icing on the cake for every tie knot: the "final touch

Before the final tightening of the finished tie knot comes the Tie styling: a "dent" is pressed into the wide end just below the knot. The English gentleman calls them "dimple", which means dimple.

Two sentences should be added to the Length of the tie mentioned: The wide end should be a little longer than the narrow end. And no matter how slim or round your belly is, the tip of the tie ends at the level of the belt buckle.

To prevent the narrow end from slipping out sideways under the wide one, it should be through the loop at the back of the wide end to be pulled. Some (small) gentlemen also put the narrow end through the gap between first and second shirt button. This makes the narrow end ‘invisible’ (be careful with thinner white shirts, however, this technique should still be sufficiently well hidden. ).

Tips and tricks:

The Simple Windsor Knot is basically wearable for any figure. However, large tie wearers and tie wearers with a strong belly should never wear ties that are too short, or rather, too tight. Tie the tie too short. The simple tie knot does not use much ‘fabric’ and is therefore suitable for tall men who do not have an XL tie at hand. Even better for tall men with a "tie problem" is the Kent knot. Smaller tie wearers should rather opt for narrow ties. If you have some belly, never tie the tie too short. A finished tie has the optimal length when the tip of the tie ends at about the belt line. A tip still to the conclusion: After each wearing, the tie knot should be carefully untied, the tie smoothed out and placed on a tie rack for hanging out. Not yet found the right tie or tailored shirt? Click here for a large selection of fashionable ties and customizable made-to-measure shirts .

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