Sperma – the male ejaculat

The blow job is not without reason one of the most popular sexual games for men. The pleasant warm feeling and also a little submissiveness of the partner at this moment are what catapult the blowjob to one of the top places on the popularity list of men.

Again and again all kinds of questions are asked in this context and the answers you find on the Internet are often based on dangerous half-knowledge.

We have listed for you the most frequently asked ones Questions about sperm and give you here well-founded answers, clear up with prejudices and share information with you, which you possibly did not know yet.

What is sperm?

Let’s start slowly for now and clarify basic issues:

What is sperm at all? It is Semen, that comes out of the urethra of the male penis during ejaculation. It resembles a slimy, gelatinous liquid that looks milky-cloudy and can take on a yellowish-gray color.

If you are also wondering whether there is now Semen or ejaculate means you are right about both. Ejaculate is another way to describe it.

How does sperm smell?

As with taste, different influencing factors also contribute to certain changes with regard to smell. So often circulates the Prejudice that sperm would smell bad and unpleasant. However, one can leave this statement by no means so stand, because this is mostly only the case if one (s) it with the intimate care does not take so exactly and/or the best piece is even affected by a venereal disease.

Under certain circumstances, however, even a completely healthy man who attaches great importance to personal hygiene can be quite nauseous smelly ejaculate produce.

This is then in the vast majority of cases related to the diet. There are certain foods that are notorious for giving the ejaculate a rather dubious flavor.

These include, for example, cabbage, garlic and also asparagus (especially green). Basically, however semen, if none of the above factors apply, a nutty smell aftergesagt. Often chestnuts are also used as an example.

How does sperm taste?

Again and again the question comes up Taste of semen on. Women who know of their partner’s desire to ejaculate in their mouths are a little irritated beforehand and have concerns about the taste. After all, even during the orgasm of the partner in such a case, they still want to look pleasurable and not disgusted.

Basically, this question can hardly be answered in a general way, because it has been proven that taste is causally related to nutrition.

Mostly this is called salty described, but often also as milky and nutty ; however, can certain foods influence the taste of the ejaculate positively or negatively.

For example Pineapple juice said, the ejaculation a sweetish note to confer. However also only after the consumption of more than one liter of juice.

A rather unpleasant influence have on the taste against it garlic, beer and even aspirin. So you should better not expect a culinary highlight here.

Why does semen taste salty?

One of the areas that most myths are associated with when it comes to ejaculate is taste. Although this is significantly influenced by the diet in the previous 12-24 hours, strikingly often sperm a certain salty note according to.

Again and again the question of the cause arises here. However, this is explained relatively quickly, as it is also the case with Salt to one of the many components of sperm acts. Therefore, a certain salty nuance can hardly be surprising.

How healthy are sperm really?

Often you also hear and read about a supposed special Health aspect of sperm . Does this common opinion stand up to closer scrutiny, however? This question can be answered with an unequivocal "yes".

Even among scientists, opinions on this subject diverge considerably in some areas. While some experts believe that there are no sufficiently well-founded results confirming the health value of ejaculate, many other scientists are of the opposite opinion.

For example, there are medical studies that prove a positive effect of hormones and neurotransmitters absorbed through the vaginal mucosa. The blowjob recipient can analyze the health of his own ejaculate by the sperm color already in advance.

Spermidine meanwhile, a compound formed by the prostate gland, which helps the body dispose of damaged proteins from the cells, also strengthens the view of the health-promoting effect of sperm.

Spermidine is also said to slow down the aging of the skin and counteract wrinkles. This compound is even said to have a positive effect on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. So, in conclusion, it is difficult to clarify with certainty if Sperm actually has a health-promoting effect. However, there are actually studies and researches which suggest that it is possible.

What is contained in an ejaculated egg?

Also the Composition of the sperm is always a source of discussion. Wrongly, because in fact this "mystery" has actually been decoded for a long time. Sperm consists of different components, of which, however, one particular element alone accounts for the lion’s share of the "ingredients" at about 95%. An element, which is of elementary importance quasi everywhere, where life in general is concerned; namely water. Yes, in fact, it consists predominantly of Most of water .

Doesn’t sound very spectacular, does it? However, if you look at the composition of the remaining 5%, it gets a little more exciting. Because here cavort any amount of different components.

In essence, the ejaculate can first of all be divided into To divide two superordinate components . The sperm and the so-called secretion or. The seminal fluid. The actual sperm make up only 0.5% of the total ejaculate. All the rest is composed mainly of water and other components such as dopamine, norepinephrine, tyrosine, vasopressin, oxytocin and different odorants (pheromones), estrogens and endorphins.

How much protein does sperm have?

Here we have to do with a typical question and at the same time also with one of the biggest misconceptions about sperm . Again and again, many people sit Misconception at, there would be a lot of protein in sperm. Every now and then your partner may jokingly talk about the "extra portion of protein" that he generously gives you in this context.

However, this myth does not stand up to closer scrutiny. In fact protein content in sperm comparatively low, almost negligible.

As a rule, you can assume that you will hardly have more than one percent protein recording when you do your partner the favor of swallowing his cum. And that with an amount of 2 to 6 milliliters of ejaculate. So we’re talking 0.02 – 0.06 mg of protein here. For comparison – a hen’s egg contains about 13 g of protein. So if you’re aiming for an efficient source of protein – eat an egg instead. The blowjob is more for pleasure than for protein supply.

How long does sperm survive?

There are also different views on this question. However, this is primarily due to the fact that in this context, various accompanying circumstances are always based on. So the correct answer to this question would have to be: "It depends!". Because the Survival time of sperm depends causally on the environment in which they move.

For example, sperm survive only a few seconds in bath water, a pool, a basin or similar, whereas the survival time in the female body is quite long up to 5 days can amount to. "Trapped" in a condom, the "half-life" of the sperm is a few hours and even in the air the sperm can survive up to 24 hours under favorable conditions.

So, as you can see, there is no universal answer to this question. Too different are the individual conditions and accompanying circumstances , than that a general statement could be made here.

How long does sperm survive in the air?

Spermatozoa are sometimes characterized by extremely tenacious survival abilities From. Of course, this is causally related to the accompanying circumstances, because outside the body the sperm are quite sensitive and do not understand any fun when it comes to disturbing factors.

Basically, sperm require for their own well-being the liquid in which they prefer to move, namely the Sperm. This, however, changes significantly as soon as it comes into contact with air.

And to such a significant extent that the sperm were able to compensate for this change only a few minutes forgive for a long time before they become practically useless. In principle, the faster the ejaculate dries up, the sooner the sperm die. So, of course, the ejaculate is also in a sterile, sealed container outside the body; however, here it will dry up considerably more slowly, so that the sperm may well survive for several hours in such an environment.

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