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Sad but true: students are usually short of money and have to keep their heads above water with boring 450 euro jobs parallel to their studies. The classic jobs include waitressing, tutoring or sitting at the cash register – but who wants to do that?? Even more so, when the big, wide internet offers so many opportunities? We have five tips for you on how to make money online.

Tip 1: Freelancer

Unbound, flexible in terms of time and self-employed: This is what the work of a freelancer looks like. Admittedly, the security of a permanent position is not offered and there are also no contributions to the insurance on the part of the employer. But as a student, you don’t really need this if the above factors outweigh the rest for you. Best of all, many freelance jobs are now location-independent, so you can work from anywhere and don’t have to spend all day in a dreary office.

Freelance jobs are available in a wide variety of fields, but mostly in the creative sector. If you are fit with words, a copywriter position is a good choice: Blog articles, product descriptions, etc. will be the order of the day for you, charged per total text, word or hour. Graphic designers or photographers are also often sought after. Computer scientists, especially for UX design, also have very good chances to get a freelance part-time job.

Recommend the online platform, where you can find permanent positions, internships and freelance jobs in the creative field.

Tip 2: Surf the web

You love to surf the web and discover new sites? Then turn your pastime into a part-time job! eVisitors pays you for surfing certain pages. By fully automated stream, by advertising mail or by click ads you visit the pages of the advertising partners of eBesucher and receive money for it. Registration is free, you do not have to buy anything and if you do not feel like clicking through the Internet, you just do nothing. From an earning of 2 euros you can get paid via paypal or bank transfer. Earning money online has never been easier.

Tip 3: Ebay, Momox, Rebuy – declutter and cash in while you’re at it

Unread books are collecting dust on your shelves, technical literature that you haven’t used since your first semester is piled up in the back corner of your closet, and we’re not even talking about the enormous DVD collection that no one has watched in years. Clearing out is liberating and if you can make money doing it, all the better – so just sell what you don’t need anymore.

Ebay is the classic among the web pages, on which one can sell used things. Create an offer and specify the desired immediate price or let the bidders increase. Both methods require patience, plus it’s possible you won’t sell at all. If this is too long and tedious for you, there are sites like Momox or Rebuy where you can sell directly to the company. the price is shown to you in advance and as soon as you agree, you send all entered items for free. A few days later the money will be credited to your account. But don’t expect to pay a lot of money for books, clothes, etc. there are partly only cent amounts.

Tip 4: Product tester

Testing creams and deodorants, tasting chocolate. so you can also earn money online! As a product tester, for example for Rewe, P&G, or other large companies, you’ll try out new products before they’re even introduced to the market. After the test phase, you give your opinion and thus help to improve the products. Besides earning money, it’s a great way to help shape products and help others with their buying decisions.

Tip 5: Online surveys

If you like to share your opinion, you can also earn money with it – two birds with one stone. Online surveys are particularly suitable for this, because they can be comfortably worked off while watching television. You will be asked questions about various topics, products or services, which you will have to answer; sometimes, however, it is more a matter of making recommendations. Basically, it comes down to your feedback, which is then evaluated together with the data of other participants.

As a reward, there is not always cash on hand, but usually rewards, vouchers or cashback, for example on Toluna. Online surveys are not the ultimate when it comes to making money online, but it is a good option every now and then. However, we do not recommend this during exams, as it is too distracting and time-consuming.

Tip 6: Online tutor for German

If you love languages, of course we have something for you in this area as well. Exchange students as well as other pupils and students are always looking for a good private tutor or tutor to improve their German. However, not everyone can afford private school or a home tutor. An alternative is Preply. This is an online platform where seekers can search and book a private language teacher. This is also a good way for you to earn money online as a student. All you have to do is master the language you offer and register as an online teacher on the platform. Afterwards, customers can find you on the website and hire you.

By teaching German on Preply you can quickly build up a good side income. You set your price and the lessons take place via video chat. You receive your earnings directly to your account, which makes the process similar to when you create an offer as a freelancer on a freelancer platform and are hired.

When it comes to earning money online, reliability is everything

There are countless websites that offer fast money – unfortunately, this is not always true. Be sure to check if they are also serious. With big, well-known sites like Ebay or Momox, for example, there is no danger. If you are not sure whether a site is serious, inform yourself in advance and google testimonials or tests.

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