Templates for the company christmas party invitation

Company Christmas parties do not always have the best reputation, which is why some of those invited simply stay away from the festivities. So that as many as possible come, the invitation should already arouse anticipation and desire for the celebration.

Templates for the company Christmas party invitation

"Every year again" … What already sounds like a boring routine, certainly does not ignite the great anticipation of the "social gathering at the end of the year". Therefore it is advisable to make with the topic invitation Christmas celebration a bow around strongly tried phrases, above all, if they possess already so little radiant emittance like the above quoted song beginning.

Because in the pre-Christmas period the appointments – professionally as well as privately – crowd in. Who is then anyway under pressure, tries to avoid unlovely or not absolutely necessary things. The goal, however, is of course to have as many of the employees, invited business associates or customers as possible attend your Christmas party. The invitation can contribute a lot to this.

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Christmas party invitation: the right time

The question of the right time is not so easy to answer: If one invites a lady or a man to a wedding, it is not so easy Too tight before the feast, many of those invited may already have another obligation on that day due to tight schedules during Advent. If the invitation is accepted very early, the anticipation is such a thing. In early autumn, for example, no one is in the pre-Christmas mood yet, so the "Oh, yes, I want to go there" effect is likely to be somewhat restrained.

So what to do? The solution is hidden under the long naturalized "Save the Date", which does not necessarily have to be called that. There is also something like "announcement" and "forewarning", but the principle is clear: Send by e-mail the date to mark and later the official invitation with all the trimmings.

Invitation Christmas Party - Save the Date

The advance notice can be designed, but can also come across quite simply.

The plan may look like this:

  • For employees of medium-sized and larger companies, it is advisable to send a save-the-date e-mail of about ten weeks before of the celebration. Since in many companies anyway set a specific day (penultimate Friday before Christmas Eve or similar), this can also be done under the subject "Do not forget!" run. If the stay-away rate is high, curiosity should be aroused here already by a hint. The actual invitation can then two weeks before may take place, possibly only one week.

The save-the-date mail should be sent out about ten weeks before the party

  • If external guests are invited, the procedure must be adapted to them. For particularly busy executives, a Save the Date with also circa ten weeks lead time sensible, the invitation itself three to two weeks before of the celebration. With extremely important guests it is advisable to coordinate the date in advance.
  • If the celebration is limited to employees or colleagues of a small company or a manageable department, a Save the Date is unnecessary mostly, since the date is specified together. If this is not the case, the appropriate time depends heavily on the company culture. For a start-up with predominantly young people, advance notice may be all that’s needed five weeks before of the party, in the case of a department with field staff, more long-term planning must be made. For the invitation itself, the planned type of celebration plays a role. If a caterer is hired, it is necessary to be able to indicate the fixed number of people in time. If the team meets only for a Christmas pub round, everything remains variable until the end.

Christmas party invitation: what to include!

Whether it’s a flippant postcard or a classy letter, there are a few things that absolutely belong in a Christmas party invitation – if only for the sake of planning security:

  • Exact TimeIt is best to mention the exact date as well as the day of the week, e.g.: Friday, the 15th. December 20XX. Close to it should be placed the time, namely the start of the event and if necessary also the time for the earliest entrance.
  • DurationEvery employee or other guest wants to know how long the party will last. If there is a prescribed end for any reason, this should be mentioned. If you only want to complete the so-called compulsory part, you should be able to estimate when the evening will move on to the freestyle part. For this purpose, phrases such as "from 10 p.m., the social part begins" or "after dessert, dancing is allowed" are suitable.
  • VenueEven if it is a well-known pub, the exact address should be mentioned. Out-of-town guests may even need a map of the location. Helpful tips about public transportation or parking near the location are well received by everyone.
  • Who may come?Most company Christmas parties are for employees only, but sometimes partners or other people are allowed to attend. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, it should be made clear who exactly is invited. The most elegant way to do this is to use the reply function: "Yes, I will come with xx people" suggests that someone else may be brought along, a simple "Yes, I will come" signals that the invitation is intended only for the addressee. But there are also other possibilities like "the Christmas party for our employees" or "we are looking forward to seeing you and your partner".
  • Dress codeSometimes it is already obvious from the choice of the location which clothing is suitable. If this is not obvious or a dress code is actually required, this should be stated in the invitation. This can be stated succinctly at the end as a kind of P.S. or it can be integrated into the body text.
  • Feedback call for: For planning purposes, you obviously need to know how many people will actually be on site. Indicate the day by which invitees must RSVP or cancel their invitation. Best to leave two days of breathing room here until the real deadline to catch latecomers. A reply function or card makes the process easier.
  • Mention special features: Is there a shuttle to the venue or can a vegetarian menu be ordered in advance? This information should also be included in the invitation.

Email or printed invitation?

A company with several hundred employees will probably be happy to send the invitation by e-mail, if only for cost reasons. If you want to show your employees a special appreciation or celebrate in a smaller circle, you should use printed invitations. These can be distributed internally for the employees.

External guests should always receive a printed card or letter. The invitation is sent by mail to the invited person’s company or to his or her home.

As a tip to keep in mind for the Christmas party: outline the course of the evening in a small program (e.g.B. a folded flyer) print out& Distribute at all tables and the entrance. In this way, everyone can keep track of the day of the event.

Mandatory Christmas party?

No one has to attend a company Christmas party against their will, says labor law. To get employees or colleagues who like to avoid such festivities to attend the party anyway, you can use a trick: Design your invitation so that attendance is the norm. Those who "can’t" must explicitly cancel their registration.

Various phrases can support the appeal to "moral obligation": "celebrate with all of you," "strengthen cohesion," "let everyone end the year together," etc.

Christmas party invitation: design

The first impression counts. If an invitation is original or exquisite, the addressee will feel a much stronger desire to attend the Christmas party than if there is an uninspired letter in a plain business envelope on the conventional company paper. This is more likely to create the feeling described at the beginning of this article: "Every year again". Exactly this can be prevented with a few means.

  • PaperIn no case should you use the usual stationery with a bold logo and bank details. At most, a representation sheet is possible, but a more noble paper, which is discreetly branded, is of course more beautiful.
  • Card: More valuable than a letter presents a card, especially a double card. If you want to be exclusive, you can choose different finishes for your invitations, such as a linen cardboard or a hammered cardboard. However, the card should in any case correspond to the style of the company and the celebration.
  • EnvelopeThe envelope should match the letter or card in terms of the material used, and should ideally be the same color.
  • Fancy: An unusual format stands out from the pile of mail. How about an extra-long postcard, for example, which also serves as an admission ticket to the party?? If you want to be creative yourself, you can also design cards in the shape of a gift box or a Christmas tree ball.
  • Color: Dark red and dark green are the traditional Christmas colors and also look classy. A card in one of these two colors or a combination of both always looks chic. White for the association with snow also does very well due to its freshness and is the ideal partner for winter motifs. Of course, the corporate color also comes into question, if it can be integrated coherently.
  • MotifChristmas motifs: fir branches, Christmas tree, reindeer sleigh, angels, snowflakes, holly branches or bells: there are a number of Christmas motifs that can be used. Some of it is kitschy, but some is timelessly beautiful. Everything fits, as long as it matches the chosen color. Caution is advised only with some "funny" motifs. Not everyone has the same sense of humor and one or two guests may even feel offended.
  • HandwrittenWith hundreds of invited guests, not every card can be handwritten. If the celebration takes place in a smaller circle, a handwritten invitation is quite common, but not mandatory. However, it is important to have a real signature.
  • ShippingIf the invitations are sent by post, they should not be put through the franking machine, but franked with a special stamp. The address can be handwritten or printed on an address label.
  • GiftA small gift underlines the value of each invitation. This can be a practical pocket warmer for the cold season or – especially if you have a large number of invitations and if they are sent by mail: flat Christmas tree tags.

Text templates for Christmas party invitations

Text templates also available for free download
In the PDF document you will find all our text proposals for easy downloading. Practical also to keep for Christmas party invitations in the coming years.

We have come up with pre-announcements and invitation letters for different types of celebrations and target groups. You can combine individual set pieces as you wish or insert them into your own texts. Or also adopt a complete template – if it should fit.

Save the Date

1 Save the Date 1

who is already thinking about Christmas? Almost no one – except us. We have already thought about our big celebration and this time we have booked a very unusual location. This is not yet revealed, but of course the date: 18. December 20xx. Please make a big note in your calendar!

Your/your (board, company)

2 Save the Date 2

Dear Mrs. XX,

During the Advent season we all have a lot of hustle and bustle instead of contemplation. In this hustle and bustle, we would like to offer you a little oasis of calm: at our Christmas party at Resort Lavinia. So that it does not fall victim to the pre-Christmas deadline pressure, we are already sending you the date: 12. December 20xx. You will receive the official invitation in the last week of November.

Your (board of directors, company)

3 Save the Date 3

it’s still a little way off, but the date is already here today: On 8. December 20XX at 19 o’clock we will have our big christmas party. Please block the appointment!

Yours/Yours (Board of Directors, Company)

4 Save the Date 4

It’s only the end of September … Yes, we know! But because it’s so important to us that you celebrate Christmas with us, we’re already telling you the date today. On 14. December 20xx at 6 pm we will start. Please reserve this evening for us. You will receive an invitation with the details by mail.

Invitation texts for employees and colleagues

1 Employees and colleagues 1

Dear employees,

we want to celebrate! And with you all at 12. December in the Boxberg Arena, where a Mediterranean gourmet buffet awaits you after the champagne reception. Afterwards, anyone who wants can try their hand at karaoke or bullriding. Those who like it quieter can retire to one of the cozy lounges and enjoy a drink from the cocktail bar. There’s a big surprise in the foyer at 11 p.m.

Your (board, company)

2 employees and colleagues 2

after the turbulent past weeks we all deserved a big breather. Because the results of the XX tour have exceeded our expectations by far, this year we invite you to an exquisite Christmas party.

A shuttle in front of the main entrance will take you to our location, which is still to remain a secret. We can only reveal this much: You will enjoy a delicious meal and an unforgettable evening!

You/your (board, company)

3 Employees and colleagues 3

Dear employees,

it is almost done! The business year is coming to an end and thanks to all of you it has become a great success. Thanks a lot!

Let us celebrate this together! On the 13th. December, from 18 o’clock in the Grey Hare in the Fontanestrabe 32. Axel Moller and his team will conjure up a Christmas festive menu for us. Afterwards, head to the big party at the Bella Bar.

There is no dress code, but ladies in festive dresses and gentlemen in suits have been seen at the Bella ..

You/your (board, company)

4 Employees and colleagues 4

Dear colleagues,

The cash registers never ring sweeter than in the pre-Christmas period … we all know that. Nevertheless, we take the time for a year-end party that makes us forget the December stress for a while.

Celebrate Christmas with us at Kelster! After a delicious buffet, everyone gets to try their hand at the Knecht-Rupprecht sack race and the Christmas tree ball shooting contest. The winners will of course receive a prize.

Please come as all as possible. We count on you!

Leo and Ulli from marketing

5 Employees and colleagues 5

Dear colleagues,

and yet we celebrate Christmas! For a long time it looked like our traditional party would have to be cancelled completely this year. Thanks to your extraordinary commitment and your great willingness to make sacrifices, Hoffmann GmbH is once again on the right track.

As a heartfelt thank you, we invite you to a Christmas dinner with your colleagues on 14. December, at 7 p.m. at the Goldenen Hirschen. The frame is a bit smaller for the known reasons, but a big surprise is waiting for you anyway!

Please by no later than 5. December in the list in the secretary’s office!

Yours/Yours (Board of Directors, Company)

6 Employees and colleagues 6

Hello world best team!

You were incredible this year! That’s why we have prepared a mega Christmas party for you and your better half: on 22. December from 20 o’clock in the Strandhaus.

What to wear?: anything (we take you as you are)
Do I need to bring anything?: a part you’ve wanted to get rid of for a long time (for scrap metal Secret Santa)
How long do we celebrate?We will see then ..
May I also cancel?: Definitely no.

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