Test electric shavers for daily shaving

Many electric shavers in test remove beards well. Some stubble killers, however, pluck the skin, shy away from water or don’t last long. Smooth cheeks are available from 89 euros.

Test electric shavers Test results for 12 electric shavers 10/2021

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Electric shavers on test: grades from good to poor

The one shaver pulls and plucks at the beard, leaves a lot of stubble and the skin burns after the torture. No one wants to start the day like this – especially not someone with sensitive skin. Quite different from the test winner. It shaves quickly and thoroughly without harming the skin. As different as a shaving experience can be, so different are the scores in Stiftung Warentest’s electric shaver test: They range from good to poor.

Expensive extras. Smooth cheeks are already available for little money. Extras such as a swiveling shearing head, a particularly powerful battery or an automatic cleaning station often drive up the price. The test winner offers all three, but costs with 550 euros also by far the most.

This offers the electric shaver test of Stiftung Warentest

  • Test results. The table shows ratings for 12 electric shavers, including several models from market leaders Philips and Braun (prices: 45 to 550 euros). Most models can also be used with gel or foam as a wet-dry shaver. The shavers had to prove how thoroughly and gently they remove beard hair, how comfortable they are in the hand and how long the battery and shaving heads last.
  • Purchase advice. Which type of shaver are you?? Should the shave be above all thorough, gentle, fast, quiet or comfortable?? Do you need an automatic cleansing station?? With our shaver test, everyone can find the best electric shaver for their needs. We tell which models can be used in the shower and which ones allow battery replacement.
  • Booklet article. If you activate the topic, you will receive access to the PDF of the test report from test 10/2021.

Test electric shavers Test results for 12 electric shavers 10/2021

No one can touch wet shavers

A total of 48 men shaved for us in the lab – half daily, the other half every five days. With each device they shaved one half of the face clean, with another device the second half. This half side test makes the direct comparison possible: Which equipment works more thoroughly, which spares the skin better? All devices removed the stubble reliably one day. However, no electric dry shaver left skin as smooth as a good wet shaver. Background: wet shavers pull the beard hair slightly out of the skin before cutting it off. Afterwards, cheeks and chin feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Electric shavers, on the other hand, only cut off the hair that gets through the shaving foil to the blade. There remains a noticeable hairline.

By the way: The last men’s wet razor test by Stiftung Warentest showed that blades of reusable and disposable razors dull at very different rates. Which method of hair removal is suitable for whom, shows our special on the subject of hair removal.

The electric shaver test in video

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Lab and subject tests. Only the best electric shavers pass the elaborate test.

Regular costs for shaving heads

To test the durability of the devices, we simulated seven years of daily use in an endurance test. The shaving foils lasted much longer than indicated by the suppliers. Remington recommends new shaving foils and blades every six months for 35 euros, Braun every 18 months new shaving heads for up to 70 euros. After simulated one and a half years of use in our endurance test, most shaving heads shaved almost like new ones. Even after three and a half years it still worked out well with almost everyone. Only one model showed a noticeable deterioration in quality.

Independent. Objective. Incorruptible.

Batteries of the shavers often can not be changed

We rated devices with batteries so tightly sealed that not even the customer service department can change them as poor for the environment. Only with two providers the change is possible without any problems, one of them offers to install new batteries up to seven years after the end of production and charges between 20 and 30 euros plus postage for this service. The remaining devices are electrical scrap, if their accumulator breaks down. Then they do not function also with cable any longer.

Cleaning by hand or cleaning station

Regular maintenance after each use increases durability. All models in the test can be easily cleaned by hand: tap out, remove any stubble with a brush and rinse off. Three devices of the test have a cleaning station, which cleans the shaving head automatically. The cleaning fluid for this costs around five to eight euros per cartridge, depending on the supplier.

Electric razor test Test results for 12 electric razors 10/2021

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