That’s why we are now looking forward to spring in schweinfurt

It’s February, cold and wet are the order of the day. Many have been fed up with winter for a few weeks now, but it’s still a little while before spring arrives. Only on 20. March is the calendrical start of spring, but we are already looking forward to the following things.

The first ice cream in the sunshine

Is there a better feeling than treating yourself to the first ice cream of the season in the warm sunshine? Whether vanilla, stracciatella or fruity mango – numerous ice cream parlors offer all varieties of the cold sweet in the city and invite you to take a little stroll through Schweinfurt.

If that’s sometimes too much hustle and bustle for you: It’s also simply special to explore the city center in the evening with a delicious ice cream in your hand – even in the dark. The night still falls quite early.

Delicious ice cream! Photo: Pascal Hofig

Walk without a thick jacket

Who is getting tired of gloves, hats and thick coats?? Fortunately, with the arrival of spring, temperatures are rising again and we can finally stop shivering as we wander around in loose jackets and airy sneakers. And on particularly warm days we can even show (spring) color again and present ourselves in a T-shirt or a little dress. Is there actually a fresher feeling?

These are the trends spring brings. Photo: Konsti

Enjoying a glass of wine on the balcony

Without question – wine can also be drunk in winter. But it’s a completely different feeling to finally sit on the terrace and balcony again and let your Franconian soul dangle with a glass of wine. Or maybe over a cup of coffee? Preferably with a good book or a piece of cake from a Schweinfurt store – after all, you don’t treat yourself to anything else.

Unwinding with a coffee and a book. Photo: Katharina Kraus

Hiking in the vineyards

Walking is obviously the most popular activity during the pandemic – but it’s also really healthy, so it strengthens the circulation and the immune system. Who has no more desire, already the 100. Going for a walk around the block on a sunny weekend could also be a longer hike through the vineyards. It’s nice to stroll in the district of Schweinfurt or a little further – if you ever feel the need to get out of the city.

View over the vineyards and Escherndorf in March. Photo: Jessica Hanse

Admiring flowers

With the onset of spring, one thing in particular changes: nature. In Schweinfurt, too, you can see numerous little flowers sprouting along the roadsides, the trees in the park becoming greener again and blossoms showing their full splendor once more. Seeing the awakening of nature also makes us more active: not only do walks become more beautiful, but you can also pull out your smartphone more often and take some really great photos again.

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