The 10 most beautiful ideas for a children’s birthday party outdoors

Celebrate your birthday outdoors? With the 10 most beautiful ideas for a children’s birthday party outdoors, your party is sure to be unforgettable! We have put together the best themes, locations, games and activities for you.

Celebrate your birthday outdoors? Not only in the pandemic a good idea!

Outdoor children’s birthday parties are always great, because where else can you play so great, romp, be loud and discover a lot of new things? Especially since the Corona Pandemic, outdoor children’s birthday parties have experienced an extra boom.

In addition, the place stays clean and the kids are wonderfully exhausted in the evening. So there is a lot to be said for celebrating a child’s birthday in a park, forest, zoo or climbing park.

When the weather isn’t cooperating. What to do in bad weather?

Only one question remains: the weather! Admittedly, this factor cannot be planned. There are clothes for all weather, but stomping around outside in the rain is something no one really likes to do.

Summer in Germany makes a lot of things possible, but is no guarantee for good weather. Too hot, too cold, too wet – something always is. Nevertheless, I would like to encourage outdoor celebrations, because often more is possible than you think.

Basically, as long as it’s dry, it’s all good. Warm clothes you can put on, hot drinks and a campfire also warm the soul and the common experience will be remembered by all forever.

However, if the forecast is ‘continuous rain’, being brave also means postponing the date.

Where to celebrate the outdoor children’s birthday party?

First question in planning: where to celebrate? If you have your own garden, you are well off. Even without it, there are plenty of ways to celebrate outdoors!

  • Climb. Climbing parks and high ropes courses are a hit even for older kids! We’ve created a special decorating kit for climbing birthday parties. Everything from the invitation to the lunch bag!
  • Discover the forest. Forest playgrounds or barbecue areas are ideal for a forest party. At best there is even a shelter, which can be used in case of rain showers. Call the municipalities, these places can often be reserved very cheaply.
  • City park. The big meadow with old trees is great for ball games, frisbee and a picnic.
  • River or stream banks. Small streams or waterways that are harmless but encourage play and building are great places for kids to play!
  • adventure playgrounds. In many places there are special playgrounds, which have for example a water play area. In Baden-Wurtemberg and the Palatinate the Alla-Hopp playgrounds are super great!
  • Horse farm. Here life is a pony farm. Great love for all horse fans. With the horse party box you are also save in terms of decoration ;-)
  • Llama hike. The cuddly little animals are really cozy walking companions. Afterwards there will be a picnic.
  • Castle. Many castles offer discovery tours for kids. Alternatively a treasure hunt is prepared.
  • Outdoor Cinema. In the garden with beamer and popocorn bar.
  • Geocaching. Running and finding treasure is always fun!
  • Zoo or game park. On your own or as part of a guided tour. Animals always go.
  • Outdoor pool. For older kids the hit, but surely everyone should be able to swim. Fries are a must ;-)
  • Allotment Garden. Grandma’s allotment garden with all the trimmings is a real favorite spot.
  • Skate park. Cruising around on scooters and inline skates.
  • Cornfield. Find your way in the labyrinth and lift the treasure!

Theme for the outdoor children’s birthday party

After the place comes the theme. There is no need for a strict theme when you celebrate a child’s birthday outdoors. Still, a theme helps come up with games and activities for the kids to do. It also makes it easy to match cakes and decorations.

What do you think of these Motti?

  • Beach party in the garden with paddling pool, water fight and ice cream! With self-designed mini beds and seed bombs . A scavenger hunt around the world can be experienced in your own town. . Tie a flower wreath and sit by the Swedish fire.
  • Explorers and discoverers. Try experiments with air and water.

I hope that these The 10 most beautiful ideas for a children’s birthday party outdoors have some inspiration for you and you prepare an unforgettable celebration for your little ones! You deserve it.

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And another super nice blog post! Your inspirations really always come at the right time! My big girl will be 8 at the end of June and since the incidences are now finally nice and low again and you may also meet a few households again, she can celebrate her birthday fortunately (in a small circle). Such a "beach party" in the backyard would totally do her and her friends in, you really got me the perfect idea there. I have also already made a few thoughts and there you can really also super beautiful everything decorate and design. From dried starfish to little lighthouses with tea lights in them and fish sandwiches to little beach decor bags that they can then put their treasures in. A little dream, I’m really looking forward to it myself :D Now the weather just has to finally become really summery…
Thank you for the great posts! You can really see how much effort and work is always behind it.
LG Victoria

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