“The bachelor”: that’s never happened before – this is how dominik greeted the candidates

The red carpet is rolled out, the girls are dressed up: It’s "Bachelor"-Time! Dominik Stuckmann was allowed to meet his 22 single ladies in the first episode – and not without a little fun.

The "Bachelor-Candidates 2022

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Dominik Stuckmann is 29 years old, an entrepreneur, lives in Gran Canaria – and is looking for the big love. The Frankfurt native has sought special help for this: a TV team. He will date 22 women at once in front of running camera as the new Bachelor.

For the Rosenkavalier one thing is particularly important: the first impression. So which lady can score when she gets out of the van and walks down the red carpet towards him? The first two women, Christina R. and Josephine, would probably have imagined their first appearance differently. When they drive up to the villa in the car, the Bachelor is not to be seen far and wide. Because: Dominik Stuckmann has disguised himself as a driver and thus gets an insider’s look, while the ladies chat cluelessly about their dream man ideas.

Dominik Stuckmann: The Bachelor disguised himself as a chauffeur. (Source: RTL)

He reveals his true identity only after he gets out of the car, walks the red carpet to the front of the house and takes off his chauffeur’s cap. Josi and Christina can hardly believe their eyes – moreover, they are ashamed of what they have told him before in his presence. “Most awkward moment ever”, finds Josephine.

The candidates are thrilled

“He has a calming nature, he has beautiful eyes, he”s super nice,” Josi is taken with the production choice when she finally meets him. The TV bachelor can score points not only with her. All the candidates seem to be over the moon. “I think this is the best Bachelor so far,” thinks 23-year-old Lara. “I don”t think there”s anyone who doesn”t think he”s good,” fellow contestant Christina N. moreover surely.

Dominik Stuckmann for his part, however, also awards the one or other compliment. "She"s great, real – even the charisma," he sums up the first conversation with the 29-year-old Jana-Maria. Nele also seems to like him – however, she is an influencer, which leaves "a funny aftertaste" for him. In contrast, there seems to be no chemistry at all between him and contestant Elina. Even at a second attempt in the villa, the two do not warm up to each other, their conversation just does not want to pick up speed, moreover, the 25-year-old seems very reserved.

"Bachelor" candidates 2020: Jana, Vivian, Claudia, Bella, Lara, Josi, Nele, Giannina, Susanna, Bobette, Anna Front V.l.: Franzi, Yasmin, Christina A., Valeria, Irina, Jenny, Natalie, Emily, Christina R., Christina N., Elina (Source: RTL)

On the first evening, it even comes to the first cross-examinations. The single man feels out 21-year-old Gianna and Yasmin, who is two years older than him. Are the two even thinking about planning children? Fact is, he wants to know where the women stand, wants a wife, house and kids himself.

Three girls fly out

But he also has to explain himself to student Lara. Because: Only in March before the filming he ended his six-year relationship. "You"re already away from it now?"the 23-year-old wants to know incredulously. "When you break up, it"s not a thing that happens right away, it"s a process," he explains.

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Three girls can"t score with Dominik Stuckmann during this first sniffing: On the first night of the roses, Elina, Bella and Jenny do not receive a cut flower and have to pack their bags again. With the latter even a few tears roll after the decision. "I did not assume that I have to go now. I was just being myself and apparently that wasn’t enough," the train attendant tries to explain her exit to herself.

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