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CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is a game that has a huge follower community. In addition, new followers are added over time. Therefore, for those taking their first steps in the game, it may be necessary to learn the commands that will allow them to move around the game.

The reality is that Number of commands in CS: GO is quite large. So it’s hard to know them all, but then we leave you with the best commands that are most useful in the game to progress in the best possible way.

Open command console

The first thing we need to do in this case to use these commands in the game, is to open the command console. It depends on whether we use CS: GO on the computer or on Steam, since the procedure is different in both cases. Although none of them cause difficulties for the users. What we need to do is

If you use the computer, type options and then the keyboard. It allows us in this case Create a button to open the command console. So we choose the button that is most convenient for us, so we know that we will never forget it.

If you are using Steam, you need to type CS:GO and then enter the properties. Here we enter the launch options section where we can write console. It is then opened when the application is launched, and this way we can use the commands in the game.

Basic CS: GO commands

When you start playing CS:GO you will notice that There are certain commands that you will use with a certain frequency, or that it is important to know. They are what we can call the basic commands. Below we present the most common ones, which you will surely use more than once in the game:

  • Connection IP: connects you to the server whose IP address is where IP is located, you can enter the one you want enter
  • Try again: Try to reconnect to the last server you were on
  • fragment: disconnects you from your current ingame server
  • Status: displays information about the accounts that are in the game and also about the server
  • Exit: close the game
  • kill: Your character dies

Give command

The give command is one of the most interesting we find in CS: GO, so it’s important that you know it and know how to use it. Thanks to this command we can get any weapon in the game. Although it is important that we do not use it outside of private games or with bots. When we use the command, the weapon appears in front of us, so we just have to pick it up.

  • sv_cheats = 1: Activate the cheats to be able to use the command
  • Give weapon_smokegrenade: Smoke Bomb
  • Give weapon_flashbang: blinding grenade
  • Give weapon_Decoy: Decoy Grenade
  • Give weapon_hegrande: Fragmentation grenade
  • Give weapon_incgrenade: Firebomb
  • Give weapon_molotov: Molotov
  • Give weapon_p90: P-90
  • Gib Waffe_m4a1: M4A1
  • Give weapon_deagle: Desert Eagle
  • Give weapon_x27: X27
  • Give Weapon_glock: Glock
  • Give Weapon_awp: AWP
  • Give weapon_fn: Five Seven

Cheats in CS: GO

There are a number of tricks that are extremely useful in CS: GO, but the we must be careful when using. Since they have certain restrictions, they cannot be used in all games, for example. So this is something we need to take into account, in addition to the fact that in many cases they don’t work or it’s not the right time to use them. Therefore, we need to choose very carefully the situations in which we use them.

When we are in a private game and / or with bots, then we can use these tricks in CS:GO, which is very useful in these cases. They are few, but you are certainly interested in using the following:

  • sv_cheats = 1: Enable cheats in the game
  • NO CLIP: activate the noclip, a trick that allows us to fly and go through walls
  • God: God mode in the game
  • r_drawothermodels 2: activate the Wall hack in the game

HUD commands

The HUD commands in the game refer to what we see on the screen at this moment. So you can focus on aspects such as size, transparency of objects, locations, etc. refer to. They can be useful in many situations, so it’s good to know what options we have in this area and how we can use them:

  • hud_scaling X: Sets the size of the HUD. In this case, the standard value is 0.5
  • cl_drawhud 1: activate the HUD
  • cl_hud_playercount_pos X: Set the status of the live game counter
  • cl_hud_color X: Sets the HUD color based on X. In this case, numbers between 0 and 10 can be used
  • cl_hud_background_alpha X: Determines the transparency of the HUD elements. The default value in this case is 0.5.
  • cl_hud_bomb_under_radar 1: Change the position of the bomb on the radar
  • cl_hud_healthammo_style 1: displays life indicators and HUD bars
  • cl_showloadout 1: show the device on the right side of the screen
  • cl_loadout_colorweaponnames 1: Change the color of the weapon name
  • cl_show_clan_in_death_notice 1: show the Label of the clan the player you killed belongs to.
  • Safezonex 1: Changes the position of the HUD on the horizontal axis.
  • Safety Zone 1: Changes the position of the HUD on the vertical axis.
  • net_graph 1: displays information of any kind on the screen
  • cl_showfps 1: show fps


Furthermore we find certain options or functions, that we can use in CS:GO a little bit to our taste. This way we get a more personalized use of the game at all times. These are details that in many cases have no real impact on the game, but can allow us to use the game more comfortably at certain times. So it’s good to keep it in mind:

  • cl_autowepswitch 0: Disables the automatic shift when we pick up a weapon
  • voice_loopback 1: Can you hear yourself speak
  • closebuy 1: Close buy menu when you have bought an object
  • Price 128000: set the rate to 128000
  • hud_takesshots 1: Grab the score at the end of each game you’ve played
  • gameinstructor_enable 0: Disable teacher messages
  • voice_scale X: adjusts the volume of the voice based on X (0, 0.5, 1) on
  • cl_cmdrate 128: set the cmd to 128
  • cl_updaterate 128: set the update to 128

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