The calm before the next storm

Many walkers enjoyed the sunny Sunday. The wind has slowly decreased during the day. On the coming weekend, however, there is again a big issue in Lubeck: a storm low with falling trees and falling roof tiles.

It really looks like the spring storms have already caught us. The low-pressure systems that rush over our region from Iceland seem to be in charge of each other. We still have the pictures of the Dagebuller Mole in our minds, where the TV reporter announced stormy winds with blowing hair and stood decoratively in the water with her rubber boots. We had a few rotten trees fall down, but fortunately there were no personal injuries, because the winds were not as strong as generally predicted. Actually, they would not need to dismantle the floodlights at the pier and the emergency services should rather prepare themselves for the coming weekend on alarm, because practically just as a weather situation, as we had it at the weekend just, announces itself for the coming weekend already again. As of today, the peak of the storm is expected again next Sunday. Of course, since these are forecasts, this may shift slightly between now and then, but basically the pressure situation shown on the map is very likely to occur. Also very likely is that the west coast of the country will again be much more affected and the wind strengths in the Lubeck area will again be lower. Ground noise should be around force 6 to 7 Bft with possible gusts to force 9. But that’s enough for branches and roof tiles flying around and you should still be very careful. But it looks like the storm will pass through quite quickly.

Fresh winds from the west to northwest are also already in place through the coming weekend and cold rain with possibly even some sleet and a few flakes should also be involved. You can’t really call it winter, because it’s not really frost or snow. Although temperatures are mostly in the lower single digits, warmer spurts to approx. +But 8°C are already there. There thaws then also everything fast away, which possibly briefly remained lying.

This is the way it will continue after the upcoming stormy weekend. Subsequent areas of low pressure together with a fairly stable area of high pressure over southern Europe will then continue to move relatively mild air masses into our region, effectively keeping the Siberian cold away from us. By the middle of the month this is almost certainly the case and then the daily growing power of the sun slowly comes into play. As it looks from today’s point of view, winter will only have the opportunity to store a strong high pressure system over Northern Europe at the beginning of March, which could still bring us real cold this winter.

About it one can say from today’s view still nothing at all. Funny in this context is of course again the legendary weather forecast of Phil, the groundhog from Pennsylvania. That will be next Wednesday, the 2. February, around 7 o’clock local time, that is then with us approximately 14 o’clock, from the sleep torn and asked whether it sees its shade then. If ‘yes’, winter still remains, if ‘no’, spring is imminent. That applies naturally above all to the USA. We prefer not to look at our shadows but rather at the official forecast maps, because even without a groundhog the signs here with us are very clearly pointing to spring. Text/Graphics: Harald Denckmann, Photos: Karl Erhard Vogele

Source: Travemunde News, 30.01.2022, 18:00:08
pressure: 02.02.2022
Link: https://travemuende-aktuell.en/article/

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