The dream of becoming a writer – the key to success

The dream of becoming a writer – the key to success

Become a writer. This is probably one of the most popular dream jobs among children – and, admittedly, among adults as well. I do not exclude myself from this wishful thinking. But what few people know: It can be more than just a dream. Becoming a writer is a career you can take if you know a few tricks of the trade. I learned this secret formula during my time in radio and as a freelance journalist. You want to become a writer? I want to help you.

There are many ways to make money from writing. Freelancers, bloggers, self-publishers and journalists have fulfilled their vision of using their writing to support their income. But let’s not kid ourselves: Being a writer. That would be something, wouldn’t it? If you have this desire, you should realize that there is a lot more to it than publishing a text once or twice a week. Most writers have a secret recipe they don’t want to share with anyone. But luckily you have me, because I have been able to learn this recipe in several interviews with different writers.

What is a writer?

Before I help you get closer to your desire to become a writer, we first have to agree on the definition. What is a writer anyway, what do they do for a living and what do you actually do all day long as a writer? As the word suggests, writers write things down. Whether stories, novels, short stories and novellas – any genre is open to a writer. They are characterized by Creativity and Perseverance From.

There is no training or study that leads to this profession. – Of course, training as a bookseller or studying literature will educate you, but at the end of the day, if you don’t write anything down, it’s of little use to you. So whether you will work in this profession one day depends solely on your passion, your writing style and your desire to write.

So you should think carefully if you meet these requirements. Basically, you should become a writer if you..

  • like to write and read.
  • you have something to tell.
  • you want to work freely and independently.
  • you have good ideas.
  • you are not afraid of new things.

Practice makes perfect

As with so many things in life, practice makes perfect. As I’ve mentioned many times in my writing guide, writing is a kind of craft that can only be learned by practicing and practicing regularly.

The tasks of a writer

people who want to become writers usually have only a rough idea of what these artists accomplish day after day. Publishing a book once a year and then lying down for several months is not going to get you very far these days. Becoming a writer also means many tasks outside of writing accept. These tasks can sometimes be annoying, but they are part of the package and make successful writers. So if you want to become a writer, you should be well aware of these tasks. Your to dos in your new dream job will include:

  • Long research on the Internet, in books and other media
  • The writing of texts
  • Format, edit, and conceptualize content
  • negotiating with publishers and other media
  • edit returns and create concepts
  • Accompany publications
  • Giving readings and going on book tours
  • answering letters and being available for interviews
  • read and accept reviews

Unfortunately, writing is not everything in the job description. But also the other parts can be fun. You just have to know what you’re getting into if you want to be a writer.

Also, you should be aware that very few writers work in a salaried position. Most writers are on your own. This means you usually don’t have a regular income. So, in order to make a living from it, your works must be regularly and successfully be published and sold. A publisher can help you. Publishers pay you in percentages when you have a book published. For example, do you have a circulation of up to 5.000 copies sold, then the publisher usually gives you up to 10% share of the revenue. But in return, it also takes care of marketing and distribution to a large extent for you.

Now how can you become a writer?

If it is really your dream to work in this profession, then you are like me. So now five tips for you, to help you get started in this tough industry.

1. you have waited enough

I am dead serious about this advice. There is no such thing as perfect moment to become a writer. If, then that perfect moment was yesterday anyway and definitely not tomorrow. You live in the here and now, it’s time to realize that and make your dreams a reality. Now. Right after you read this post.

2. Read and learn

If you’re still lacking inspiration and don’t know what unique story you even have to tell, or – on the contrary – you don’t know, like you have them to tell, then take your time and read. After all, your dream is to be read. It would be very hypocritical to cultivate this desire if you yourself do not like to read. After all, a good cook can only prepare good food because he regularly tries new dishes and thus develops himself further.,

3. Start writing

Even if you find it difficult at the moment, only writing will bring you closer to your dream of becoming a writer. While your first notes may never be read by anyone, it will help you find your own voice and style.

4. Don’t give up now!

Everyone knows it, everyone has had it, and everyone hates it: Writer’s block. But this is no reason to panic. Sometimes you just need a short break. Put your notepad aside or just shut down your PC for a while. Then get out in the fresh air, listen to music, read, watch a movie or talk to your friends and family. Inspiration can be found out there just about anywhere. You just have to let it happen.

5. It needs routine and the ability to criticize

The easiest way to get your own book is to develop routines. Make a resolution to sit at your PC and write for a certain number of pages or a certain amount of time every day. Even if you’re just staring at a blank page at this time, you’re inevitably thinking about your future book. Also, it helps if you give your writing to people around you and ask them for their opinion. Criticism can be hard, but it is also helpful.

I wish you to succeed in becoming a writer. It doesn’t matter if you accomplish this goal as a book author, an eBook author, or even as a blogger – like I did. If your dream is to make a living from writing, you can do it and be part of it. Feel free to let me know in the comments where you draw your inspiration from and perhaps what your dream is currently still failing at. I would be happy to help you then.

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