The legend of rome’s founding

The Legend of Rome's Founding

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The Legend of Rome's Founding

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Basics of the topic The legend of Rome’s founding


The origin of Rome

You may know the Romans and the Roman Empire from your history lessons. For many centuries, the Roman Empire the largest and most powerful empire in Europe. Around the birth of the Roman Empire and the founding of its capital Rome, a exciting legend.

Who built Rome and how did it come about? And what role does the she-wolf of Rome play in this founding legend?? How Rome came into being according to the legend is explained in the video and this learning text for children and young people.

How did Rome come into being? – an abridged version

The origins of Rome are located between seven hills near the river Tiber in Italy. There according to the legend 753 v. Chr. the foundation of the city of Rome by Romulus have taken place. Romulus is said to have been a son of the god of war Mars and had a twin brother named Remus. The brothers were destined to rule the country. But their great uncle Amulius claimed this right for himself and gave the order to drown the children. At the river Tiber, however, a miracle is said to have occurred.

The brothers drifted back to the shore, where they She-wolf were found. According to the legend, she suckled the twins, who thus regained their strength and were able to survive. The she-wolf has since been an important symbol of the roman Empire, the widely expanded territory of power and dominion of the Romans.

On the spot where Romulus and Remus were once abandoned, they are said to have founded a city: Rome’s history began. Romulus became the 1. King, which his brother Remus did not like at all. Thus a quarrel arose between them, which culminated in Romulus slaying his brother. He had mocked the low walls of Rome, which Romulus had built makeshift to protect the city, by jumping over them. Romulus could not bear this humiliation and struck Remus down.

With this act, the founder of Rome sent a clear message: Those who do not respect the borders of Rome will face severe punishment. Thus in the course of the following centuries it came to numerous wars against the peoples of the Etruscans, Celts, Greeks and Teutons. Rome triumphed and expanded its empire into a gigantic empire that eventually stretched from Portugal to Arabia.

Rome, the Eternal city, Becomes the center and heart of the Roman Empire and thus mighty in importance.

Summary of the saga of the origin of Rome

The legend of Rome’s foundation
Where? on the river Tiber in Italy
When? 753 v. Chr.
By whom? Romulus
Why? brothers were abandoned and rescued, allowed to found a city on this spot.
Who saved them? She-wolf

You can learn more about the legend and reality surrounding the founding of Rome in the video titled The Roman antiquity view on sofatutor.

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