The most beautiful formulations for money wishes and money gifts for the wedding

(Advertising / links) Who needs any gifts that are sweetly meant, but simply inappropriate? If you wish for money, you can choose from it what you like. In addition I arranged you here some Tipps and cheats approximately around the topic money gifts for the wedding, as well as the most beautiful formulations for your money desires.

Generally, when formulating wishes for monetary gifts:
  • Of course, stay polite – no one should think that you want to make your guests poor!
  • It may be quiet funny – also with the gift one laughs gladly!
  • Most guests want to know what they are giving money for – for example, do you need new furniture or an allowance for the honeymoon?? Just write it and you will be much more likely to receive gifts!
  • Let your creativity run free – maybe you will unexpectedly become a poet yourself! But: It does not always have to rhyme ..

The best time to tell your guests about your gift wish is in the invitation cards. If you have created a gift list online or have a gift table in a store, let your guests know that in the invitation as well. This way you avoid multiple requests.

Here are some phrases for your money wish as inspiration for you:
  • You want to give us a gift? We are most happy about a financial contribution for our start into married life.
  • Money, money, money: Money is not everything … but we can still make good use of it! If you want to give us a present, you will give us the greatest pleasure.
  • Our greatest gift is to celebrate with you! If you want to make us additionally a joy, we thank you cordially for a contribution to our honeymoon. (You can use any purpose that fits your wishes here.)
  • We prefer to choose ourselves what we need! Therefore we are very happy about gifts of money.
  • We are especially happy to receive monetary gifts in any form (moolah, play-doh, coal, or whatever else you can think of)!
  • Gift tips: Money, happiness, health
  • Your presence on our big day is the most beautiful gift for us. If you want to give us a present, we would be happy about a contribution for our house (or use it for any purpose here).
  • All we want for our wedding day is to celebrate with you! If you want to give us additional joy, we would be happy about
  • Or a rhyme? How about: "Our household is complete, but our piggy bank would like to be fat. Therefore, do not give gifts – except for money, which would be fine!"

Do not forget: The gift table

Even if you want money from each guest, be sure to have a gift table for envelopes& Co in the location organize. For the envelopes with money you can put a nice little mailbox (like in the picture here via Etsy, affiliate link). You should designate someone to "take care" of your gifts. The person responsible should, for example, also empty the box after a certain time and safely stow the money envelopes.

Tip: Sustainable wishes

If you are also concerned about sustainability at your wedding, you can, for example, note in the invitation card in your gift request that you do not want fresh bouquets of flowers or plastic (packaging). In fact, my experience with bouquets as gifts is that they wilt so quickly and then unfortunately have to be discarded.


And if you would like to donate a share, you should also make this known in the invitation. There you can, for example, draw attention to a relief organization or charitable foundation to which you would like to donate a portion of the monetary gifts.

Have fun writing your money wishes and receiving presents!

Many kind greetings from the little wedding corner,

your Tabea and Barbara

Text: Tabea Halbmeyer& Barbara

Photo 1,2: Unsplash& Photo 3: Furniture: NIMMPLATZ I Flowers: Blutentraume I Cakes, Cupcakes& Pastry: By Eva – Cologne Cake Couture I Photography: Eileen Maes HochzeitsfotografieI Decoration: Partyerie I Photo 4: Etsy

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