The most important facts about unemployment benefit i

If you become unemployed, you are entitled to unemployment benefit I in many cases. If you are in this situation for the first time, you are often very uncertain and have many questions about unemployment benefit I. We will give you an overview of this benefit.

  • Unemployment benefit I is a statutory insurance benefit from a compulsory social insurance scheme. The employment agency is responsible.
  • The amount of unemployment benefit is 60% of the last net income, or 67% if children can be taken into account.
  • The period of entitlement depends on the last period of employment and the age of retirement. It is 6 to 24 months.

This is how you proceed

  • As soon as you learn of impending unemployment, register with your employment agency as a job-seeker.
  • You must register as unemployed in person at the agency no later than the first day of your unemployment.
  • Apply for your insurance benefit. This is also possible online.
  • Check your notice carefully. If in doubt, get legal advice and file an appeal.

Unemployment benefit I: What it is and who receives it

In contrast to unemployment benefit II (also known as Hartz 4), unemployment benefit I is not a social benefit, but an Insurance benefit. As soon as you are employed in Germany and are subject to compulsory insurance, you will pay into the Unemployment insurance a. The contribution rate is currently 3 % of the monthly gross amount.

Unemployment insurance is one of five pillars the German social security system. It covers the risk of becoming unemployed. Legislators want to prevent workers from being financially underserved once they become unemployed.

Unemployment insurance benefits cover the loss of income for a fixed period of time. The following eligibility requirements must be met in order for you to receive unemployment benefit I:

  • You must unemployed its. You are considered unemployed if you less than 15 hours per week work.
  • As a rule, you have to pay two years You must have been employed for at least 12 months and must be subject to compulsory insurance. So-called "unemployment benefits" are also taken into account Replacement periods (military service, maternity, parental leave, sick pay, federal voluntary service). Exceptions are possible in special cases and are to be inquired at the employment agency.
  • You must be in due time personally Register as unemployed.
  • The statutory Retirement age you must not yet have reached.
  • You must have been employed for able to work and be prepared to pay your Obligation to cooperate to be fulfilled.

As this is an insurance benefit, it is paid regardless of your assets and other income outside employment. Only when you have paid your Maximum period of entitlement have exhausted the benefits of unemployment benefit I, unemployment benefit II takes effect. This is then dependent on your assets and your additional income and is only granted in the case of a corresponding neediness. If your application for ALG II is not approved, you have the option of filing a Hartz 4 appeal against the decision of the Job Center. If you miss the appeal deadline, you should submit a request for review.

The difference between being a job seeker and being unemployed

In order to receive unemployment benefits, you must personally register as unemployed. This means that you must report to work no later than first day of your unemployment have to appear personally at the employment agency.

Attention: You have to be active before unemployment is

Already in advance you must register as a jobseeker. This notification must be made three months before the end of employment. You can do this in person, but also by telephone or online.

The Jobseeker’s registration is, so to speak, advance notice that you are likely to become unemployed. This is the case, for example, if your fixed-term contract has not yet been extended. In case of dismissal you can Three-month period often do not comply. In this case, you must apply within three days register as a jobseeker after the notice of termination has been given. If you do not do this, there is a risk of a blocking period for unemployment benefits.

Example: Knowing the time limits

Your employment contract expires on 31.08. from. You assume that your contract will be extended, but you have not yet received a written notice of the extension. You must register no later than 31.05 register as a jobseeker. The unemployment registration should be done in person at the latest on 01.09. take place. On your first day without work.

If, on the other hand, you receive a monthly payment on 15.05. a notice of termination of your job at 30.06., you must register no later than 18.05. register as a jobseeker. In this case, you must register as unemployed in person no later than 01.07.

How long can unemployment benefit I be drawn?

How long you can receive unemployment benefit I depends on your previous years of employment and your age. Older employees with longer periods of employment are longer secured. The following table shows the maximum periods of entitlement.

Example: Calculating the duration of unemployment benefits

If you have worked for 24 months before becoming unemployed and are younger than 50 years old, you will receive 12 months Unemployment benefit I.

If you are 58 years of age or older, after at least four years of employment subject to social insurance contributions, you receive 24 months for unemployment benefit I.

Amount of unemployment benefit I

Unemployment benefit I is a monthly payment that is intended to replace a lost salary. The amount of this benefit is regulated by law. As a rule, this amounts to 60% of the flat-rate net pay that you received before becoming unemployed. If you have children for whom you still receive child benefit, the percentage increases to 67.

Decisive is also the Income tax class. The net salary as a basis is capped. A maximum of 6 % per month will be taken into account.700 EUR (West) or 6.150 EUR (East). On the website of the employment agency you can calculate your unemployment benefit in a special calculator. However, the result only serves as an orientation.

Tip: Additional earnings are possible

While you are receiving unemployment benefit I, you may earn additional income. However, in order not to lose your entitlement, you must not maximum 15 hours per week work. A general tax-free allowance of 165 EUR per month applies. Income in excess of this will be deducted from the unemployment benefit.

If a secondary job was already held for at least 12 months within the last 18 months before the start of unemployment, the allowance can be increased individually. Report any part-time work to the employment agency. This is a duty within the scope of your Duty to cooperate.

Apply for unemployment benefit

apply for unemployment benefits at the competent Employment agency (formerly the employment office). This is responsible for the calculation and payment of benefits as well as support in finding new employment within the reference period. You can obtain the application for unemployment benefits from your employment agency.

It is not available for download as a form. But you can also get the unemployment benefit online via the Online system of the employment agency apply. For this you have to log in with your password. You will receive this automatically after your job search notification.

The application is extensive and also includes a certificate of merit by the employer. The staff of the agency will help you to fill it in. The application is usually completed within Two to four weeks Processed.

unexpected hurdles arise and the calculation of unemployment benefits is delayed, you can file a Advance apply. However, the basic entitlement to the benefit must already be established. If this is even still unclear, a preliminary decision can be made. In case of negative decision but in this case you have to refund the already paid unemployment benefit.

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