The real reason why he does not say “i love you” says

Perhaps he simply does not feel the same way as you. Perhaps there is a completely different reason why he did not "I love you" says.

The feeling of being in love is incomparable. Exciting, exhilarating, motivating and heartwarming. And the best part of experiencing love is declaring your love to the man you love, right??

Well . not really.

If you namely "I love you say, before he feels ready, his silence can feel unbearable. In a flash, the ease of your relationship is lost, while vulnerability, discomfort, and anxiety surface. Worse, his lack of verbal reciprocation may cause you to reconsider the value of your relationship altogether.

Sure, your partner stands by you, you have a relationship, you talk about intimate things and plan your weeks and months together. But is it really a functioning relationship if he can not simply say these three words? Even if you ask yourself this question only subconsciously, it can sabotage the actually so good relationship with your partner. Therefore, it is important to understand why your loved one may not be ready for "I love you" to say.

Does he love me at all? 3 reasons why he does not "I love you" says

1. He associates "I love you with new expectations that it cannot (yet) meet

Expectations are the death of many relationships because they replace communication with (unspoken) assumptions. Many men expect behind an "I love you" take greater responsibility for the relationship and therefore prefer to do everything without pressure, by not saying the three words. Does this mean that your husband does not want to give you everything you desire? Quite the opposite. It may already give you more than you ever dreamed of. The key is to clarify where you stand together, and what his intentions are. Just as there are people who shy away from the word "relationship" press, although they are the best partner ever, there are people who prefer to express their love through actions, rather than words.

2. He has a certain definition of "I love you" – and cannot meet them

Everyone has a different idea of love. Maybe your friend sees you in an "I love you" a common house and children. Things and circumstances that seem too big for him now. The more decent your partner is, the more important it will be for him not to say those few words just like that. Find out what "love" means to him really means, before you worry unnecessarily.

3. Maybe he just doesn’t love you.

Good sex, intimate moments and a good time together do not necessarily mean love. It’s an easy thought to believe that the guy who is in a monogamous relationship with you and puts up with all your quirks loves you too. But unfortunately it is not like that. This truth can hurt. At this point, however, it is important to clarify whether your partner simply needs a bit more time, or just *can’t* let it happen.

So what to do when he doesn’t and not "I love you" want to say?

Remember that men and women experience and define love in different ways. Therefore, it is important that you do not get caught up in any thoughts.

It’s also important to find out what your partner means by "I love you" associated. Then you will have a better understanding of what it means for him to say these words.

Go inside yourself and think if you value these words more than actions. While it’s easy to get lost in why he doesn’t say he loves you, it’s just as important to understand why you place so much value on words.

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